Most vibrant fish tattoos design for marine lovers

Fish tattoos: Fish tattoos have a different meaning in different cultures and religions. Fish is one the first water creature is known to people. They were considered as the goddess of water, the fish is a famous symbol for water and for the goddess, Amphitrite. The fish tattoos are linked with marriage. They symbolize the reproduction, fertility, birth, sexuality and femininity. The fish tattoos are more popular in the areas where people live near the coastal area. The fish tattoos are a big part of American traditional Japanese tattoos.
Japanese Koi fish tattoos

In Japanese Koi fish is popular design in tattoos. The koi fish are popular because of believing that the koi fish they these fish swim upwards in waterfalls. The legendary story tells that the koi fish which succeed in reaching the top of waterfalls were changed into dragons. Dragon is another mythological creator which is an important part of Japanese culture. They are a symbol of achieving the goal after going through struggles. Many different types of colors tattoos are used in the Koi fish design.
In Christianity, there is a story which tells that how Jesus fed thousand of men with just five fishes and some loaves of bread. This story is popular and fish become the symbol of faithfulness and loyalty for Christian people. The Ichthys is fish related with Christianity
shark fish tattoos
The shark the big deadly creatures are famous in the tattoo world. Most of the world sees sharks as danger, predator, and deceit. The shark tattoos symbolize the strength and determination. The person with shark tattoo shows that they never back down from challenges and they are all ready to make their own way in the crowdie world with creative tattoo designs.
The zodiac sign, Pisces has fish in the Zodiac symbol. The person with Pisces is considered as sensitive. They are emotional and understand the emotions and feeling of other people. Pisces are great friends. The Pisces tattoo contains two fish moving in a circle. They show the life circle.
The goldfish are known to the world for the beauty. Traditionally goldfish is associated with good fortune and success. The marlin and swordfish are popularized by the novel of Earnest Hemmingway.
dolphin fish tattoos
The dolphin is sweet fish with kind nature. This helpful and caring fish is a symbol of friendship and kind nature. There are many fun fish tattoos such as tattoo in which fish is on a bicycle.

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