7 Sexiest Back tattoos designs for men and women

Back tattoos: Back is the best canvas for the amazing tattoo art. The broad area of the back provides enough space to for tattoo designing. Back is one of the most popular locations for big and medium size tattoos. Apart from the chest, there is no area on the body, where every single tattoo stands out. On the back, upper back tattoos, lower back tattoos, tattoos on the shoulder blades, tattoos between the shoulder blades and full back tattoos are designed. You will get maximum awesome tattoos ideas for  these tattoos. One of the best thing about a back tattoo design is that when you get the tattoo, you get lay on the stomach while tattoo artist makes the design. Speaking from personal experience I feel it is easy to handle the pain when you are in resting position. Gripping the bed somehow help me handle the pain. I am not sure if I would have been able to handle the pain if I was getting it in the sitting position. Lying down on the bed really help in relaxing the body.
best back tattoos

full back tattoos

sexiest back tattoos

Back tattoos are awesome and amazing but there are some drawbacks to these tattoos. First, you will not be able to admire your own tattoos. Second, these tattoos are expensive because of the time they take. You need more than one setting to complete the design. Third, the tattoo healing needs time and attention. You need to apply the lotion on the tattoo until skin is completely healed and for that, you need helping hand. There are a lot of themes, designs, and styles in the back tattoos. It is hard to pick a tattoo from such a large variety of designs. So, we are here to make things easier for you. Below we will discuss tattoo idea for men and for women.

Back tattoos for men

The back tattoos for men are the best way to enhance the masculine look. On the masculine body, these tattoo is cherry on top. Full back tattoos and upper back tattoos are more popular among men. The pirate theme tattoos winning the hearts of young men. These tattoos designs include the rustic old ship in the ocean and the skull tattoo design, some jewelry and classic one eye look. The skull and jewels are important features of pirates. From the movie like pirates and the Caribbean, we have the seen the skull symbol on the ship flag.

best full back tattoos

upper back tattoo

This symbol is considered as protection symbol among pirates. They are always on the long journeys in search of jewels. During this, they face a lot of fights and loss of parts of the body and some even die. Every ship has one captain and everyone follow his orders. These tattoos present the theme of loyalty. The solid black tribal tattoos on the upper back enhance the broadness of upper back. The flower design theme is also popular.

Back tattoos for women

The spinal area and lower back tattoos designs are the popular choices among the girls . Tattoos for women are closer to nature. The flower design in the middle of the back makes it look sexy. There are many interesting themes in this tattoo. The naked girl with her hair longer then her body presents the vulnerable sight of women life.

back tattoos for women

back tattoos for girl

They need to fight for their rightful position and freedom because the man favored society see women as an object. The small flower on the body of the girl shows how society attaches them with flowers, innocent, beautiful but week. The tattoo of angel, birds looks nice on the back.

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