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16 Dandelion tattoo designs that flourish your personality

Dandelion is a popular flower which symbolizes that life is short and delicate and live life happily as much as you can and with freedom.Dandelion Tattoo is a complete word that describes itself in many ways. Just don’t waste your life in other unusual and indispensable things. Always try to be happy.

A dandelion plant can survive easily in many different climates. It belongs to Daisy family. It is a very popular plant. Many folktales have a description of the dandelion plant. They say it is a symbol of joy and youth. You can get a dandelion tattoo designed on any part of the body.

The dandelion tattoos geometrical structure is unique. It has no proper symmetry and color like other flowers. The name of dandelion is inspired by the appearance of its leaves. The leaves have lion tooth-like shape. In French lion, the tooth is called “dent de lion” which leads to its name dandelion.

The dandelion is a symbol of unpredictability. Its small seeds flow away with the little push of air. Dandelion is associated with the superstitions. It is the perfect symbol of hope and chance.

Dandelion tattoo


That is the symbol of a dandelion flower. It also symbolizes that one’s wishes, dreams can come right if they want to be fulfilled with full passion and dedication as well. Happiness always comes from the little things in life. Always remembering good things, experiencing new things, behaving in a right way, etc. is the aim of this tattoo which symbolizes it.

These tattoos are mostly liked by women. Dandelion signifies the women beauty and their want for freedom. They are trending now. Dandelion is a weed so many got them as a reminder of their country home. They are also the sign of beautiful childhood memories.


Dandelion tattoo on back

May the wishes, dreams take some time to become real but they will become true, but one has to be patient for all this. There are also superstitions and beliefs associated with it. There are also those people who don’t believe in all these tattoos designing on bodies etc.

Dandelion ankle tattoo

Designing tattoos on the body is a new fashion and copyright for representing the style. This world of tattoos welcomes everyone. There is no partiality among people in this world.

Dandelion tattoo designs recently emerge tattoos. The Dandelion tattoo holds a great meaning behind it. I remember in childhood days I used to make a wish on the dandelion and then blowing it.It’s soft thin petals look so beautiful while floating in the air.

Realistic meaning of Dandelion tattoo 

Now this dandelion has not only be a flower but an emblem for all those tattoo lovers who wish to achieve something big in life and also some peace in life. This tattooing tradition is famous since many years. Various cultures are following this tradition and also becoming attracted towards it so quickly.

Dandelion tattoo on foot


As we can observe that and sometimes realize also that life is also stressful and full of tensions, worries, sorrows, and so everybody wants peace, happiness, etc. so that their mind becomes satisfied and human himself also. So these tattoos thus provide a way to humans how to live happily and peacefully.

Dandelion foot tattoo

There are various tattoos popular among people, and this is one of them. It’s designs, varieties, styles, etc. made him so many famous people are becoming more and more attracted towards it. People create them on wrist, neck, back, upper body, lower body, hands, tattoo on arms, forearms, legs, etc. This tattoo is also a way to show off sometimes to the outside world.

1. Dandelion feather petals with umbrella

The first Dandelion tattoo is inked on the back. The Dandelion is shown in a different way. The small umbrella replaces the dandelion feather tattoos with petals. Some umbrellas are shown flowing away from the origin.

Dandelion tattoo on full back

Two of them also have a person holding on to them like a parachute. Here one simple Dandelion depicts many things. Mainly it symbolizes the life.

2. Beautiful Dandelion Bird tattoo designs

Innocence and freedom are the specialties of this tattoo. Mostly, the birds are designed in this tattoo along with its feathers which symbolize that everyone is free to do whatever he wants. This world is not a jail for him that he cannot do anything by himself.

Dandelion tattoo on shoulder

This tattoo also reminds people about their good deeds, good memories happened in the past, etc. which one might forget usually. As every tattoo has two sides spiritual tattoos as well as emotional so does this tattoo have it.

Dandelion tattoo near neck

 3.Dandelion tattoo on hand

One must not forget that working is a part of his life and one must always try to become perfect in every work. This tattoo also provides a way to how to deal with every situation, how to behave in any condition etc. and much more.

Dandelion tattoo on hand

Also, reminds us don’t worry about anything just think that, whatever happens, it happens for good. There is another famous saying that “ just relax and go with the flow.” This tattoo is a great inspiration, especially for women.

4. Artistic and amazing Watercolor Dandelion tattoo designs 

watercolor dandelion tattoo

These types of tattoos have a different outlook and very much adorable. The dandelion tattoo designs are available in various forms. There is also dandelion tattoo with a quote which is almost famous all over the world. There is also a new tradition among people which is almost trending, and that is writing a beautiful quote with the tattoo.

