Most Terrible Face tattoos design that will shock you

Face tattoos: Face tattoos are very controversial in comparison with other body tattoos. Tattoos are personal choose. Celebrities also have face tattoos. The facial tattoos include tattoos on lips, eyebrow tattoo, tongue tattoo, forehead tattoos and head tattoos. Before we start, remember that tattoos on the face are the much more painful process as compare to having a tattoo on any other part of the body. These tattoos will be there on person’s face forever. So, make up your mind before you get a face tattoo. The lip tattoos and tongue tattoo bring lot unbearable pain during the designing. You may need to take different more than one appointment to complete the tattoos. Take doctor appointment and discuss the tattoo and choice of place because every person is different. Some may face a serious problem with a face tattoo.

Tattoo Design On Left Side

Tattoo Design on Lips

tattoo design Under Eye

The complete face covered in a big tattoo is part of psychedelic tattoos. The face tattoos usually consider as bad tattoos. Face tattoos create most problems in workplaces because of most of the people make the opinion that person with face tattoo is bad. In this article, we will discuss nice face tattoo and bad face tattoos. The famous celebrity “Jamie Foxx” has a tattoo on his head, which looks just ok. No impressive not bad. The Miley Cyrus has small cat face tattoo on her lower lip. This tattoo does not come out that clear because of the sensitive area of a lip. Mitch Lucker tattoo is small in size. Mike Tyson is another celebrity with a face tattoo. He has a tribal tattoo on the side of his near left eye. This tattoo brings a lot of jokes on Mike. There are clearly fewer people who admire the face tattoos.

Tattoo design On Right Side

Knife tattoo Design On face

Tattoo Design on face

The one celebrity we know definitely has bad face tattoo is Gucci Mane. He has ice cream tattoo on his right side of his face which looks very children. It looks like he was drunk when he decided to get this tattoo. Some of the good choices for face tattoo include mandala tattoo near the ear. This tattoo surrounds the ear. The flower tattoo with third eye design on the forehead is nice forehead tattoo. The tattoo designs on the place of the eyebrow, geometric tattoo designs on the face, like on side of face is a nice tattoo. In small face tattoo, you can go for small star tattoo, arrow tattoos, small dot design, and heart designs. The angel wings on the forehead. Arrows in a cross design, Celtic designs are also pretty nice tattoos.



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