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Most Beautiful And Trendy Mandala Tattoo Ideas For Art Lovers

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Geometric mandala tattoo design ideas

1. Double triangle with mandala tattoo design

The inverted double triangle is created in the above geometrical mandala tattoos design. It is like the circular mandala is cut in triangle shape.

double triangle mandala tattoo

The central triangle has smaller flower mandala pattern as compare to the outer big triangle. The mandala geometrical tattoo is designed on the side of thigh.

2. Mandala tattoo with amazing flower designing

This mandala tattoo is designed on the forearm.

mandala tattoo with flower design

The petal like shape is designed the outer lining of the mandala tattoo.

3. Awesome half mandala tattoo behind ear

The half circle mandala is inked behind the ear.

behind ear mandala tattoo

The dot work tattoo  is used for shading purpose in this small mandala tattoo.

4. Full sleeve Mandala tattoo: a sign of peace

The triangle represents the fire in mandala tattoo. Here in the above picture the arm is covered in tattoos.

full sleeve mandala tattoo

The mandala tattoo is designed on the bicep portion. The circle design shows the energy circle.

5. Geometric tattoo design with mandala pattern

This is half sleeve mandala tattoo design. The geometrical circles are making the mandala pattern.

full sleeve mandala tattoo

The circle design symbolize the wholeness theme of the mandala.

6. Simple small size mandala tattoo

The tribal style mandala tattoo is design in small size on the forearm. The center has three arms small spiral.

small mandala tattoo

The flower design is covered with back background.

Mandala compass tattoos with different combinations 

1. Mandala Compass tattoo on back

The compass is major symbol used in tattoos designs from many years. This symbol is here tattoo in the center of the mandala design.

mandala compass tattoo on back

This mandala tattoo depicts the directions. The tattoo is inked on the back below the neck.

2. Small compass tattoo on shoulder

The four arm navigation star is tattoos with small dotted mandala design. The directions are also inked in alphabets.

small mandala tattoo on shoulder

This mandala compass tattoo is inked on shoulder. This is nice place to show your beautiful tattoo.

3. Shaded compass tattoo with flower

The forearm is covered in beautiful mandala tattoo with compass in center. The shading makes it attractive.

forearm mandala tattoo

The dots depict the hanging beads.

4. Japanese style compass tattoo

This is Japanese inspired mandala tattoo with compass. The monster eyes are designed on the top design of mandala.

mandala tattoo on thigh

The monster is Japanese is symbol of protection. The half circles are major part of this mandala tattoo.

5. Compass tattoo surrounded with flowers

The different look is provided to usually circular mandala tattoo design.

mandala compass flower tattoo

The compass has small flower pattern in the center. This shows the unique nature of person.

6. Amazing compass tattoo with quote

The mandala with compass tattoo shows the persons love for nature. The leave design is making the mandala design. The quote tattoo style is added below the amazing compass design.

compass mandala quote tattoo

This hand written quote says “wherever you go, go with all your heart.” The leaves depict the growth and compass depicts the adventurous journey.

Stunning Mandala Elephant Tattoos 

1.Mandala elephant tattoo in blue color

Elephant has been part of our culture from the ancient times. The different composition of mandala  and elephant tattoo is designed here.

blue mandala elephant tattoo

The tattoo shows the mandala pattern emerging on blue elephant. The blue color is symbol of meditation and peace. This tattoo covers the back.

2. Small elephant head tattoo on back

The small elephant head is inked in the center. The diamond is design in the center.

small elephant mandala tattoo

The small mandala patterns are inked on with very thin tattoo needle. The minuteness is the major attractive part.

3. Cute mandala style elephant tattoo

The baby mandala elephant tattoo design is inked on the leg. The inner pattern shows persons personality.

cute mandala elephant tattoo

The person is very near to its roots. The eye presents the innocence.

4. Watercolor mandala elephant tattoo

The old elephant head is designed with water color ink on the leg.

watercolor mandala elephant tattoo

The background shows the mandala design.

5. Creative elephant tattoo on thigh

Very decorative mandala elephant is tattoo on the thigh. The thin tattoo needle with black ink is used to design this tattoo.

creative elephant mandala tattoo

This tattoo shows the creative nature of the person.

