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Best 30 stunning and trendy dotwork tattoo art ideas

Dotwork tattoo are popular among all the tattoo lovers. They provide the painted reflection. If done will good machines and by the experienced artistic they come out beautifully. The small simple design become complete different in looks. The dot work tattoos are famous for the details.

Earlier they were usually used to give the detailing in other tattoo designs. But nowadays the dotwork tattoos alone or with simple black outline are very popular. The machines like Swiss made rotary is good for the dot work tattoo design. The right volts are also important in this tattoo designing.

The precise working is needle is important. Slowly lowering the needle and putting it straight back up to get the clear dot. The pepper shading process is also used in dot work tattoos. These tattoo need quality hand work. They take the most time in tattoo designing as compare to the other tattoo designs.

The dots give the best even three dimension reflection. They become popular after geometric tattoo designs in which this technique highly used for 3d appearance. The out hand pocket tattoo is a good choice in dot work machine

1.Black and white dotwork tree style tattoo

This beautiful dot work has combination of two different designs. There is tree trunk design with lotus flower in place of branches with leaves.

dotwork tattoo

The lotus design is completely inked with dot work technique and style. The tree trunk has black outlined roots and dot work shading.

2. Dancing hand dotwork tattoo on arm

The dancing hand style tattoo is inked using dot work technique. The hand has flower design with eye in the center.

dotwork tattoo design

The eye and hand is outlined with dark black ink while the flower designing and shading is with dot work.

3.  Attractive wolf dotwork tattoo design

The wolf howling is popular tattoo design. The circular designing in background make it attractive and different than usual tattoo design.

dotwork tattoo idea

Dotwork tattoo designing gave creative look to this tattoo.

4. Beautiful dotwork geometric tattoo

Colorful dot work tattoo are new in the market. In the above tattoo to three shaded flower is created using dot work tattoo designing. The center has geometric black ink design.

dotwork tattoo art

The outer layer has white dot designing and middle part has blue color dot tattoo design.

5. Celtic dotwork tattoo on shoulder

The Celtic symbol is inked in the magnetic circular. The Celtic symbol is cutting the circle.

dotwork tattoo

This marvelous dotwork tattoo is inked on the shoulder.

6. Dotwork tattoo design on upper body

This magnificent dotwork tattoo is big tattoo lovers. The different styles of geometrical figures are inked on with dot work technique. In some places the black outline is done.

dotwork tattoo technique

Three dimensional cubes are also inked in this dot work tattoo.

7.  3D look dotwork tattoo style

The building block image is created with three dimensional designing with black ink.

dotwork tattoo on shoulder

Dots provide the beautiful shading. This building block tattoo also has flower design in the centre.

8.Small big circles dotwork tattoo on palm

The circular designing is inked on the palm and forearm. The big circular design is inked with dot design and the size of the circle decrease as it goes away the big circle.

dotwork tattoo on hand

It is a unique dot work tattoo and placement makes it more attractive.

9. Colorful dotwork dragon fly tattoo

Beautiful dragon fly is inked with dot work design. The blue and pink shades look awesome on the dragon fly. It is inked on the thigh.

dragon fly dotwork tattoo

10. Dotwork standing girl tattoo design

Dot work technique is famously combined with other tattoo styles. Here the girl is inked with dark black ink. The red dot is inked on the visible skin of the girl.

small girl dotwork tattoo

11. Awesome dotwork tattoo art on arm

This is creative tattoo design. This tattoo reminds me of the horror or the murder scene when the person is trying to come out of the glass bathroom.

dotwork tattoo design

The hand prints are darker than the other body parts which show that the person is trying to come out. This dot work tattoo design symbolizes the persons struggle for freedom.

12.  Colorful dream catcher dotwork tattoo

The big dream catcher design is inked on the leg. The designing is done with black dots. The black dotwork captures the true use of dream catcher.

dreamcatcher dotwork tattoo

The dream catcher catches the bad dream in its net. It works like a filter and let only nice dreams to touch the person.

