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Most Attractive and Graceful Lotus flower Tattoo ideas

Lotus flower tattoo is famous among both men and women. It is popular not only for its beauty but for its spirituality also. Although it grows in muddy water yet remains pure and beautiful.

Simple and Unique Lotus flower tattoo 

Lotus tattoo is famous since the traditional world and its purity and beauty attracts people towards it. It is a good symbol of peace, holiness, and harmony. We all know Lotus is so much connected with Goddess Laxmi, who brings wealth, health, peace and happiness all around the universe.

12 Lotus Flower with Black Mandala design

This devotion is carried in all the hearts no matter what the religion of a person is! Therefore, simple lotus flower tattoos are so much common among the people of different ages.
Simple lotus flower tattoos are generally drawn in small sizes with black-ink depicting the outline of the flower.  Several designs and strokes can be given to make the art more attractive.

Lotus flower tattoo

Lotus flower tattoo

Simple tattoos can be carved on any body part but as it has a great spiritual meaning so proper body place should be chosen to wear a lotus flower tattoo. Some of the placements involve wrist, arm, back of neck etc.

Lotus flower tattoo on neck

Lotus flower tattoo on neck

 Stunning lotus flower tattoo design:

Lotus flower tattoo designs are available in great stock due to its popularity and demand. Every religion has some belief for lotus flower and people to wear lotus flower tattoo. Lotus flower can be designed with the background of water showing its origin. It can be drawn with buds and blooms.

Lotus flower tattoo on arm

Lotus flower tattoo on arm

Japanese designers use to draw lotus flower with dragons and it symbolizes for good end results of any work. Tribal lotus tattoos with just black ink also look elegant. Watercolor lotus flower tattoo having petals and green base gives the realistic picture! Several images can be added to the lotus flower tattoo design according to the need of the customer.

Water color flower tattoo

Watercolor lotus flower tattoo

It depends on religions, what people like to wear. Moreover, the lotus flower tattoos can be made in every color. It may include: the white lotus tattoo, purple and blue lotus flower tattoos, red lotus flowers tattoo, sketched-effect lotus flower tattoo, outlined- lotus flower tattoo, pink lotus flower with green glow, black and grey lotus flower tattoo, stenciled- lotus flower tattoo, shaded lotus flower tattoo, lotus flower tattoos with some text and much more.

Lotus flower tattoo with highlight black

Lotus flower tattoo with highlight black

 Small Lotus Flower tattoos

Small lotus flower tattoos look simple, sober and decent. It looks wonderful and attractive. Mostly women like to wear such small lotus tattoos on hands, arms, back of neck etc. The beauty, strength, and purity of women increases after having lotus flower tattoo.

Small lotus flower tattoo on finger

Small lotus flower tattoo

They can be made either tribal or colorful. They can be geometrical, black and grey, shaded and much more. They can be collaborated with dream catcher tattoos having a natural element to enhance the beauty of the picture.

Lotus Flower tattoos drawing designs

Designers are doing a great job by drawing such a large number of designs of the lotus flower tattoo such that it is hard to find the exact matching tattoos. They are doing it by different tools, equipment and also using different modern techniques.

Drawing of Lotus flower tattoo design

Drawing of Lotus flower tattoo

The sizes can vary and time consumption for drawing a tattoo is directly proportional to the size. Nowadays, the designers are so much trained that they draw a tattoo very fast.

 The Real Meaning of Lotus flower tattoos 

Every religion has different perception and thoughts for the lotus flower. Even different colors of lotus flower show different meanings associated with them. The way lotus flower is depicted, the petals closed or opened etc have a great influence. In Hindu religion, the lotus flower is called the Padma. It symbolizes divine beauty and purity.
8. inspirational lotus flower tattoo
Buddhism is another religion having a strong tie with a lotus flower. They have depicted the lotus with 8 petals and have meaning like the purity of mind and soul. If we talk about colors, the white- colored lotus depicts enlightenment, perfection, and holiness. The blue lotus means wisdom, knowledge, and intelligence. It controls over the physical nature of a person.

buddihsm Lotus flower tattoo

Buddhism Lotus flower tattoo

Purple lotus flower tattoo shows the love for lotus by the Buddhists especially. Red lotus is the heart lotus flower tattoo which spreads the message of love, care, and brotherhood all around. Furthermore, Egyptians and Asians have furthermore deep meanings of lotus flower tattoos like discipline, power, and strength and so on. A lotus flower tattoo can also have some personal meaning.

Japanese Style Lotus Flower Tattoo 

Japanese lotus flower tattoo has meaning revolving from birth to death. The designers use nature’s element to make the lotus flower tattoos more graceful. They use water, dragon, leaves and many more natural elements in lotus tattoos.
japenese lotus flower tattoo
It brings positivity, Tumblr faith, strength to them. Full sleeve lotus flower tattoos, lotus flowers with dragons, and swirly designs look good and the best!

Famous Lotus flower tattoo design Tumblr

Do you like social media or social blogging? Heard about Tumblr! Yes, it is a blogging platform where one can even create his own private blog. There is a huge content present about the tattoos and the lotus flower tattoos. In this era of technology, many people are making use of it throughout the world. Go and visit that. Grab more, choose the best!

Lotus flower tattoo on shoulder which shows happiness

Lotus flower tattoos on shoulders look good. One can easily hide it while in office and show up the beautiful art in parties etc. It always gives you positivity, peaceful environment and happiness. You will feel special in yourself and remember self-love is one of the most important things in life.

 lotus flower tattoo with butterflies

Lotus flower tattoo

Different colors, different designs are again here for you to wear. Choose your favorite one and go for it. Life is all about changes! Surprise everyone with your new look!

Stylish Lotus flower tattoo  for men

Men also love the lotus flower tattoos and they look so real on their wide bodies. These tattoos give enormous attractiveness on the men’s bodies. They can have the big scenery like tattoo having lotus with water, mud and its beauty shining all above them. They like colors like blue, purple, black and gray for their tattoos.
Lotus flower tattoo on chest

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