Guys just take a look on these Marvelous Armband tattoos

The Armband tattoos are trendy tattoos. They are inspired by the tribal tattoos. These are old tattoos but they are once again emerging from the ashes and winning the heart young generation. They are bold tattoos and most of the time they are made with black ink. In past, these tattoos were associated with the memories of dead relatives but now armband tattoos are more of attractive tattoo designs than the simple mourning tattoo. These tattoos were related with mourning because the black armband traditional tattoo is worn on the arm or the sleeve of the shirt in the memories of lost person. It was the way to show the love for them.

Marvelous Armband tattoos

There are many kinds of armband tattoos such as a tribal armband, Hawaiian armband, Celtic knot armband, barbed wire armband, flower tattoo design on an armband, native American armband, cross armband, Aztec armband, stars and swirls armband, musical notes, strips armband, birds armband.

 Birds armband tattoo

The thorn style armband or barbed wire armband is related with Christianity and crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In all the religious paintings of Christianity, Jesus Christ is seen wearing the crown of thrones. The wire or throne armband is a symbol of faith, salvation, and hope in the justice of God.

 Barbed wire armband

Many armband tattoos are related with community, tribe, and heritage. These are used as a symbol of pride and feeling of honor for ancestors and heritage. The female armbands are generally linked with the symbol of power, love, and femininity. The cherry blossom is also designed as armband tattoo. The Hawaii water based tattoos are the symbol of pride of being related to Hawaiian heritage and culture.

complex armbands Tattoo

The armband tattoos in simple design contain the simple bold back band line and the continuous pattern making a circle. The tribal tattoo pattern and Celtic tattoo patterns are quite popular in the armbands. The complex armbands create a scene in the small area itself. These include mountain or landscape scene in the armband. The town and city building design, the forest look, the burning field designs in the armband.

Celtic patterns

The small images in the band are also a popular design. You can go for sun, moon, eye, the face of a lion, the face of a tiger, the face of a wolf, dragon for the central symbol. The snake coiling around the arm is also part of armband tattoos.

 Armband Tattoo Design With Images

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