10 Popular and Stylish Wolf tattoo designs on chest


Wolf tattoo designs:Nowadays, tattoos design on any body part is trending. Numerous artists make tattoo designs. This business is becoming famous day by day. Tattoo designs  ideas give a unique look to the person. Wolf tattoos are such tattoos which are now trending, especially for men. Almost all men want to have some amazing tattoo on chest which will bring on great look to their personality.

Animal lovers want to make  different Wolf tattoos on their chest to express their love for animals. This animal very popular, many movies and series are made on it. Human has taken a lot of curiosity in this wild animal. Books after books have been written on this animal. There sharp intelligence and strong instincts make them very powerful animals. Wolves are deeply connected with each other. They live in group like human tribes. From book i have learn that they also have status system like us humans. On top there is alpha, after alpha their beta. The alpha is like king in a group and beta is second in command. Wolves have an appetite for freedom. They fight for their freedom. Below we have some selected wolf tattoo designs. You can have wolf tattoo anywhere you want but here are taking about the wolf tattoo on chest. Chest is particularly famous in wolf tattoos. Many be because of the strong connection between the wolves chest is chosen.

Here is the list of 10 popular wolf tattoo designs on the chest for men:

1. Attractive Wolf tattoo design on Chest

Wolf tattoo design

this wolf tattoo is designed on the right side of chest. The grey snowy wolf is inked with great details. This tattoo is not less than a pencil painting of wolf face.

2. Angry wolf tattoo design on chest

Wolf tattoo design

This is full chest tattoo design. The two wolves are shown in the fighting mode in this chest tattoo design. The yellow circle indicates the full moon night. Both the wolves have different feature which indicate that they belongs to different groups. It looks like as if two alphas are fighting on a full moon night. Some say that in full moon they are in high side on powder spectrum.

3. Wolf tattoo design with trees on full chest

Wolf tattoo design on chest

this chest tattoo design is not less than a movie scene. The wolf tattoo is cover the whole chest including the stomach. 3d wolf face is made in the centre portion. The top and side portion of the wolf is covered in black ink. It indicates the night. The stomach part is covered with tall trees which is a sign for the forest. This person is definitely a wolf movie fan. The detailing is  really nicely done. This is perfect work of art by great artistic.

4.  Amazing and Big wolf tattoo design on chest

wolf tattoo on chest

This wolf tattoo is different. Here the artist has presented the injured wolf. There is blood flowing from the wolves head. His eyes and face in the tattoo shows that this injured animal is still ready for fight. Wolves are kind of animal who can die while fighting for freedom. The water colour tattoo ink brings depth to the whole spirit of the tattoo.

5. Realistic wolf tattoo for men

Wolf tattoo on chest

This tattoo presents the real life picture of wolf tattoo. the 3d element and lot of neutral colours are used in this wolf tattoo design. its hard to believe that this is a tattoo design not a real wolf. If you want such tattoo design choose perfectionist tattoo designer.

6. Horrible wolf tattoo without eyes on chest

wolf tattoo design

Wolves are mostly linked with positively but this wolf tattoo shows the dark side of wolf. This shows wolf as a predator and threat. This tattoo symbolises the misjudgement of instincts or misguided by them. this tattoo design portraits the painted picture of wolf.The wolves with black outline tattoo design looks attractive.

7.  Wolf tattoo with blue eyes

wolf tattoo design

This is a simple wolf tattoo design on the chest. Simple wolf tattoo is made with the help of tattoo shading. Blue eyes add the attractive feature in the tattoo design. it shows cool and calm wolf.

8. Dreadful wolf tattoo design for men

wolf tattoo on chest

Wolves are ancestors of dog. This tattoo design presents a very close relative feature between these two animals. Again the colour feature is added in the wolf tattoo. the white daisy flowers give it more painted look. this wolf tattoo design is inked on left chest.

9.  Walking Wolf tatoo design on chest

Walking Wolf tatoo design on chest

if you are looking for unique wolf tattoo then is the one. in most of the tattoos, only wolf face is inked but here the full wolf is inked. its like wolf is walking towards you. the dark blue shine light adds the magical element in the tattoo design. it create the scene of wolf breaking the walls and coming out of chest. This is very beautiful design to have on chest.

10. Naturalistic wolf tattoo design on chest for men

wolf tattoo on chest for men

Dark ink shading is very famous in wolf tattoos. It helps in providing the detailing to the tattoo design. artistic has very cleverly make some points shine in the tattoo design. the wolf fur detailing combining with dangerous face makes the tattoo close to the real life wolf.

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