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Best 20 black and white tattoo ideas for tattoo lovers

Black and white tattoo designs are worldwide famous. These tattoos are here to stay forever.  The colored tattoo designs depend upon the trend while these tattoos are timeless. In mid of all the emerging fashions of colorful tattoo black and white has taken a hold on their position. They are simple. They are close to realistic expression of things.

The artistic of black and white are more widely available.The simple old technique makes these tattoos very beautiful. They are also expensive then the colored tattoo designs. These tattoos are available in different size. In the old ancient times people used to get black and white tattoo to cover the scares.

Tattoos boast the overall image of the person. Warriors used to get black and gray tattoo to dominant their opponent. The black and water the most common colors for tattoo design. Here we are presenting you some of the most beautiful and unique black and white tattoo designs.

1. Black and white warrior tattoo

Shoulder shield is inked in the above tattoo design. The shoulder was the important body Armour of the warriors. They used to fight with sharp weapons.

black and white tattoo

The shoulder shield helps to protect the shoulder from injuries. This shoulder shield tattoo design is very similar to warriors Armour.

2.  Dark black and white crow tattoo

Crow is inked on the upper arm in black and white ink. The white ink is used to create the features of the crow. Crow is a symbol for death.

black and white bird tattoo

This black bird eats dead animals. In many cultures crow is a symbol of misfortune.

3. Best black and white tattoo

This black and white tattoo design depicts the Greek stone engraving. Greek is very old cultural civilization.There are many old Greek scriptures which are now found in the big museums and galleries.

black and white tattoo

The black and white tattoo has successfully capture the all the features and emotion of Greek figure.

4. Black and white tattoo on forearm

Over ancestors had compared the time with sand on hand. This black and white tattoo depicts the old teachers which says that nobody can hold the time like nobody was ever able to hold the in hand.

black and white tattoo on arm

This tattoo symbolizes the importance of time. It is inked on the forearm.

5.  Girl face white and black tattoo

Two themes are inter mixed in the above black and white tattoo design. There are night flower in the dark forest and above it there is a lady with sad face.

black white tattoo

The night and darkness is resembled with the sad face of lady. The stem near the eye also depicts the tears. This tattoo is artistic master piece.

6. Animated black and white tattoo

The warrior animated inspired black and white tattoo is inked on the forearm.

black and white tattoo

Nowadays animated movies and cartoons are attractive people and tattoos are not less behind.

7. Black and white geometrical tattoo

Geometrical tattoo designs are mostly tattooed in black and white ink. The three dimensional picture is easier to create with black and white ink.

black white on shoulder

There is 3d design with white inked flower tattoo design.

8. White and black tattoo on shoulder

The vantage tattoo is created with black ink. All the vantage tattoos were created with black ink. The colored tattoos came very late. Many small tattoos are inked on to cover the arm.

full arm black white tattoo

There is girl tattoo, ship tattoo, tiger tattoo, bone hand tattoo design and many more.

9. Halloween special black and white tattoo

Girl tattoo is created with Gothic makeup. This tattoo design is Halloween inspired tattoo design.

black white girl tattoo

This tattoo present the old theme in which beauty of girl and rose is associated with dark things.The Celtic cross is inked on the forehead.

10. Realistic look black and white tattoo

This heart tattoo is a  black and white realistic tattoo. The white ink adds the shining element. It looks like transparent heart gel. The scene created in the heart depicts man entering the deep forest.

blak white tattoo

Human help with lot of emotions and feelings is not less than deep forest where everything is mysterious.

11. Black and white dot work tattoo

Dot work tattoo style is very difficult to create. This black and white tattoo is inked using this tough technique. The Mandela tattoo design is created on foot.

white black tattoo

12. Star war black white tattoo

The Star war fans remember this robot from the Star war movie. This is black and white robot star war tattoo design.

black white tattoo design

The name of this robot is R-2 D-2 and it in tattooed on upper arm portion.

13. Black white tiger look tattoo

Tiger is a beautiful animal the brown strips on orange brown fur look very beautiful. this wild animal is inked on the forearm. The 3d feature adds the realistic look to tiger black and white tattoo.

loin black and white tattoo

The image depicts the tiger coming towards you.

14. Black white rose with clock tattoo

Rose is the most beautiful and common flower. Not only the beauty, its beautiful fragment also attracted the people. Its timeless beauty is capture in this black and white tattoo design.

black white hand tattoo

Clock tattoo is mixed with rose tattoo design. it is tattooed on the hand.

15. Black white tattoo on chest

The crow and fox are created in paper abstract style. Many stories are linked with these.

black white tattoo

This tattoo for sure depicts our main title black and white. The crow is black and fox is white.

16.  Attractive woman white black tattoo

The mysterious image of woman is created on thigh. The face mask, white waves and heavy head jewelry increase the mystic elements. This is very attractive tattoo design.

black white girl tattoo

17. The beautiful black white rose tattoo

The rose bud tattoo design is tattooed on the forearm. The black shading enhances the look.

black and white flower tattoo

18. Cute dog black and white tattoo on leg

The cute pug dog is the theme of this leg black and white tattoo. the Spanish words are written in tattoo script style. “Siempre A mi Lado” in meaning means “Always by my side”.

black and white tattoo

This dog is famous for being the constant companion of his keeper or owner.

19. Black and white tattoo on thigh

The lady medusa fro Black and white clash of titans is tattooed on the thigh. This character lady has snake for hairs and she killed her opponent just with her stare.

black white sun tattoo

20. Religious white and black tattoo design ideas

This is religious black and white tattoo design. Jesus Christ is inked on the back. the praying hands and white roses are paying respect to him. There is heart with light emerging tattoo on top.

black and white tattoo on back

The script tattoo on ribbon says “I like my life for the stars that shines”. The black and white tattoo is covering the large area of the back. this is beautiful and symbolic black and white tattoo.

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