Elegant Crown tattoos art ideas for Royal Dreamers

Crown tattoos: The crown tattoos are small meaningful tattoos. In general, the crown is associated with the royal family. So the most common meaning linked with the crown is supremacy, wealth, and power. Crown tattoos are popular tattoo among small tattoos. Usually, the crown tattoos are king crown. Crown has inked alone and also with other symbols and images. The meaning of these tattoos then changes according to its association with another tattoo. King crown is a symbol of high authority. In the old world, people were ruled by the kings and they used to live and work according to the need of kingdom and king.

crown tattoos design

thrown crown tattoo


In new independent and free the world, people are free. They live according to their own choices and rules. The crown is admired not only because of the power it has but also because of its beauty and gems which are attracted to it. The crown of the throne is part of Christianity. It in the Christian painting and other arts, the crown of thrown is always on the head of Jesus. It becomes the symbol of crucifixion. The thrown crown tattoo most of the time is tattooed with other Christian religious symbols. Such as cross, mandala etc. the thrown crown tattoos is a religious symbol. It holds the meaningful message like sacrifice, struggle. Every person goes through these and gives them power to never give up on life.

crown with lion tattoo

crown tattoos ideas


There are many tattoos of lion and another animal in which the crown is placed on the head. The lion with crown specifically, is a symbol of the zodiac sign, Leo. Leo is presented with animal lion and it is a symbol of power, strong hold on the kingdom, inner strength and physical strength. Lion with the crown is a symbol of royalty; noble etc. the crown is designed with a lot of jewels like diamonds, pearl, and precious stones. The floral crown or the crown of leaves is beautiful. The floral crowns and leave crown are inspired from the roman culture. The skull with the crown is also famous design. These both symbols together are a symbol of strength and power. Small crown is popularity placed on finger, hands, and forearm. They are popular matching tattoos and part of couple tattoo designs. The crown of the king an on girl presents her lover and crown of the queen on men present the girl.


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