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Classic Tattoo designs : Bird | Sister | Moth | Sun and Moon | Dandelion

1. Bird tattoos  

Bird tattoos are the classic tattoo designs make famous by fishermen and sailors. The bird tattoo has many different tattoo styles. There is multiple bird tattoo style which includes single bird tattoo, flying birds, caged bird, birds sitting on the branch of the tree. The group of birds flying in one direction is amazing bird tattoo design.
Bird Tattoo Desgn

The different style has different meanings. The caged bird is a symbol of restriction on the mental or physical level. The two birds facing each other is a popular tattoo design for travelers. The flying birds are usually tattooed along with inspiring quote tattoo. Feather is linked with bird tattoo. Watercolor feather bird tattoo is a very beautiful tattoo to have on the body.   

2. Sister tattoos: Best ever tattoo designs

Sister tattoos are famous tattoo style in the matching tattoo style category. The sibling shares an amazing bond. They are linked from birth. The Sister tattoos are made famous by the tattoo loving sister pairs.

sister Tattoo Design

The sister tattoos are usually small tattoo shared by sisters. Many times the tattoo designs are ditto same and sometimes two tattoos complement each other.

3. Moth tattoo

Moth tattoo is famous among men more than women. The moth is an insect with wings. It captures the moonlight and uses it to travel like navigation light. Moth has been there from ages. Usually, a moth is considered as a symbol of rebirth.

moth Tattoo Design

Particularly it is rebirth after the death. The moth goes through many changes and they have great adaptation capability. These characteristics of moth make it inspiring tattoo designs. They are a symbol of strong will power and powerful mindset.

4. Lotus flower tattoo designs 

Lotus is religious flower used by many popular tattoos artistic for different flower tattoo designs. The lotus tattoos have the different meaning in the different culture but all in all, they are depicted in a positive light. They have high status in Hinduism and Buddhism. The gods and goddesses are shown sitting on the lotus flower.

Lotus Flower Tattoo

The Greek and Egypt culture also link lotus with pure spirit and spiritual things. Lotus flower grows up in mud and yet it remains pure. Lotus tattoo is a safe and beautiful flower for tattoo designs. Lotus flower tattoo is a symbol of pure spirit, beauty, spiritually and truth.

5. Sun and Moon tattoo

Sun and moon tattoo are inspired from old culture values. In ancient time people used to worship the sun and the moon as god and goddess. There is much evidence found in the support of it. Sun and the moon together are complimentary tattoo design.

sun and moon tattoo

In couple tattoos, the sun and the moon are tattoos individually. Male carry the moon tattoo and female carry the sun tattoo designs. Sun is considered male while the moon plays the role of the female. Both give light, the sun is a source of energy, heat and daylight. Moon is it’s complimentary it gives cool light, night light.

6. Dandelion tattoo 

A dandelion tattoo is in fashion because of their uniqueness. The dandelion has the different style of petals. From its name to appearance everything is unique. They are the symbol of unpredictability. The dandelion flower still provides the nectar to small birds and insects.

dandelion tattoo Design

They are the popular symbol of female and freedom. The popular of a dandelion flower is increased the beauty of its connection with folk tales. They are also a symbol of youth.


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