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14 American Traditional tattoos that represents in classic style

American Traditional tattoos :- American Traditional tattoos are also called old traditional tattoo. They use the same bold dark black outline for tattoo. These tattoos have limited color scheme. These tattoos are inked mostly in bright colors. We are presenting you top twelve American Traditional tattoos designs for different parts of body.

1. Unique tattoo on full arm

The whole arm is covered with American traditional tattoo. There is eagle, girl with cowboy hat. There is a hand holding the red rose.
American Traditional tattoo on arm
Cross tattoo is inked on the forearm. The traditional tattoos have less detailing but more color feature eagle is represents strength, courage.

american traditional tattoos on arm

The multiple tattoos together is popular style of American tattoo. Here we have many tattoo main Native American girl tattoo inked on arm. This tattoo is designed along with eye, flowers, anchor and tooth tattoos. All the tattoos have symbolic meaning. They depict the cultural heritage of America.

2. Eye catching tattoo on chest

Three symbols are intermixed in American tattoo. There is an eagle, rose and eye in triangle sign. Eye in triangle is known as Eye of providence. It is also the symbol of illuminate. It symbolizes god watching his creation mankind.
American Traditional tattoo on chest
The eagle is symbolic bird. It has high status in Greek mythology. Eagle is presented as Zeus personal messenger. The beautiful  view create the link between them.

Men chest american traditional  tattoo

The big whale is tattooed in the above American tattoo. The tattoo creates the image of ship struggling for balance. This tattoo shows the unpredictable nature. The face is design in mid of clouds.

3. Tattoo for nature lovers:-in a traditional style

Sea side scene is created in American traditional tattoos on the forearm. The setting sun looks beautiful.
American Traditional tattoos
Traditional tattoo style has very less detailing. The sea setting view has calming effect.

4. Glorious tattoo with books and roses

Here we have another American tattoo design on the forearm. The bundle of books is inked on the forearm. Two red flowers with leaves are placed on the both sides.
American Traditional tattoo for book lovers
The ribbon quote surrounds the books. The quote says “I’ve lived a thousand lives”. The red shade presents the background.

5. Different tattoo design on both calf

Different tattoo designs are created on the both legs. There is sailing ship on the one calf and there is light house on the other calf.
American Traditional tattoo on both legs
There is rose flower tattoo with spider net on the lower edge on each “American traditional tattoos“.

american traditional tattoos on legs

The two American style tattoos are inked on the calf. They together refer to old and new style. On one side we have gun inked with hate ribbon. The other leg has heart and dragger tattoo with love ribbon. This tattoo symbolise the change take place during these years in the weapons as well as in love and feelings.

6. Adventures American traditional tattoo

Ships are linked with adventures. Every sea journey has different story to tell. There are two dangerous animal tiger and snake surrounding the sailing ship.
American Traditional tattoos
Again which proclaims its relation with adventures. Beautiful deep bright colors make the scene more enhancing.

The red circle background is trade mark of American tattoos. These tattoos have simple image design with bold detail feature. In American tattoos the details are also inked with dark black line. These tattoos are away from the realistic look. American tattoos have animated kind of looks. The vantage tattoos are tattooed again but with dark multicolour scheme.

7. Creative tattoo on head:- most sensitive part of body

Head is such a dangerous place for tattoo designing. Not many people like to get tattoo on the head.
American Traditional tattoo on head
Face of Jesus Christ is inked on head.

8. Traditional tattoo in a classic way

Elephant head is inked on the knee cap. The elephant trunk goes all the way to leg front.
American Traditional tattoo
The right leg has girl standing on the trunk while left leg has man standing.

9.  American traditional Inspirational tattoos

This ‘American traditional tattoo‘ is inspired from Egypt stone engraving and wall engraving. Anubis the Greek god is inked.
American Traditional tattoo
He is consider as protector of tomb and guardian of sou. He is presented as balanced. This is wonderful american traditional inspirational tattoo.

10. Artistic tattoo with eye and feather

This is a simply beautiful angry eye tattoo. Even the less detailed awesome technique is shown by artistic.
Awesome American Traditional tattoos
The bird feather on the eye lash provides the edgy look. Beautiful highlighted work is done with black and white ink.

11. Guitar tattoo in 3d style for music lovers

Guitar is the most popular music instrument. 3d tattoo style  is made using the old traditional style.
American Traditional tattoo on back
The music wave is inked coming out of guitar. The musical picture is inked beautifully tattoo on the back.

12. Special tattoo for special occasion:- Halloween festival

Halloween is famous festival after Christmas. Only black and white tattoo ink is used to create this marvelous Halloween tattoo scene.
Hallowen American Traditional tattoo
Dark 3d man with dark quote really brig out the Halloween feeling. “The night he came home!” is inked below the man.


13.Girl american traditional  tattoo idea

american traditional tattoo design

This is unique American tattoo which shows the hand written letter. In the old age the letters were major part of communication among lovers and rulers. The bird is designed holding the letter. The small part of letter is out of envelope. The flowers are tattooed on either side of bird.


14.Half sleeve American  traditional tattoos design

Half sleeve American traditional tattoos design

The black and white dragger tattoo with wings is tattooed. This half sleeve American tattoo give shows the classic design of draggers. Dragger was common protecting weapon used by almost many peoples. The dragger and wings are symbol of protection in this tattoo.

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