Mystical Dragon tattoos ideas :The Emblem of bravery

Dragon Tattoos: Dragon is legendary mythical creatures. They are similar to the ancient dinosaur, but the dragons can fly and breathe fire, unlike dinosaur. Dragons are part of many mythological films and fictional cinema. The popular use of dragons inspired many tattoo artists to use them in tattoos. The dragon is symbol of bravery, intelligence, and strength. The dragon design is famous in tattoos of Japan and china. The dragon tattoos hold different symbols in both of these countries. The china, dragon tattoos are inked on the body to incite fear in the minds of enemies. There it holds the meaning of goodwill, wisdom and good luck. The Japanese dragon tattoos are world famous. They are tattooed in massive sizes on the body. The Japanese dragon is a symbol of balance in life. Celtics dragon tattoos are designed with Celtic knot design.

japanese dragon tattoos

celtic dragon tattoos

tribal dragon tattoos


The Celtic dragon is a symbol of undying strength and power. The tribal tattoos are other famous tattoos. Here the dragon is designed in the middle of tribal wave design or the dragon is designed with tribal waves itself. The Celtic and tribal dragon tattoos are mostly designed in black ink. In Japanese tattoos it is designed in massive detail form. The fire splitting dragon with a sharp tail is tattooed in part of many of the Japanese tattoos. The dragon eating his own tail is a popular Greek symbol in this dragon made the circle. It symbolizes the circle of life, where everything origin from the end and everything ends with the origin. It symbolizes that past and present is what makes the future. Many of the modern dragon tattoos are inspired by the movies. Movies such as “the girl with the dragon tattoo” and “How to train your dragon” have made the huge impact of the popularity of dragon tattoos. The dragon tattoos on girls give them bad ass look. The big dragon tattoos are mostly tattooed on the back, full arm and chest. The small dragon tattoos are inked on the forearm, behind the neck, on the shoulder blades and legs. These tattoos come in varies the colour. The 3d technique makes them very much similar to animated dragon tattoos we see in the movies.

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