Adorable Ankle tattoos design every girl must see

Small tattoos are famous among girls more than boys. Small tattoos for girls look pretty and cute on them. There are many places where girls like to have a tattoo. You will many simple tattoos ideas under the category like small tattoos for women and tattoos idea for girls. Ankle tattoos are particularly famous among girls and women. There are many tattoos designed on the ankle or near the foot area.  They are designed in the form of ankle bracelet tattoo, ankle chain, and simple ankle tattoos. Ankle tattoos were part of tattoos from ancient times. Women belonging to tribes used to have small tattoos on their ankle. Women used to be many restrictions and ankle was only part which was usually visible to other men.

ankle chain

religious tattoo ankle tattoos


modern tattoo ankle tattoos

At that time, ankle tattoos were religious and some were name tattoos. The flower designs were part of these tattoos in very simple form.  Later that period ankle jewelry took the place of tattoos. In the modern period, the ankle tattoos once again arrived to charm the men and women with its beauty. Now there are a lot of varieties in the ankle tattoos. The construction ideas of these tattoos are not limited to one technique or single style. The variety of colors, techniques, styles influence the tattoos from time to time. There are inspirational tattoos, religious tattoos, modern tattoos which are famous among men and women.

quote ankle tattoos

silver chain tattoo

On ankle, you can have the religious tattoos such as simple cross or Celtic cross inspired; mandala or chakra tattoos inspired from Hinduism; the scientific tattoos like small machine body tattoos, galaxy tattoos which include sun, moon and star tattoos; inspiration tattoos can be quote or script tattoos, the feather and bird tattoos. The flower tattoos in different colors and styles are the beautiful design. If you are looking for some horror-inspired tattoos then you can have chain tattoo with small skulls and bones. The jewelry pieces inspire tattoos are attracting a lot of attention. You can try on ankle silver chain tattoo, pearl chain tattoos, Celtic knot bracelet tattoo, solid black bracelet tattoos, and musical symbol chain tattoo. If you want to have a simple small tattoo for ankle then the small animal, insect, birds and flower tattoos are nice. The scorpion, anchor, dream catcher, Disney tattoo, bird or angel wings, card game tattoo. The new trendy small colorful geometrical tattoos have a cube, diamonds, and triangle tattoo designs for an ankle.


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