Interesting Dream catcher tattoo with unique designs

Dream catcher Tattoos:Dream catcher tattoos are the tattoos that act as a permeable membrane for dreams! Yes, they work as a filter for the dreams and allow only good dreams to make your night filled with peaceful sleep.

Amazing Dream Catcher Tattoos:

Dream Catcher Tattoos are the tattoos which are related to the notion of goodnight dreams. Factually, these dream catcher tattoos have root in ancient Ireland. they become the ancient symbol of the American-Indian culture since 60’s or 70’s. Before that era, its actual origin was found with the Ojibwe people who had this spider woman Asibikaashi, who took care of the children on land.

Watercolor tattoo

Dream catcher tattoos design are considered good to hang above the children’s bed so that they could enjoy their nights with good and happy dreams. These dream catcher the negative energies and bless the baby with peaceful sleep. Dream Catcher Tattoos have major three it has ring, beads and feathers. there is a hoop, a woven mesh with some feathers, beads, gemstones and shells like designs in dream catcher. It is very easy to put your own twists and flavors in dream catcher tattoos because they are traditionally handmade and no two tattoos could ever are same.  Swirls, designs, and embellishments can be put through a great creativity.

Dream Catcher Tattoos Designs:

The Dream Catcher Tattoos are much loved by the world due to the significance and meaning they spread. It’s obvious that nobody wants any evil or negative thinking to move around him or her. Due to its increasing demands and popularity, their designs are improved and now available in great number for both men and women.

Dream catcher tattoo for women

Traditionally, they were mostly famous for women because the designs of dream catcher tattoos were having feathers, beads which are feminine. But nowadays, several designs are introduced for men also. The center of the tattoo is designed as web or net.

Dreamcatcher tattoo with owl

In addition, women can add some natural things like leaves, feathers, stones like effects and men can add the touch of animals and birds including owl, ox, bison etc, which signifies the power and strength. Nowadays, a circular look with heart shaped dream catcher tattoo designs is also famous.

Dream catcher tattoo

Men like to make these tattoos mostly on their upper arms or backs. As these areas are wider than the others and it becomes easier to have a big tattoo like Dream Catcher. On the other hand, women like to have small sized dream catchers on their body. As Dream Catcher Tattoos symbolize American- Indian culture, therefore it becomes very important to choose the correct placement of these tattoos so that no culture or heritage would be hurt.
Tattoos on wrists look more adorable with bracelets and are very trending for men.

Small Dream Catcher Tattoos:

Small Dream Catcher Tattoos are mostly preferred by the girls and women. They look more elegant and beautiful. The common placements for small dream catcher tattoos are wrists, the back of neck portion, shoulders, foot etc. They provide positive vibes and make girls and women confident.Dream catcher tattoos design for women gives them elegant look.


Girls like designs like feathers, wings, gems, pen etc to be carved with the small web. A pen symbolizes the air without which nobody can survive. Gems and beads represent the four directions: north, south, east and west. The feathers of owl represent wisdom and courage.  For Small Dream Catcher Tattoos some ideal  tattoo placements are as follows:

  • Dream catcher tattoo with tiger foot on the leg.

dreamcatcher tattoo

Dream catcher tattoo on leg looks very attractive. The above dream catcher tattoo has tiger footprint in the ring. Tiger footprint is the representer of the tiger. Tiger symbolizes the powder, strength, and wildness. It like a small piece of cloth is stitched in the ring. This dream catcher tattoo has tribal looks.Tthe feather looks very beautiful with rustic tip color.

  • Ankle

Ankle tattoo looks really beautiful and dream catcher tattoo is not an exception. The ankle chain is formed and dream catcher is hanging on the chain.

Dreamcatcher tattoo on ankle

There is main blue feather is hanging. the feather has white shading in it. Two tiny feathers are at the both side of the main feather.

  • Behind ear

Placement of small tattoo design behind ear is popular. The dream catcher has Celtic knot symbol.

Behind ear

They symbolize the power created by a mixture of the five elements. We all are made up of theses elements.  This small dream catcher tattoo has high significance.

  • Forearm

This is long dream catcher tattoo. the first main ring has red rose. The rose in inked in 3d formation. the second ring has simple flower shaped design. The shining beads made it beautiful.

dream catcher tattoo

There is a small pendant hanging on the second ring. The feather is attracted with rings with help of small threads. This marvelous dream catcher tattoo covers the complete portion of the forearm.

  • Back

Back provides a big space for tattoo designs. The red roses and used to decorate this dream catcher tattoo. They are in 3d formation.People combine dream catcher tattoo with amazing colourful flower tattoo design.

Dreamcatcher tattoo on back

The wind is made with shading along with tiny dots and stars. The quote is inked floating along the feathers. It says “Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today”

  •  Ribs

Dream catcher ring has flowers in it. in the centre there is a pink lotus. The coloured feathers are attracted with ring. They are blue, purple, orange and pink in colour.

Dream catcher tattoo

There are three birds flying away from feather. The dark black flying birds depict bad dreams.

Dream Catcher Tattoos on Back  

Dream Catcher Tattoos on back look graceful because of big area. Also they can be hide easily. But this depends on your choice whether you like cluster of small or only a big ones!!
For girls, it’s a good option to have a dream catcher tattoo on the back portion of the neck. This will able them to hide or to show their tattoo according to their choice. They can hide thee small tattoo easily by untying their hair.

Dream catcher back tattoo

On the other hand, they can show their beautiful picture of the dream catcher by tie up their hair in different styles. Designs can include: Birds flying in groups and their feathers fell down, an intricate web, groups of different sized but similar hoops with flowery tattoo designs etc.

Watercolor Dream Catcher Tattoo:

Watercolor tattoos are the great invention by the designers in modern tattoo art. It can’t be goes out of fashion because monochrome life is not always needed but colorful life is liked by every second person and it is obviously much easier to make thousands of combinations with different attractive colors.

Dream catcher tattoo design

Watercolor Dream catcher tattoos look very attractive and fabulous. Various techniques are required for watercolor dream catcher tattoos like bleeds, blurs, fades, runs, shades and splatters. But as the coins have two faces, it also has some pros and cons.

watercolor dreamcatcher tattoo

The main disadvantage with these tattoos is that they will move off quickly from the skin.  Fashion and style can’t be remaining same similarly more advancement will soon come with the Dream Catcher Tattoos.  Choose the best one,  there are many, just make the mood, search and have a different look with attractive tattoos….!!

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