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Memorable Feather tattoo design with a Symbolic meaning

Tattoo designs are trending nowadays. Most of us think that only big tattoo and complex tattoo are famous. But that not true even small and simple tattoo like feather tattoo are very popular. They are less complex and cover less area on the body. You can form these memorable feather tattoo designs on almost any part of your body.

Feathers are the essential part of birds that is why the falling feather depicts death. The symbolic meaning of feather depends on the bird. Owl feather can be a symbol of mystery and magic. The dove feather depicts the purity and innocence. Feathers are also symbol for ancestors.

On Arm

Feather is a very significant symbol. It symbolizes luck and loss. These memorable tattoo designs are famous for both male and female. Feather is related to the symbol of beauty especially peacock feather. There are many choices in feather tattoos. You can choose on the basis of bird-like sparrow, peacock, dove, eagle etc.

On Chest

Even mythological bird phoenix feather tattoo design is in demand. In celebrities, Zac Efron has feather tattoo design. Feather tattoo designs are unisexual anyone can have them. Feather also symbolizes freedom.

On Leg

Feather tattoo designs are available in different styles and techniques. Geometrical feather tattoo, white ink feather tattoo, watercolor feather tattoo are some new styles in feather tattoo designs. Size of the feather can vary according to the preference.

1. Shaded tattoo design with feather on back

Here we have dove feather tattoo design with a quote. In this tattoo design, the feather tattoo starts from the shoulder and it goes right on the left side of the back.

Tattoo Design

Black shaded tattoo design is used in this tattoo. The quote says “not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves”. The feather is designed as if it is floating with the wind.

2. Single feather tattoo on foot: – a sign of dreams

This feather tattoo design is inked on the right foot.

Tattoo Design On Foot

The quote “Free yourself. Live your dreams…” floats along with the feather. It is a beautiful design to have on foot.

3. Small but unique White inked tattoo design behind ear

White ink tattoos are new in the market. Some white ink tattoos are famous because of its UV light ink element. This ink will make your tattoo shines in dark.

Tattoo Design Behind Ear

 In above tattoo is white inked feather tattoo. This tattoo is small in size and is made behind the ear.

4. Amazing feather tattoo design with quotes

Above we have shoulder feather tattoo design. Two feathers are separated from each other with a quote.

Tattoo Design

Quote in middle says “for those I love I will sacrifice”.

5. Watercolor feather tattoo with peacock and birds

Peacock feather is a real beauty. They are having so many colors in them that make them favorite of everyone. Peacock feather tattoo design is very famous.

Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

In the above design, watercolor ink is used to form the design. Black color birds surround the peacock feather in this tattoo design.

6. Eye catching Feather tattoo design

This peacock feather tattoo design looks like a sketch color painting. Instead of usual greenish peacock color, vibrant blue is used in this tattoo.

Tattoo Design On Arm

This tattoo design on the forearm is an eye-catching feather tattoo design.

7. Colorful one feather with colorful birds

Tattoo Design On Back

Shining watercolor makes this feature so pretty. This tattoo design is pure art. Even birds are given colors.

8. Mind blowing feather tattoo design with inkpot

Here in this feather tattoo design, the old use of feather is depicted. In the old era, the bird feather along with ink was used as a pen to the writer.

Tattoo Design On Upper Arm

This tattoo design is a very beautiful. The red color ink makes the tattoo vibrant and beautiful.

9. Cute peacock feather tattoo design on ear

Tattoo Design On Ear

This feather tattoo definitely is the cutest one. Peacock feather tattoo is inked on the ear.

10. The beautiful black feather tattoo on forearm

The black feather with crescent moon is tattooed on the forearm. The dark purple outline around the moon symbolism the dark mysterious things.

black feather  tattoo

This tattoo tells that how the negative things are also the incredible part of our culture.

11. Feather tattoo that describe tribal culture

Feather all over the forearm looks very pretty. It is inspired from the old culture or we can say the tribal culture.

black feather forearm tattoo

Even in the modern era many cultural ritual and festivals include the feather hats and head band. The intense feather design is tattooed on the arm.

12. Amazing Mandala circle with feather tattoo

This pretty looking tattoo of feather has Mandela tattoo design is a background with feathers and beads chain. This shoulder tattoo gives away religious vibes.

mandala feather tattoo

The mandala circle and green beads chain is part of meditation in some religions.

13. Feather tattoo with peacock on stomach

The peacock feathers are tattooed on the stomach. There are small flower designed all around the feathers.

peacock feathers tattoo on stomach

This tattoo has rich and royal looks.


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