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13 Perfect Crescent moon tattoo can help you live better

Crescent moon tattoo: – Crescent moon tattoo has a long history behind it. Crescent moon is part of the different phases of the moon. There are two types of the crescent moon.

  • Waxing crescent
  • Waving crescent

They are same; the difference is in the direction they are facing. The moon leading to full moon phase is called crescent waxing moon. The moon leading towards the arrival of the new moon is called the crescent waning moon.

Crescent moon tattoo

The half-moon is different but some people like to call it half-moon. These tattoos are favored by people of old as well as new era. They are part of our ancient culture. The relationship between the people and sky creations like Moon, sun, stars can be seen through the old stone engravings. There are many pieces of evidence which link that moon to the Bronze era.

moon tattoo on wrist

In the old period, the moon was considered as the goddess. People worship them to overcome their suffering. In almost all the culture moon is worshiped in one way or another. Even if it is not directly worshiped it has been the important part of the person’s people worship. Moon is linked with many religions. The crescent moon has important in the Islam religion there is attached to star.

Dragon moon tattoo

Crescent moon tattoos are famously designed alone as well as with other tattoos. Fairy, dragon, angel, cat, wolf are also tattooed with the crescent moon. The combination of a crescent moon with the sun is quite popular. They together are the symbol of male and female, day and night. Luna is another name of the moon. The wolf is deeply linked with the moon. Some werewolf story suggests that the moon is the goddess of wolfs. She is the soul creator of wolfs.

moon tattoo

Moon is a symbol of feminine power, magic, mystery, growth, fertility, mischief etc. Some people link the changing phases of the moon with a menstrual cycle. The meaning varies from culture to culture. Moon is linked with positive power as well as with darkness which is depicted by the full moon and new moon. Different persons have a different reason for Crescent moon tattoo. choose your favorite from the following tattoos.

1. Celtic tattoo in Moon Style : – with bright colors

The Celtic knots have deep religious roots. The moon is created with Celtic knots. The blue color present Moon as a symbol of calmness.
Crescent Moon tattoo
The purple five tail star is inked around the blue Crescent moon tattoo.

2. Crescent moon tattoo with arrow

Crescent Moon tattoo
The crescent moon with an arrow is tattooed on the arm. The small flower pattern is made in the crescent moon. The arrow depicts the straight thoughts.

3. Bold Outlined tattoo with spiral design

Crescent moon tattoo
The small crescent moon with net and spiral design is tattooed on the hip. It enhances the looks with its beauty.

4. Pattern style Tattoo on thigh

Crescent moon tattoo on thigh
Here we have crescent moon tattoo in black and white pattern tattooed on the thigh. The small flower work is done near the central curve.

5. Wave tattoo design with star

Crescent moon tattoo design
Free hand wave style is used to ink this crescent moon tattoo design. The star is also inked along the moon.

6. Watercolor Moon tattoo decorated with hanging

The mysterious and magical symbol of moon is reflected in the above crescent moon tattoo design. The small hanging decorates the crescent tattoo.
hanging Crescent moon tattoo design
The water color ink is used to fill the colors in the crescent tattoo.

7. Bold Black color crescent moon tattoo on back

The bold black ink style is used for this particular crescent moon tattoo design. The face shape is designed with a star like a bubble coming out of the mouth.
Smoking Crescent moon tattoo design
The crescent moon tattoo covers the back and neck.

8. Crescent Moon tattoo with Skull

Crescent moon tattoo with skull
Skull makes this crescent moon tattoo interesting. The shading is done with dot work tattoo technique.

9. Colorful and attractive Crescent Moon tattoo

Crescent moon tattoo
This is color crescent moon tattoo with great details.This looks attractive with colors.

10. Beautiful view of moon tattoo with cat

The crescent moon has beautiful night looks. In the inner part of ‘crescent moon  tattoo’, small black ball is inked.
Crescent moon tattoo
The white cat is created with white ink inside the ball.

11. Amazing Black inked tattoo in tribal style

Crescent moon tattoo on back
This is black ink crescent moon tattoo design.The lotus flower tattoo  is created inside the crescent moon along with small branch design. The star in tribal style is inked along.

12. Small Crescent Moon tattoo on foot

Crescent moon tattoo on foot
The small “crescent moon  tattoo” is inked on the foot. This is the best design if you fear the needle of the tattoo machine. This is the cute and simple tattoo.

13. Shining Crescent Moon tattoo : – with White inked

Crescent moon tattoo
The white ink tattoo is inked on the back of a neck. The UV ray helps this crescent tattoo to shine in dark with little light.

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