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Fallout 4 tattoos that depict your craziness about games

Fallout 4 tattoos: Fallout 4 tattoos are part of popular action video game series Fallout 4. This game has an interesting feature in which you get several fallout4 face tattoos. In the game to get the tattoos, you need to find the secret locations. The tattoos have animated look. They are small in size and pretty simple in design. These tattoos have traditional tattoo look.

Fallout 4 taboo tattoos for game lovers

These tattoos are similar to the one we see in the Fallout 4 game. The magazine in the game is called Taboo Tattoos. The fallout 4 taboo tattoos have total five tattoos to decorate the characters. The fans of this game are getting these tattoos on their body. In the game, there is only one tattoo for neck while the remaining four tattoos are for the face. The eagle’s nest tattoo is for the neck. This tattoo is placed on the front portion of the neck.  The eagle is white and skin color design.
Amazing Fallout 4 tattoos
fallout 4 tattoos mod
Fallout 4 tattoo design on full arm

Fallout 4 face tattoos in traditional style

There are four fallout 4 face tattoos. The tattoos are Radiation Skull Tattoo, Bad Luck Horseshoe tattoo, Lucky Clover and Nautical Anchor. The radiation skull is simple but interesting skull tattoos. Skull has cap and cigar in his mouth. There is a card attached to the cap. In the fallout 4, it is featured as forehead tattoo. The bad Luck Horseshoe is a forehead tattoo. In this tattoo, the bad luck is written on the banner and we have horseshoe as background. This is very similar to traditional banner tattoos. Lucky Clover is a cheek tattoo in the fallout4. The simple green color clover is designed in this tattoo. The Nautical Anchor tattoo is a forehead tattoo. The simple anchor with five stars is designed around it.

Fallout 4 tattoo ideas for unique look

The vault boy is famous fallout 4 tattoo. The vault boy has simple animated looks. it looks like as if he is part of the comic book. The traditional vault boy with blow up tattoo is famous. The gangster vault boy and NCR Ranger in the war background look nice as forearm tattoo. The Nuka-Cola Quantum tattoos with Vault boy and the animal friend with vault boy, the vault boy with thumb up are simple fallout 4 tattoos.
You can also try the vault boy tattoos with quotes. The popular quotes like “prepare for the future”; “I got you”; “Deal with the devil”; “War never changes”; “only the gentlemen are ever really strong” and “Size matters”.
Tattoo on bicep
Fallout 4 tattoos idea with lady
funny Fallout 4 tattoos design
The BoS soldier tattoos and NCR Ranger tattoos are complex tattoos. They are not similar to vault boy in the animation feature. The NCR Ranger has a realistic human body. The NCR Rangers have a gas helmet and heavy metal dress which covers their entire body.  They are mostly designed in the three dimensions.
The vault 13, vault 101 and Brotherhood of Steel are simple fallout batch tattoos. these tattoos are popularly designed on the arms and leg. The T-45 tattoo, pip boy tattoo, Enclave helmet are also designed in the fallout tattoos.

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