Mind blowing tattoo designs with colourful flower tattoos

Flowers are such a beautiful gift of nature. They evoke over senses. There looks pleases our eyes. Their fragment refreshes our mind. We all like to have our own garden with a beautiful flower. Generally, it is said that girls like flowers but many boys like to have flower tattoo design on their body. This shows that the general differences are becoming less day by day. Flowers are liked by both men and women.

tattoo Design

There are a lot of different types of flowers. Some of the common types of flowers are – rose, lily, jasmine, sunflower, hibiscus, lotus, daisy, marigold, orchid, tulip and gerbera. Flower symbolizes purity, innocence, beauty and love. Some different flowers have different meanings like red rose stands for beauty, desire and passionate love. Yellow rose symbolizes friendship and platonic love. White rose symbolises innocence, silence and purity.

1. Simple but Attractive tattoo design: – A yellow lily flower

lily Flower On Foot

Above we have yellow lily flower tattoo design on the foot. The lily skins with its redish center. This tattoo design is very simple and attractive.

2. Beautiful tattoo design with colorful flower on arm

This person for sure loves the flower lot more than us. The whole arm is covered in different and colorful flowers. Roses in different colors such as White, Pink and Orange look more attractive than other.

full sleeveTattoo Design

Some other flowers are wax flowers, Zinnia, Peony, lily, orchid and daisy. This flower tattoo design looks like a flower  bouquet.

3. Gorgeous flower tattoo design: – a temporary tattoo on back

Tattoo Design On Back

This is a temporary flower tattoo design. Pink and Purple Color roses are inked on the center of the back. It’s like a branch of roses going from back to the neck.

4. Different Tattoo style designs in one tattoo on bicep

This is a half sleeve flower tattoo design. It is a kind of net embroidery piece with a rose flower on it. Everything in this embroidery tattoo design is in grey color except the green leaves.

half sleeve Tattoo Design

The butterfly tattoo on the top depicts the real butterfly resting on embroidery.

5. Beautiful tattoo design with one single big flower

Tattoo Design on thigh

This thigh flower tattoo is very colorful. Big pink rose on green stem looks great.Humming bird makes the whole design more beautiful.

6. Outstanding shinny tattoo design on back

Butterfly Tattoos on Shoulder

Shining ink of different colors makes this tattoo standout. Blue butterfly is flying around two Oriental lily flowers. This tattoo design looks as if an oil painting is made on the shoulder.

7. Small cherry blossom flower tattoo design

cherry blossom Tattoo Design

Three cheery blossom flowers are inked in pink color on the back of the neck. A Little orange is made above the cheery blossom flower.

8. Bold maroon rose with praying hands

colorful tattoo designs

In this flower tattoo design is made on the upper arm. Praying hands are formed in the center while maroon roses surround it.  Praying hands is a sign of giving thanks.

9. Watercolor tattoo design in painting style

red tulip tattoo

Here in this flower tattoo design, no particular flower is made. Painting of flower is created on the back. Water color ink is in usage to make this painting type flower tattoo.

10. 3D flower tattoo design on back

A Beautiful daffodil flower tattoo is designed on the right side of the back. In this tattoo design, 3d tattoo designing technique is used.

Tattoo Design On Shoulder

A Little cloudy design on the side of flower depicts the night time. The little stars make the depiction more clear.

11. Tattoo design in Purple Color on shoulder

Tattoo design On Shoulder

Purple orchids are the favourite flower of many women. Above we have purple orchid tattoo design. This flower tattoo design is also in 3D format.


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