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Explore the meaning of beautiful religious mandala tattoo

Mandala tattoo is a combination of circles and floral designs famously used in religions art. Its circular form means to give stress relief. It connects the person with oneself. The mandala art design is also linked with religions according which it connect the person with god.

mandala tattoo design

In Indian culture mandala art is also created on the floors in the form of rangoli. Mandala art has ancient roots. Old scriptures and painting present the mandala. Tattoo artist use the mandala designs for body art which we called tattoo design. Mandala design has many forms and styles. Mandalas are usually the personal creation. When someone designs the mandala design he present his personality, his goal in the mandala. There are :

  • Lotus mandala,
  • Sand mandala,
  • Flower mandala,
  • Sun mandala.

Pay proper focus and attention on mandala when you design it. Relax your mind and choose the color and pattern that give you light and relaxing feeling. The colors play an important role in mandala designs.

flower look mandala tattoo

In mandala tattoo designs many symbols are design and styles are used to create unique mandala tattoo. The tribal  tattoo designs, flower tattoo designs, Celestial bodies, animals, birds are designed in mandala tattoo design. The geometrical tattoos are inspired from mandala tattoo designs.

mandala tattoo on shoulder

Mandala designs have same measurement geometrical shape design. The symmetry is important part of mandala tattoo designs. The square, triangle, full circle, half circle, cubes are included in traditional mandala tattoos. The flower mandala include different flower like rose, sunflower, lily, daisy, lotus in the mandala tattoo circles.

mandala tattoo on back neck

The ancient animals which have great cultural importance are part of mandala tattoos. Such as elephants, tortoise, lion, tiger are added in mandala tattoo designs.

Sun and moon are very symbolic part of mandala tattoos.

  • The sun is the prime source of heat and energy. The heat and light are important for us. They provide us food and energy.
  • Moon is complementary source of sun. It is opposite of sun. In many culture sun is consider male while moon plays the role of female. The moon light has smoothing effect on us which make us relax help us get the energy back. The shape of mandala is inspired from the shape of sun and moon.

Mandala meaning and symbols

Mandala has different meaning in different cultures. We find Mandalas in several cultures such as:

  • Hinduism,
  • Buddhism,
  • Aboriginal and
  • Christianity

Mandala stands for wholeness. Mandala the ancient circle is the first to depict the shape of universe. The earth, sun and moon all are in circular form. Hinduism is the first to connect the Mandalas with spiritual thins but they are made famous worldwide by Buddhism. Traditionally according to Buddhism mandala means sacred and pure existence.

Some of the famous mandala designs are:

  • Lotus Mandala appears in Chinese and Japanese tattoo art. It symbolism the strength to overcome the suffering.
  • Sand Mandala is popular in Tibetan. The special festival is celebrated in which sand Mandalas are made of colorful gains and at the end of the festival the mandala are destroyed. This represents the mandala theme of creation and destruction.
  • Flower mandala is popularised by Carl Jung. Colours connect us with our feelings.
  • Sun Mandala symbolise the four directions.

Mandala meaning and origin

Mandala first appears in Sanskrit hymn “Rig veda” which is the part of the ancient Indian text. Mandala was designed as attention tool. Mandala was part of religions practices of Hinduism. It was part of spiritual guidance.

mandala tattoo on chest

The mandala is designed with geometrical compositions. The traces of mandala can be found in ancient Greek, Asian, roman as well as Christian art. Mandala has its links with Hinduism’s oldest canonical scriptures. The occurring and reoccurring of life cycle is depicts in deep form in both the religions.

Mandala meaning and history

In Buddhism mandala is formed to on the place of meditation. The forms of mandala are found in Christianity. The famous halo is part of almost all cultures. The ring of light surrounds the back of head of person. Many scriptures and paintings related to many god figures in different religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Christianity shows the mandala.

mandala tattoo on neck

Mandala is essential part of meditation. Mandala has purpose of connected the person with spiritual forces. There are Mandalas to suit the different levels of consciousness. In Buddhism depicts the life circle through the shape of mandala. The birth, death, rebirth is never ending process and circle of mandala present it best.

mandala cross tattoo

The mandala is the spiritual meditation tool in Hinduism. The mandala art can be seen in church windows and glass decoration. The mandala art is also part of Celtic cross tattoo. Paganism religion used the mandala because of its connection with shapes of sun, moon and earth.

Mandala elements meaning

The Mandala elements are presented in different shapes in mandala.

  • The fire is designs using the triangle in red color. The fire depicts the transformation.
  • Water is designed in circles, full or half circle.
  • Earth is depicted by cubes and small square usually yellow color is for earth.
  • The blue color depicts the space. Every color depict different thing.
  • Red is for passion, energy and strength.

mandala tattoo design idea

  • Pink has feminine touch, it stands for love. Orange is for self awareness and transformation.
  • Yellow stands for wisdom, learning and happiness.
  • Green presents your love for nature and caring nature. Blue symbolise the inner peace and meditation.
  • Purple color stands for all spiritual things.
  • White depicts your focused nature and goals.
  • Black stands for individuality. It symbolise the mystery and deep thinking.

Mandala definition

Traditionally mandala means circular figure which presents the universe according to Hindu and Buddhist religious philosophy. Mandala art originally belongs to Indian culture.

In Sanskrit language mandala means “circle”. It depicts the spiritual universe in Hindu religion. In ancient Indian culture life is presented in the form of circle. There are three major period creation, flourishing and destruction. Psychologist Carl Jung was highly expressed with the mandala concept. He exercises the mandala art with his patients. He encourages his patients to express themselves freely by drawing things. Carl Jung presents the mandala in relation with dreams. Mandala is dreams research which leads to self unity and completeness.

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