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Awesome 7 Chakra tattoo | Chakra symbol tattoo designs

7 Chakra tattoo:- The chakra symbol tattoo designs are inspired from the ancient Indian Chakra symbols. The Chakra in English is called “Wheel”. The ancient Indian books describe the seven major chakras which controls our body. The chakra symbols are well describes in these books.

In old period the doctors treat and heal the person by connecting the problem with these chakra symbols. Even the modern doctors follows the same system of connecting the disease the treating the problem associated with that particular organ. There are major seven chakras which are in the center of our body.

They are on the spinal cord starting the head to end or base of spinal cord. Chakra are also part of meditation and religious rituals. They are connected with mandala. All the chakra symbols are in circular shape but with different tattoo design and color.

  • The Crown chakra symbol is has numerous petal designed around the circle and it is in violet color. It is also called Sahasrara.
  • The brow chakra symbol has two big petal design on left and right side and it color is indigo. It is also called Ajna.
  • The throat chakra symbol has total of sixteen petals around its circle. It is present in blue color. The Throat chakra is also called Vishudha.
  • The heart chakra symbol is presented with green color. There are twelve petal designed around the circle. It is also known as Anahata.
  • Solar chakra symbol is known as Manipura. It has ten petals around it. It is presented with yellow color.
  • Spleen chakra symbol has crescent moon in the circle and six petals around it. The color of spleen chakra is orange. It is also called Swadhisthana.
  • Root chakra symbol is associated with Red color. It has four petal designs. It is also called Muladhara.

They control the specific area and diseases connected with it. All the 7 chakra tattoo symbols are linked with different elements and sense organs. Following are the Chakra symbols tattoos and chakra symbol meanings. The most famous location of chakra symbol tattoos are back and forearm. Back is the most favorite because of the chakra symbols connection with spinal cord.

1. Beautiful Chakra Symbol tattoo on Back

The beautiful single chakra symbol tattoo in the lotus is designed on the back. The heart chakra is designed just which the Sanskrit work associated with it.Most People love to place tattoo design on back

beautiful 7 chakra tattoo

The heart chakra is symbolizing the romantic personality, compassionate and understanding. The green is the color of Heart Chakra.

2. Attractive 7 Chakra tattoo with Flower

The 7 chakra tattoo symbols are tattooed on the lower back. The big dot work flower has beautiful pink lotus flower in the center. The six chakra symbols tattoo is inked the circular form over the lotus.

7 chakra tattoo with flower

The root chakra which is connected with base of spine is tattooed on the end on flower design tatoos near to spinal base. All the chakra symbols in their true design are inked except their flower petal design.

3. Wonderful tattoo :- with chakra symbol

Many symbols are designed in the above  one of from the 7 chakra tattoo on back. There is a lion in the center and in the head we have brow chakra which is also called third eye. The placement is perfect.

7 chakra tattoo on back

It third eye chakra symbol is tattoo right in the center of lion eyebrows. The lion is surrounding by three dimensional upward direction arrows. This chakra tattoo symbols like fearless nature, truth seeker and wise personality.

4. Collection of chakra symbols in one

Here we have colorless chakra symbols tattoo design on the arm. The 7 chakra  tattoo symbols are tattooed line wise. There is Crown chakra, brow chakra, throat chakra, heart chakra, solar chakra, spleen chakra and root chakra.

7 chakra tattoo with 7circle

Root chakra symbol is design on the wrist. The chakra symbols are tattooed in black ink with dot work shading. The lotus petal design surrounds the chakra symbols. The dot work design along with black outline design is tattooed on the arm.

5. Chakra symbol tattoo with seven circles

This back chakra symbol tattoo has simple colored circle design of proper chakra symbols. Each color presents its Chakra symbol. The six circles are designed around the edge of hexagon shape.

7 chakra tattoo on wrist

The central circle in green presents Heart chakra symbol. The colorless circles are designed around the green circle. All the circles are interconnected with each other. They are forming the star which represents the energy.

6. Simple Chakra symbol on wrist

This is very simple 7  chakra tattoo symbol. The spiral design is inked on the wrist. The tail of spiral is leading to seven different color dots.

simple 7 chakra tattoo

Each dot is linked with seven chakra symbols. This is beautiful and simple chakra symbol tattoo.

7. Colorful Seven chakra symbols

All the chakra symbols are tattooed on the forearm. The water of each chakra symbol is tattooed in splash water tattoo design ink style.

colorful 7 chakra tattoo

Each from 7 chakra tattoo is tattooed with Sanskrit word in the center and their petal design around the circle.

8. Unique symbol tattoo on upper back

The naked girl is designed with small circle on her body. She is designed in the position of meditation. The 7 chakra symbols are designed over her body.

7 chakra tattoo on upper back

The 7 chakra tattoo are important part of meditation and Mandalas. This unique tattoo is designed on the back.

9. Spiritual Chakra symbol tattoo on hand

This is small but very beautiful chakra symbol tattoo design. The chakra symbols are inked in form of flower. Their symbols are designed in the center. The crown 7 chakra tattoo symbol is tattooed in the center.

7 chakra tattoo on hand

The beautiful peacock feathers tatoos are framing the 7 chakra tattoo. This pretty chakra symbol tattoo is inked on the back of hand. The pretty colors and details are clearly design in this tattoo.

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