Top 4 most sophisticated ideas for your eye tattoos design

Eye Tattoos: Eye tattoos are common tattoo design for both genders. Eye tattoo is simple eye tattoos with great symbolic tattoo meaning. Some people like the real eye effect in the eye tattoos and some people like the animated simple eyes. Both of the designs are good in their own way. But the problem is the real reflected eye tattoo are very difficult to design.
sun moon eye tattoos

There are a lot of detailed which are easy to create. You need to go for an expert artist for the real eye effect tattoo. These tattoos are really beautiful in looks but they will cost you lot more than any simple 3d tattoo design. Eyes are a reflection of the soul and this reflection is a soul is not so easy to create. The eye tattoo is not all about the human eye. There are many eye tattoo which has cat eye, tattoo of wolf on eye, snake eye design. The choice is yours, which one you want.
horus eye tattoos design
The eye of Horus from Egypt is a popular choice in simple eye tattoos. Horus is the god, who has the moon as left eye and sun as right eye. He has lost his left eye in the fight with Seth. The moon tattoo on eye was restored by the God Troth. This eye design is found in many old Egypt paints and stone engraving designs. The eye in the triangle is another famous eye tattoos. It is called eye of providence and it is the symbol of the eye of God.
hamsa eye tattoos
The eye is palm design is called Hamsa. This is a religious symbol. The Muslims and Jews called this symbol as protector or defense against the evil eye and forces. The symbol is designed in many decorative manners. The hamsa is tattooed on the body with many other symbols such as the moon, mandala design etc. The other eye tattoos contain simple eye tattoo on the finger in black ink.
sad eye tattoos design
The eyeball is designed in different colors in many 3d eye tattoo. The eye designed with eyelashes as the tree is a unique tattoo. The double eye designs represent the illusions. The other meaning of eye tattoo includes proper focus, clear vision, clear thinking, inner mind strength, protector, protection, self-discovery.

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