20 Mind Blowing Abstract tattoos that makes you happy

Abstract tattoos are of the modern tattoo designs. Tattoo designing is considered as art work. New tattoo designs are getting inspiration from all kinds of other art. The famous post modern Abstract art is added to it. Tattoo inspired from abstract art provide maximum freedom in expression.

abstract tattoos

Abstract tattoo design is above the regular traditional tattoo designing. There is no other tattoo which gives this amount of freedom of expression. You can express you feeling view through the abstract tattoos.

abstract tattoos

Anything and everything can be expressed from the abstract tattoos. They are limitless. The abundance of themes is there in abstract tattoo design. The mythological themes are famous in Abstract tattoos.

1. Amazing abstract tattoos in geometric format

The abstract tattoo is inked on the chest. There are square shaped picture frames. The pieces of different sizes are created on three dimensional formats. These pieces depict the shattering mirror’s pieces.

abstract tattoos in black and red color

This complete abstract tattoo depicts many things. It depicts the broken heart, broken family. It also symbolizes the uncertainty of thoughts.

2. Wonderful tattoo on thigh:-In different style

Circle of different sizes are created in this abstract tattoo. Some are filled with color and other are colorless.

abstract tattoos on thigh

The abstract picture is created depict consistency similar to honey. The abstract tattoos are inked on the calf.

3. Tattoo designing in 3d geometric form

Geometrical tattoos are part of abstract tattoo designing. The three dimensional picture is created here. The tattoo is divided dark line. The right side has the flower tattoo inked using the dot work technique.

abstract tattoos on chest

The left side has many cube inked with 3d technique. One cube is missing from the left side cube tattoo design. The bird is carrying that cube.

4. Attractive eye style tattoo on upper arm

Eye is a mirror of the soul, this is an abstract thought. This abstract tattoo depicts the same idea.

abstract tattoos with abstract eye

The different shades of blues are inked around the blue eye. The water color ink style tattoo is used in eye abstract tattoo.

5. Tattoo with man and burning matchstick

This abstract tattoo shows the bulb in the shape of man’s face. The electric light of bulb is replaced by the burning matchstick. This tattoo looks similar to the real image of burning matchstick.

abstract tattoos with man

There are black shadows around the man shaped bulb. It depicts the positive thoughts in mid of hard time. This shows that presence of mind is important in difficult time. The awesome abstract tattoo is inked on the upper arm.

6. Abstract tattoos design on full chest

Abstract themes are famous in painting art. A beautiful abstract painting is inked in the chest. There is an eagle and sign of Eye of providence is inked.

abstract tattoos on full chest

In Greek mythology the eagle is depicts as bird of Zeus and the eye in triangle depicts the god watching the human kind. The purple and pink color depicts the good and bad times.

7. Simple abstract tattoo design on back

This abstract tattoo is designed in the form of scare. The X is inked with alphabet C making an X symbol.

abstract tattoos

This is very simple abstract tattoo design tattooed below the neck between shoulder blades.This is the best tattoo design on back.

8. Tattoo with golden reflection on man’s face

The old stone engraving is created with tattoo ink. The front of the face is covered in golden skull and tongue.

abstract tattoos

The golden reflections are beautifully created in this abstract tattoo design. Hard to believe that this is a tattoo designs not some real thing.

9. Unique tattoo style designing on back

abstract tattoos

The abstract tattoo  style is created with girl face and rose buds. The background has black design inked with random abstract designing. This abstract tattoo is tattooed on the side of back.

10. Painful heart tattoo design with quote

The black heart is inked on the thigh. The black bold unsymmetrical line depicts the iron bars. The blood above the heart symbolizes the pain. The word “destroy” is inked in script style below the heart tattoo.

abstract tattoos

The small alphabets are inked on the side near the different parts of heart. They depict the science practical diagram. It symbolizes the heart after the betrayed by love.

11. Creative and abstract tattoo on forearm

This fish tattoo design is another science practical diagram inspired tattoo. One and two is written on top of the design in mathematical style. The glass image is inked and there is girl on the back of glass. The red arrows indicate the fish entering the glass to drink water.

abstract tattoos

This complete tattoo has many abstract images such as opposite gravity indicated by water in glass. It is a impressive abstract tattoo design to ink on the forearm.

12. Abstract tattoo design on full arm for women

Abstract tattoo designs are famous among both men and women. Above woman is happily showing her abstract tattoo design.

abstract tattoos on full arm

The arm is completely covered in the abstract tattoo design. Beautiful red flowers and leaves are inked in this tattoo.

13. Wavy tattoo design on one side for man

This is very simple abstract tattoos design. There are unsymmetrical three lines making a wave from hip and neck. There are three black bubbles inked.

abstract tattoos on one side back

The bubble near the hip is cut in half; the middle bubble has lines crossing in it. On the top we have full bubble with sharp pointed tip.

14. Tattoo that shows control of god on human

Everything happens with the grace of god. God controls the acting of humans like the doll player controls the lifeless doll with the threads.

This beautiful theme is created in the full back covered abstract tattoo.

15. Mind blowing tattoo with colorful cat on thigh

The cat tattoo is inked on the thigh. Half is cat creating the image of real cat the other half is covered on the colors. The colorful kite is inked.

The kite thread is holding by a small girl below the big cat face. The black night and cat depicts the arrival of bad things. The kite is a symbol of freedom and hope.

16. Abstract tattoo design with solid black ink

The abstract tattoo is creating in solid black tattoo style. The tree in forest is created in this tattoo design.

abstract tattoos on full sleeve

The arm is covered in the abstract tattoo design.

17. Dashing tattoo design on full leg

The girl is covered with natural scene scarf. The wallpaper image is created in this abstract tattoo design.

abstract tattoos in bright colors

The dandelion tattoo are inked below the girl with plant. This beautiful abstract tattoo is inked on the leg.

18. Three in one tattoo design on chest

The three dimensional big eye is created on the chest. On the side the zip is designed.

3D abstract tattoos

The eye orbit is replaced by watch. The eye lashes make the image similar to real eye.

19. Beautiful elephant tattoo in different color

The small elephant tattoo  is created on the side of stomach. There are beautiful bright colors filled in the elephant.

elephant abstract tattoos

Elephant is important ancient animal. They help to construct the rivers in the forest.

20. Abstract tattoo design that remind the ancient time

The ancient wall designing is created in this abstract tattoo design. This abstract tattoo covers the leg. The first tattoo is holding plant pot on the back.

abstract tattoos

The central picture depict the man in formal wear, tries to hold the flying umbrella. The last design presents the picture of tree and tree trunks.

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