6. Bold black color mandala elephant tattoo

The deep designing with black ink is done to tattoo the mandala elephant tattoo. Black color is a symbol of mystery and deep thinking.

bold black mandala elephant tattoo

This beautiful mandala elephant tattoo is inked on the side of stomach.

Beautiful and Simple mandala black white tattoos

1. Small mandala tattoo on calf

Simple mandala tattoo is inked on the calf.People love black and white ink  tattoo art styles.

small mandala tattoo

The club shape is designed on the edgy part of petal.

2. Beautiful mandala lily flower tattoo

The flowers are separately designed to make the mandala flower tattoo. In center we have lily flower.

mandala lily flower tattoo

This solid black tattoo is inked on the shoulder.

3. Simple tattoo on shoulder:- with mandala design

The small mandala tattoo is inked on the back.

mandala tattoo on shoulder

This is very simple mandala tattoo design.

4. Unique mandala tattoo on forearm

This is another simple mandala tattoo for peoples who love simple tattoos.

unique mandala tattoo

5. Mandala tattoo design on two fingers

The mandala tattoo is created on the fingers.

fingers mandala tattoo

The first and second finger jointly makes the mandala tattoo.

6. Spiritual mandala tattoo design on thigh

This mandala tattoo is inspired from Hindu culture.

spiritual mandala tattoo

The religious symbol “OM” is inked in the center of the mandala tattoo.

 Most Amazing Mandala sun and moon tattoos

1. Inspirational sun and moon tattoo

The sun and moon are the first inspiration of mandala tattoo. Sun is symbol of energy and moon symbolize the transformation.Both Men and women love moon tattoo design with mandala art.

sun moon mandala tattoo

Both the elements indicate the uncertainty of life. They are highly symbolic for mandala tattoos. The white ink is designed as a symbol of power.

2. Sun and moon tattoo on rib

This is simple mandala tattoo of sun and moon. They are combined to become one.

sun and moon tattoo on rib

The sun and moon are symbol of many things. The sun with its heat provides the energy while moon give us relaxed feeling.

3. Shaded sun mandala tattoo on stomach

The tribal sun mandala is designed on the stomach.

shaded sun mandala tattoo

The energy and light is symbolized by the fire designing around the sun.

4. Mandala style in sun tattoo

This is beautiful sun mandala tattoo. The mandala design in tattooed in the circle and the circle layers makes the sun.

mandala sun tattoo style

Sun the major part of our life. It is responsible for light, food and energy.

5. Sun and crescent moon tattoo on back

The sun and moon combination is classic combination in mandala tattoo design.

sun and moon tattoo on back

The crescent moon tattoo art is designed just with black outline while many patterns make the sun design.

6. Tiny mandala tattoo on calf

This is simple mandala tattoo design inked on the calf.

tiny mandala tattoo

The circle and triangles make it perfect simple tattoo.

Amazing Mandala back neck tattoos

1. Hanging mandala style tattoo on neck

The hanging mandala design is inked on the back of neck. The mandala design includes different geometric shapes.

mandala style tattoo on neck

The small lotus flower tattoo is design in this neck mandala tattoo.

2. Solid black color half mandala tattoo

This mandala tattoo has rustic looks.

solid black mandala tattoo

There is no flower only leaves design made the mandala pattern.

3. Amazing net design tattoo in ‘V’ shape

The net design kind of mandala  ‘V’ shape tattoo is inked on the neck. The sharp V pattern with triangles and half circles are designed.

Vshape net mandala tattoo

They present the opposite elements. The triangle is fire symbol and half circles are water symbol.

4. Half sunflower tattoo on neck

The half sun flower tattoo is designed in middle with dark leave mandala design outline its layer.

half sunflower mandala tattoo

This tattoo looks beautiful on neck.

5. Lotus flower with mandala tattoo

The simple mandala tattoo is design in the old traditional form.

flower mandala tattoo

The lotus flower is designed below it.

6. Diamond shaped mandala tattoo

To make the diamond shape tattoo the hairs are removed.

diamond mandala tattoo

The dot shading and solid outline pattern makes the design attractive. This tattoo shows the link of brain and spinal cord.


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