11 best Tattoo designs ideas behind the ear

Tattoo design:Tattoo designs behind the ear are becoming more famous day by day. The general aim behind the tattoo design is to make have a tattoo that is different and attractive. Place in the tattoo designing matters a lot.

Tattoo Design Behind Right Ear

There is no hard rule in  designing but sometimes a tattoo placement makes the tattoo attractive.  Just a simple tattoo is enough attractive when it is placed behind the ear. It is a very sensitive place and you may feel more pain as compare to other parts of the body.

Tattoo behind the ear are more preferred by women than men. These tattoos provide the special choice to the holder. You can cover these tattoos with your hairs if you want this.

1. Graceful little stars tattoo design in different size

In the above picture, three stars with different size are inked behind the ear. The three stars tattoos are in lower to high size pattern. A Little bit of shading is done in these stars.

Three Star Tattoo


This tattoo design starts from ear lobe and goes along the hairline. This star tattoo design is very simple and attractive.

2. Cross tattoo design in dark black color

Here we have cross tattoo design behind the ear. The cross sign is completely filled with black color ink. This dark tattoo design behind the ear is hard to miss. Cross tattoo design is inspired from the Christian cross.

Cross Tattoo Design Behind Ear

 It has religious importance. Cross is a symbol of baptization of Jesus  Christ. This design is very attractive design to get inked. Many non-Christian  people got this design tattooed on their body.

3. Ultimate butterfly tattoo design

Butterfly is famous tattoo design between girls.Butterflies are very symbolic beings. from the old ancient times, they are given high importance.Butterfly’s life cycle is compared with the life of women.Butterfly tattoos designs are very popular among women.

Butterfly Behind Ear

Girls grow up to become a beautiful woman. In the below tattoo design we have a blue butterfly flying and leaving behind stars. Butterflies are related with the fairytales.

4. Music note tattoo design for music lovers

We all like music, life become more beautiful with good music.Music adds musical colors to life.

Music Sign Behind Ear

Music symbols are famously used as designs. These symbols and signs look pretty behind the ear.

5. Artistic tattoo design with lock and heart

Key Tattoo Design Behind Ear

Antique designer keys are widely inked as tattoo designs. They are designed alone or with other designs such as lock, heart, clock etc. Here, we have an Antique key tattoo with three small hearts.

6. Small heart danger zone tattoo behind the ear

Heart With Bones Tattoo Design

This pattern is very small. It has bone cross below the heart. Heart takes the place of the usual skull in this tattoo design. Unique and pretty tattoo design.

7. Stylish tattoo design with quotes for a stylish look

Quotes Behind Ear

 tattoo designs with quotes  are becoming common these days. In this picture,Behind the ear tattoo quote says “for you I shall live.III.XVII.XII”

8. Small but attractive anchor tattoo behind the ear

Anchor Tattoo Design

The anchor tattoo designs are part of vantage tattoo. Anchor has been a famous design from ages.  In above tattoo, a small anchor is made in dark black ink behind the ear.

9. Ancient style and Good looking tribal tattoo

This tattoo style is known as a tribal tattoo. The tribal tattoo is related with the tribal from the ancient period. Nowadays these tattoos do not depict the tribal.

Tattoo Design

Now, these tattoos are just a different pretty looking tattoos that many people prefer to have on the body. This tattoo design as very looks. It covers the whole area behind the ear.

10. Diamond Tattoo design shaded with blood spots

Diamonds are the most expensive and beautiful piece of Jewellery. Diamonds are famous for their unique quality of shining.Small tattoo design for girls  is very popular.

Diamond Tattoo Design

Diamond has very sharp cuts and edges. This tattoo design depicts this feature of a diamond. Red blood spots are inked around the diamond tattoo.

11. Small but cute elephant tattoo design

Small elephant is inked behind the ear. This elephant’s size is just opposite the original elephant size. Elephants are symbolic animals and they have great importance in ancient books.

Small Elephant

They were known to have made the rivers canals with their strength.

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