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20 Most Popular Maori tattoo with Cool tribal designing

Maori tattoo :- Maori tattoo is tribal tattoo from Maori tribe of New Zealand. Maori tribal tattoo presents the culture and heritage of tribal people of Maori. These tribal tattoos have six main elements. These elements are:-

  • koru,
  • pikorua,
  • toki,
  • manaia,
  • tiki,
  • matau.

Different pattern which were part of wood and stone engraves are also part of Maori tattoos. Only two sea animals; whale and dolphin are part of Maori tattoos.Traditional flower patterns are not part of Maori tattoo but the modern tattoo designs are adding them to make the design more beautiful and attractive.
Maori tribal tattoo design
The original tribe warriors used to have their full body covered in Maori tattoo. Now people choose one or two parts of body for Maori tattoos. Some of the most famous locations for Maori tattoos are arms, chest, back and legs. Traditional Maori tattoos are inked in black ink. We are presenting you top twenty most beautiful Maori tattoos.

1. Black outline Maori tribal tattoo

Tikii symbol is inked in Maori tribal tattoo. This is Maori half sleeve tattoo. Whole design has think black lines except the face.
Maori tattoo on upper arm
The face feature is inked in bold black ink. Tiki is a symbol for fertility. It is consider as good luck charm.

2. Maori warrior tattoo on leg

The warrior Maori tattoo is designed on the leg. The bold black ink makes the boundary and small detailing with lean lines is done.
Maori tattoo
Maori Koru covers are designed in this leg tattoo. it is a symbol of re-generation and growth.

3. Artistic tattoo design on shoulder and arm

Tattoo Artist has very beautiful link the tattoo design of arm with the back. Unaunahia and Ahu mataroa patterns are inked on the back and arm.
Maori tattoo design
Koru spiral are also there in this Maori tattoo.

4. Cultural tattoo design on hand

This hand tattoo is inspired from the wooden pattern of Maori tribe inked on hand.
Maori tattoo
This Maori tattoo depicts the culture and civilization of Maori tribe of New Zealand.

5. Bold modern tattoo with black filling

This is a modern version of Maori tattoo. Maori symbols are less used here.
Maori tattoo
The circle sign presents the circle of life. Spiral Koru is a sign for re birth.

6. Creative tattoo on back:- a symbol of protection

This tattoo is inspired from myth which tells about sea creatures helping the Maori people during their journey.
Maori tattoo near shoulder
Whale tale is made in this tattoo. It is symbol of intelligence and protection.

7. Scary tattoo design on full face

Maori tattoo is inked on the face. The actual Maori tribal warriors used to have such face tattoos.
Scary Maori tattoo on face
There are koru spirals along the long triple line pattern. It is a symbol of courage.

8. Different style tattoo on arm

This Maori tattoo on arm  has high details. Some portion of tattoo is fully filled and some portion just has outlining. Pakati patterns are associated with warriors and battles.
Maori tattoo
It is a symbol of strength and courage. The fish scale pattern is a symbol for health.

9. Protective tattoo design on foot

Dolphin is inked with Maori symbols on leg. Dolphin is linked with Holy Spirit.
unique Maori tattoo
This playful animal is a symbol of protection. According to Maori myth it protects the sea traveller.

10. Tattoo That looks unique on leg

Toki inspired tattoo is designed on the calf. This is linked with ancestors. Toki design is symbol for power and authority.
Maori tattoo design on leg
In ancient times it was also associated with weapon of warriors.

11. Simple black inked tattoo on chest

Simple Maori tattoo is inked on the chest. Many patterns are interlinked with each other that shows bonding.
Maori tattoo design on chest
There are kori symbols as well as line patterns. It represents courage.

12. Grateful Tattoo that covers the full back

Lot of tribal symbol are inked on the back in the form of X. the central circle depicts the life cycle.
Maori tattoo design on back
The half circle on both of the shoulders depicts life and death.

13. Delightful tattoo look like hand on leg

Unique Maori tattoo is composed on the calf of leg. Hand is form with eye in the circle.
Maori tattoo design on back of leg calf
This is modern Maori tattoo. Beauty of this Maori tribal tattoo lies in the use of signal color.

14. Evergreen Maori pattern tattoo on full arm

Long Maori patterns and designs cover the arm. This Maori tattoo presents the different story.
Maori tattoo design
Spiral curves are there along with patterns.

15. Clear view of tattoo design on full arm

Pakati pattern over powers the ‘Maori tattoo’ design. This pattern was very popular among Maori warriors. This pattern represents the battle field where warriors showcase their courage and strength.
Maori tattoo design
The flower design is a modern feature.

16. Attractive tattoo design with bold lines

Maori tattoo is inked on a dangerous spot, neck. The tattoo is also inked with black ink.
Maori tattoo design
Only bold pattern make up the design. There is no detailing.

17. Famous wrestler and star with Maori tattoo

The world famous Hollywood star and wrestler Rock has Maori tattoo on chest and upper arm.
Celebrity with Maori tattoo
All different symbols are combined to make this Maori tattoo design.

18. Trendy tattoo design on chest

Fish hook design is inked on many places in this tattoo. It is a symbol of good heath, prosperity and determination.
Maori tattoo design
Fish hook is also called Hei Matau. This Maori tattoo is famous among sea lovers.

19. Modern tattoo with new patterns

This Maori tattoo is different from traditional Maori style tattoos. There is a flower designing which is no part of traditional “Maori tattoo”.
Maori tattoo design
The scale design and triangle link it with Maori tribal tattoos.

20. Black Thin outlining tattoo on neck

Spiral and fish hook tattoo designs are inked on the neck. This tattoo has small detail feature.
Maori tattoo design
Very thin designing is done which covers the sides of neck.

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