Dandelion tattoo with quote

Tattoos with watercolor give a distinctive look and convert this tattoo into an incredible symbol such that everybody becomes a fan of it. It reminds of the will power which one have it to achieve everything in life that he wishes to be.

watercolor dandelion tattoo

It is also a famous saying that which is symbolized by this tattoo and that is “just live every moment of your life today because there was no life yesterday and might be no life tomorrow so whatever life is only today, so just live it fully.”

Dandelion tattoo behind ear

As nobody knows what will happen tomorrow as a person, have their past and present in their hands but not future, and this tattoo reminds that how to live life by seeking some moral lessons and realizing from mistakes from the past and not to repeat them in future again.

Dandelion tattoo for girls

Although this tattoo inspires us not to live under any restrictions or conditions and pressure. Overall, in every way, this tattoo is a full life inspiration tattoo. This tattoo is mostly designed by the women across the world, and usually, women make them develop on their back and wrist.

5. Dandelion tattoo design with small petals

The real dandelion plant is used for tattoo inspiration. Here small petals are shown leaving the flower. The birds are flowing along its petals.

dandelion tattoo with birds

This symbolizes the small moments of happiness or good memories that may when away they make the home in our memory.

6. Amazing tattoo design with quotes

This tattoo depicts the superstition that if all falling of dandelion seeds with love. If all the seeds fell you are in love. This tattoo is inked on the shoulder. The quote emphasizes the superstition. The quote above says “I carry your heart”.

dandelion tattoo design with quotes

Above quote says “I carry it in my heart”. Three birds are inked along the seeds. They are inked with dark black ink. This dandelion tattoo is a statement tattoo.

7. Sensational dandelion tattoo in different colors

Dandelion plant is linked with the spring season. Girls are hanging on the dandelion fallen seeds as if swinging on the swing. Beautiful and pretty looking dandelion tattoo.

Colorful tattoo on shoulder

Girls are inked in a different color which refers to the different color flowers. Dandelion tattoo starts from the upper chest and it goes all the way to the left arm.

8. Colorful dandelion tattoo design on both arms

This dandelion tattoo is divided into two parts. The first half is inked on the right inner arm area and the second half is inked on left forearm. The quote is in parallel with dandelion seeds. It says “sometimes you have to fall before you can fly”.

Dandelion tattoo on both arms

This is a very inspiration tattoo. It symbolizes that some risks are for our own betterment. Multiple colors add the beauty feature to dandelion tattoo.

9. Spectacular tattoo that covers the full leg

dandelion tattoo

Geometrical tattoo designing is done in this dandelion tattoo. Dandelion seed are made in the shape of hair pins. This is a Unique and interesting tattoo.

10. Beautiful Design on shoulder: – Shows happiness

The tattoo is like a painting of dandelion tattoo. It creates a scene of wind taking away the beautiful seeds.

dandelion tattoo in different colors


Two main colors red and blue are used. They respectively signify the happiness and sadness.

11. Dandelion tattoo highlighted with flying birds

shaded tattoo design

This dandelion tattoo design is inked on the back of the leg. Many dandelion plants are made and above them, birds and seeds are shown flowing.

12. Natural looking tattoo design on stomach

The fully mature dandelion plant is made in this tattoo design. The heavy wind is depicted with a different colors tattoo.

Dandelion tattoo on stomach

This is a very natural dandelion tattoo design. It is inked on the lower side of stomach.

13. Eye catching dandelion tattoo with bright colors

Dandelion plant is inked in beautiful colors. This is dandelion plant before full maturity. The side quote tells about the love of people for the dandelion plant.

dandelion tattoo with quotes

It says “What I need is the dandelion in the spring”. Watercolor yellow and green ink is in usage.

14. The charming dandelion tattoo for women

The paper bird tattoos are the charm of this dandelion tattoo. The water color ink is designed in the form of losing brush style.

dandelion bird tattoo

The paper birds along with dandelion seeds are flowing and reaching the ear area. This is pretty tattoo design for women.

15. Beautiful  Dandelion tattoo on shoulder

The camera picture of dandelion tattoo is inked on the shoulder. It is in the old night picture format.

beautiful dandelion tattoo


The seeds of dandelion are flowing away from the dandelion picture.

16. Dandelion tattoo on upper back neck

This beautiful dandelion tattoo is inked on the upper back tattoo. The dandelion is tattooed with quote “The Lord will his purpose for me”.

dandelion tattoo on back

The personal touch of the dandelion tattoo is important to notice in this tattoo. The bluebirds are flying around the quote.


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