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7 Popular Lotus flower tattoo designs for both men and women

Lotus flower tattoo designs have symbolic and religious meanings. Lotus flower is famous in Asian country but the lotus tattoos are famous all over the world. Lotus flower has great importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. The most important feature of the lotus is the purity. Lotus flower grows up in mud yet it keeps itself pure and beautiful.

Tattoo design on hand

Lotus flower comes in many colors such as Pink, White, Blue and Purple. Lotus flower has a different meaning in a different area. It’s very true that meaning changes after crossing the border. According to Asian vies point all different lotus flowers stand for different things.

  • Red lotus is a symbol of loyalty and passion.

Tattoo Design on Upper Arm

  • White flower depicts the purity of body and mind.

Tattoo Design

  • Blue lotus symbolizes wisdom, learning and intelligence.

On Arm

  • Pink lotus depicts the spiritual values and devotion.

Tattoo Design

  • Purple lotus stands for mysticism.

On Arm

According to the western viewpoint, lotus flower symbolizes the purity, god’s guidance and rebirth. In china, lotus flower symbolizes the grace and feminine beauty.

1. Creative Mandala tattoo design with lotus flower

Two flowers are mixed in this tattoo design. Mandala flower design and lotus flower. Two types of ink greenish blue and black are used to create is a masterpiece.

Tattoo Design

This tattoo design is very clear and attractive and is inked on the bicep. Skin colour is worked as the third color in this tattoo. Little drop hanging dots makes this very beautiful and unique.

2.Watercolor lotus flower tattoo on forearm

Watercolor ink is used in this tattoo designs. The watercolor tattoos are spread out of the outline of the lotus flower. Almost all kinds of colors are utilized in this design.

Tattoo Design On Arm

Watercolor ink is famous and new in trend which makes this tattoo new. This lotus tattoo design symbolizes the colors of life. Lotus flower tattoo is inked on the forearm.

3. Lotus flower tattoo with black outline

Here multiple pink lotus flowers are inked along with some other flowers on the leg. Small river kind of image is formed with grey ink.

Tattoo Design On Leg

Many flowers are there in this tattoo design but lotus stands out. In small white sheet, Chinese signs are written. This tattoo design covers a large area from foot to calf.

4. Tattoo design with bright Color: – a pink lotus flower

This lotus tattoo design gives away the spiritual vibes. Bright Redish pink lotus flower is floating on the dark clouds.

Tattoo Design On Back

The orange color rays give religious looks as if light is coming out of the lotus. This tattoo is inked just below the backside of the neck.

5. Lotus flower with Buddha in black color: – A symbol of purity

Tattoo Design On Back

As I have said above lotus is a related to Buddhism. Above the Gautam Buddha is designed sitting on the lotus. In Buddhism lotus is a sign of purity of body and spirit.

6. Beautiful red lotus flower tattoo design in water

Here we have Chinese lotus symbol. In red lotus is floating in the water with maiden sitting in lotus. Maiden girl has dove in her hands.

Tattoo Design On Back

It leaves the message of feminine beauty and fertility. This tattoo is made right in the centre of the back.

7. Wonderful tattoo design of lotus flower with wild tiger

In the above design, many along with lotus tiger is inked. This tattoo design is comparatively big. it covers the area from the side of stomach till the thighs.

Tattoo design On Leg

The scene here created is like a river. In the river pink lotus flower is floating and a tiger is standing on the stone on the river. It scene relates the lotus flower with the wildness which tiger is depicting here.

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