10 Traditional Handshake tattoo designs that shows loyalty

Handshake tattoo designs are as old as clock tattoo designs. They are considered classic tattoo design. Certain changes took place in these tattoo designs. Handshake tattoos are interwoven with other designs like heart, flowers, anchor, cross etc.
In simple meaning, Handshake is a way of greeting someone. They represent many things such as loyalty, brotherhood, friendship etc. These shaking hand or handshake tattoos are very simple.

1. Innovative handshake tattoo design on forearm

In the first tattoo design, handshake design is made in the heart. On top the design looks like a cross and below it has a sharp anchor-like design and then heart is in the center.

Handshake Tattoo design With Anchor
Handshake design is crossing the heart horizontally. This handshake tattoo is designed on the forearm.

2. Chain style handshake design below neck

This tattoo design is like a neck piece. Flowers and leaves are making a chain design.

Handshake Tattoo design Under Neck
In center, heart is holding a hand tattoo design. Handshake design is made on the collarbone.

3. Attractive tattoo on sleeve: – Attractive with flowers

Here we have simple handshake tattoo design. this design is inked on the upper arm. Red color sleeves and flowers attract the attention towards this tattoo design.

Handshake Tattoo design On Arm

The golden ring in the ring finger indicates the love symbol in this tattoo design.

4. Different but famous Navy tattoo design

This design is little different. There are many elements which indicate towards the navy.

Handshake Tattoo Design
Ship in the center and ship mates below and the dress cuffs all are indicated towards Navy. U.S.N is a sign of U.S. Navy.

5. Snake handshake with hand tattoo: – a symbol of enemy

This handshake tattoo design shows that we cannot trust everybody. Sometimes we consider someone our friend and they end up being over the enemy.
Handshake Tattoo Design On armThis tattoo design has small quote below which says “TRUST NO ONE”. The snake biting the hand is pointing enemy. Snake is a symbol of the enemy.

6. Tattoo design for forever friendship on half sleeve

Handshake Tattoo Design On arm
Mature hands shaking hands depicts the long term friendship. Beautiful shading is done in the handshake tattoo design. This is one the most inked half sleeves  tattoo.

7. Tattoo design that shows holding hands inside heart

This big handshake tattoo design is inked on the thigh. Handshake tattoo design is also known as holding hands. Here in this tattoo two hands are holding each other.

Handshake Tattoo design
This design has tattoos on the tattoo. On first hand butterfly, stars, rope and heart is inked. On the second hand flower and star tattoos are designed. Hands are joining each other and outside there is heart. Its like hands are coming from the heart. This design is really beautiful and different.

8. Colorful tattoo design with skelton hand

New creativeness is there in this handshake tattoo. Skelton hand is sign of something bad or evil.

Handshake Tattoo
Yellow color flowers are inked on the top of hands. It’s just a nice and different handshake design tattoo.

9. Dangerous tattoo with skull design

There is another living hand shaking hand with Skelton hand. This whole tattoo symbolises the life meeting with death or good meeting with evil.

Skeleton Handshake Tattoo
Very colorful picture is created in this handshake tattoo. Living hand is coming out of sparkling clouds.Skelton hand is some purple black cuff.

10. Handshaking tattoo design that shoe brothers love

This tattoo design looks like a stone engraving. Black and grey inks are used to create this artistic tattoo design.

Tattoo Designs
In above picture, the stone is looking handshake tattoo design ribbon is inked. Ribbon formation also gives the illusion of metal. This brother holding hand is very manly and handsome tattoo design.

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