Kingdom heart tattoos that will melt your heartbeat

Kingdom heart tattoos:The kingdom heart tattoos are inspired by the popular game kingdom heart series. The popular tattoos of this game include three heart tattoos and Keyblade tattoo. These tattoos are very different and unique in design. In this article, we will discuss some of the best Kingdom heart tattoos, three heart tattoos, and key blade tattoos.

heartless kingdom heart tattoos

These tattoos have animated look similar to the game. This game has a crazy fan following. Everyone loves the game and the characters of this game. it uses the magic key blades as the weapon which is an interesting concept. The kingdom heart tattoos are famously tattooed on the wrist, forearm, bicep, back and side of the stomach.

watercolor kingdom heart tattoos

In the tattoo watercolor ink and new traditional color, ink is used.

Interesting Kingdom heart tattoos

The heart with two keys cross design with the golden crown is famous among the fans of this game. The both of the key blades are different from each other. They present the opposite forces.

The blue color heart replaces the common red heart in the kingdom heart tattoos. The stone engraving design creates the illusion of water through blue color.

The different symbols from the game in the diamond design pattern make a great kingdom tattoo design idea for the forearm and leg.

The heart with the crown is an important symbol of this game. In many different styles of a kingdom, tattoos used it. This symbol makes a beautiful lower back tattoo. Design the spiral heart with the crown in the circle and the wings on its sides. This tattoo is ideal choose for below chest tattoo design.

The Wayfinder charm tattoo is designed in the beautiful lavender color. The heart on one of the petal and crown in the middle makes it charming kingdom heart tattoo.

kingdom heart tattoos on back

The black heart with red cross-present the heartless tattoo. it looks mainly on the bicep. The stars famously designed with the blue heart of the kingdom heart game. To make the tattoo interesting adds the popular quote tattoo from the game in the tattoo designs. Quote such as “if you have a dream don’t wait for for.act.”.

Kingdom heart Keyblade tattoos

Keyblades are the weapons on the main character of the series, Sora. This mysterious weapon is used for the fight between the light and darkness. The mickey head is the token of key blades.

keyblade kingdom heart tattoos

The key blade tattoos include the single key blade tattoo, cross key blades tattoo, and the key blade tattoo along with the popular characters, Sora and Roxas from this popular game.

 Simple kingdom heart tattoos

The cross over the heart, the crown, the oath keeper, the key blade and the heartless tattoo are some of the examples of simple kingdom tattoos.

kingdom heart tattoo on wrist

These tattoos are best designed on the wrist, forearm area and back

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