Motivational Arrow tattoos design for both guys and girls

Arrow tattoos are trendy tattoo designs like by men and women. These tattoos are inspired from the old fighting weapons. These beautiful inspirational tattoos are famously designed in big and small size. You can get these tattoos done on any place on the body. They are high symbolic tattoos. The old period and native tribal culture arrows were used for the hunting the food and for protection.

two crossing arrow tattoos

In Native American culture, the two crossing arrows signify the friendship. Arrow tattoos are mostly positive. The one of the biggest plus point in these tattoos are the designing. The arrow tattoos are very simple in design. They take less time to ink on which means less pain and money to pay. These attractive tattoos have won the heart of many. There are many celebrities flaunting arrow tattoos on their body. The handsome hunk, Liam Payne has arrow tattoo on his forearm. Francis Bean Cobain has crossed arrow tattoos which are a symbol of friendship. The arrow tattoos represent the aim, direct path.

arrow tattoos with bow

Arrow tattoos are also designed with a bow. Bow presents the struggle of life while arrow presents the aim to move forward and face every challenge with a brave face. Arrow also signifies the courage, risk and to seek something better and achieve the goals of life.

black arrow tattoos with cupid

In the love world arrow tattoos is linked with love Cupid. The Cupid has a little child image with cute small arrow and bow. He aims the arrow on the person whom he wants to fall in love. This makes it important love tattoo. The arrow with feathers is designed in band tattoos and native tattoo designs in Zodiac sign, an arrow with a bow is part of Sagittarius. There it presents the symbol of strength, right directions, and power. Arrow inspires a person to move forward without caring about the circumstances of life. Arrow tattoos are designed with many other symbols. The most common tattoos with an arrow are bow, arrow through the heart, geometrical arrow circle design.

broken arroow tattoos

Simple arrow designs include broken arrow, double arrow, and the bundle of the arrow. The arrow tattoo brings out the positively in life. The placement of these tattoos in girls is very interesting. The girls like small arrow tattoos on fingers, behind the ear, wrist and forearm area. The big arrow tattoo for girls is mostly in the center of back.



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