13. Unique dotwork tattoo idea on arm

The trekking is famous way to spend the free time for young people. During these adventure trips the trekking tents are made to sleep.

dotwork tattoo on arm

Above we have tattoo inspired from trekking night scene. The place is inked with black dots. This is nice unique dot work tattoo.

14. Best dotwork art tattoo on shoulder

The bicep is covered in black dot work tattoo design. There is sun on the top of the shoulder. There is big sand landscape with big black dots.

dotwork tattoo design

At the end there are big black dots. The nature inspired art is created with black dot work tattoo designing.

15.  Dotwork dark black dots tattoo design

Intense black dot work tattoo designs are easy to create. The honey bee hive kind tattoo is tattooed on the forearm.

awesome dot work tattoo

16. Stunning human heart dotwork tattoo

This dot work heart tattoo has mountain scene with never ending long road. This tattoo symbolizes that the road leading to heart is very long.

heart dotwork tattoo

Nothing is known about it not even owner know how to please it.

17. Geometric flower dotwork tattoo technique

Flower geometric tattoo is designed with dot work technique. This gorgeous tattoo design is inked on the foot.

dotwork tattoo on foot

Foot has high level of pain level this design is beautiful in looks but need to bear lot of pain for it.

18. Dotwork sun moon tattoo on foot

The sun and moon tattoo are inked on the left and right foot respectively. The sun provides us heat and light. The moon is cool and calm.

sun moon dotwork tattoo

19. Creepy monster dotwork tattoo design

The monster with vulture face is created in this dot work tattoo design. The dot work shading is beautifully done in this tattoo design.

monster dotwork tattoo

20. Flower dotwork tattoo idea on chest

  • The big flower design is covering the chest and shoulder like royal dress of king. The many shades of black are used in this tattoo design.

beautiful dotwork tattoo

The beautiful shading is done in the flower with the help of dotwork tattoo style technique.

21. Dotwork bracelet style tattoo

The old style man bracelet kind of tattoo is created on the wrist. The dark black tattoo has cold forest reflection.

dotwork tattoo on arm

The dot work provides the grace and beauty to this simple dotwork tattoo design.

22. Leave style dotwork tattoo on hand

This leave style is tattoo is designed on the wrist and hand. The long leave is designing on the both side of hand.

leave dotwork tattoo

If you are fan of simple tattoo designs then this is one for you.

23.  Small cute dotwork horse tattoo

The small unicorn is inked on the forearm. This magical beautiful horse is inked with different color ink which symbolizes its magical powers. This is mythological creature.

horse dotwork tattoo

Unicorn is considered as pure blood creature. This horse can fly. Myth or not but this creature for sure attracts the attention of people.

24. Dotwork tree tattoo that shows uniqueness

The doted tree tattoo is created with half covered with colorful leaves and half tree without leaves.

colorful dotwork tattoo

Some birds are sitting on the leafless branches of the tree while some are flying near the tree.

25. Beautiful tree dotwork tattoo on upper arm

Above tree is tattooed holding the pentagon shaped geometrical figure. There are two five edged star inked inside the pentagon.

dotwork tree tattoo

26. Box with rhombus dotwork tattoo idea

Rhombus shape is created with dotwork inside the box. The whole design is created with beautiful with small space left in between every line.

arm dotwork tattoo

27. Circle dots dotwork tattoo design on bicep

The circular geometric design is created with dot work design.

shoulder dotwork tattoo

Perfect similar dots are created in circle with perfect spacing. This beautiful tattoo is design on bicep.

28. Dotwork 3d shaded tattoo inside rhombus

Geometrical figures are very popular in dot work tattoo designs. The lion face is tattooed with dotwork technique inside the rhombus.

shaded dotwork tattoo

The second layer below the design gives it 3d reflection.

29. The most beautiful flower dotwork tattoo

The Asian culture inspired tattoo is inked with arm. Above we have flower design then we have beautiful frame with girl picture.

flower dotwork tattoo

All the flower design has black outline black dotwork.

30. Dotwork warrior tattoo on upper arm

The ancient warrior with helmet on his head is tattooed with dotwork style. The ancient warrior inspire tattoo covers the upper arm area.

warrior dotwork tattoo


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