10 Graceful Black outline tattoo designs for all ages

Black tattoos are the ancient tattoo design. In the ancient time, the only black ink was used for tattoo designs. As the progress take place tattoos designs and inks also changed with time. Now we have multiple inks and techniques for tattoo designing.

Leaf Tattoo Design

Blue and red tattoo inks come after the black tattoo ink. Now we have almost all kinds of colour inks. There is white ink which shines in dark. Black tattoos design with an outline is considered classic designs.

Tattoo Design

No matter how many changes in tattoo design comes black ink tattoo remain holding their top position. Black outline tattoos are again in trends. Let’s have a look on some good black outline tattoo designs.

1. Unique tattoo design on thigh

First, we have moth tattoo design. Moths are attracted towards light even if it ends up killing them. Moth is a symbol of attraction, determination and faith.

Butterfly Tattoo Design On Leg

This is a big moth tattoo design on the thigh. All wing scales of moth are designed in this black outline tattoo design.

2.  Cheerful look of birds on back tattoo design

In this black outline tattoo design, five birds are sitting on the branch. This tattoo covers the area of the upper back.

Bird Tattoo Design On Back

Birds are looking at each other symbolises the talking tendency of women. Group of birds also symbolises harmony and piece.

3. Dangerous Crawling panther tattoo designs

Next, we have Crawling panther tattoo design. Panther is considered as an aggressive guardian. They symbolise courage and power. Crawling Panther depicts mastery of self and powerful soul.

Panther Tattoo Design On Arm

Black Panther is also related to iris mythology. Crawling panther is great tattoo design.

4. Beauty with nature tattoo design on bicep

Dragger and roses are highly used tattoo designs. They are so common yet so famous. Above three roses with dragger are designed on the bicep. Dragger and roses are vantage tattoos. They depict the love and pain; love and war.

Flower Tattoo Design With Knife

They also depict beauty with danger. There is a myth which links beauty with danger. Never the less it’s a pretty black outline design.

5. Geometric tattoo style with triangle design

Two different signs are mixed in this tattoo design. This tattoo is a good example of the geometric tattoo. Geometric triangle is used as the black outline and it has a tiger in middle.

Lion Tattoo Design

Tiger is a very strong animal it is a symbol of strength and courage. A lot of lines and dot shading is applied in this particular tattoo.

6.Wave style tattoo design on foot

Star Tattoo Design On Foot

This is very simple black outline design. Stars and waves are inked in this tattoo design. It connected the stars with magic myth. Nice and simple design to decorate your foot.

7. Black outline tattoo design on chest: – a symbol of pure spirit

Deer is one of the animals which are linked with pure spirit. In the above outline, tattoo design deer is inked.  Below the deer imagery leaves are surrounding the deer.

Deer Tattoo Design On Chest

It gives a reflection of dream deer. Dream deer is a symbol of grace and sensitiveness and gentleness.

8. Simple rose tattoo with black outline

Rose Tattoo Design

Simple rose black outline tattoo is formed on the thigh. Rose is a symbol of beginning, promise and hope. Rose plant has thorn covering stem. Thorn is a symbol of pain and loss.

9. Small skull tattoo design on finger

This is very small tattoo design for those who want small tattoos. This skull tattoo is inked on finger. Every small detail is covered in the black outline tattoo.

Skull Tattoo Design

Small flowers work as flowers inverted heart as nose. This is a small cute design.

10. Wonderful back tattoo design for women

Tree Tattoo Design On Back

This tattoo design symbolises the knowledge. Knowledge is gained step by step. Books are the root of knowledge and that’s what this tattoo depicts.


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