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Phases of the Moon tattoo | Best Ever Moon Phases Tattoo

Moon Phases Tattoo :-  The demand of the new tattoo leads to use any thing as tattoo designs. The newly formed tattoo designs include natural things as well as man made things. The newly famous tattoo design includes the natural process of moon. The moon goes through different phases. The moon revolves around the earth.

The different phases of moon occur because of the position of moon around the earth and the sunlight.

  • Full moon occurs when the earth covers the moon completely from sunlight.
  • New moon or dark moon occurs when moon is in-between of earth and sun.

There are total eight phases of moon and all the phases have different names. The phase means different stages of something in the process of forming or change. Tattoo designing is pure art you can use real as well as imaginary things. There is no restriction that you need to show all the phases of moon in moon phases tattoo. You can make changes in the moon phase tattoo according to your taste.
Moon phases tattoo on full back
Moon phase tattoos can be designed on any part of body. But most people prefer to have moon phase tattoo on back, chest, legs and arms because we need more space to show the changing phases of moon. The moon phase tattoo are also called moon cycle tattoo.
Here are the top 19 moon cycle or Moon phases Tattoo designs.

1. Unique Moon phase tattoo on back

The five changing stages of moon are designed on the back with tattoo ink. Only the black or dark portion of moon is tattooed means there is no full moon.
Moon phases tattoo
The little designed is done in the moon phases to make it different.

2. Phases of the moon in Circular shape

Moon cycles with astronaut are tattooed on the leg. In total fourteen phases of moon is shown in this tattoo.
Moon phases tattoo in circular shape
The full moon tattoo is on the top of astronaut and new moon is tattooed directly opposite to it.

3. Moon phase tattoo with flying birds

Birds are tattooeyd with moon phases tattoo design.  The new moon is designed in the center and other phases on the sides of it. Moon phase tattoo is inked right in the center on the mid rib.
Moon phases tattoo
All the birds are inked on with black ink except the bird which is nearest to the moon phases.

4. White Inked Moon phase tattoo on full back

 White inked Moon phases tattoo
White moon phases are inked on the back. There is no black or dark moon in this moon phase tattoo design.

5. Shaded Eight phases of the moon on chest

The proper eight phases of the moon is designed on the chest. The shading is done to show the changing process of the moon cycle.
Moon phases tattoo on chest
The little liquid design is added to moon cycle tattoo.

6. Moon phase tattoo with skull design

Above we have new moon in form of black dark circle on the both shoulders. In center instead of full moon we have pyramid with skull design.
Moon phases tattoo with skull
The white side of moon phases have black designing which refers to black mark on beautiful white moon. This is creative moon phase tattoo.

7. All phases of the moon cycle tattoo

This tattoo is inspired from scientific presentation of moon phases. All the phases of moon such as waxing and waning gibbous, full moon and new moon, first and last quarter and waning and waxing crescent is presented on their right full form.
Moon phases tattoo
This moon phase tattoo is beautifully design on the back in-between the shoulder blades.

8. Moon phase Tattoo with card symbol

The card game symbol spade is designed in the center of moon phases. The changing phases of moon have dark shading all around it.
Moon phases tattoo with card symbol
The ‘moon phases tattoo’ is designed horizontally on the upper portion of back.

9. Moon phase tattoo with sun and earth

The sun is tattooed on the shoulder and earth is depicts by the dark circular band. To make the design different random designing of moon phases is done.
Moon phases tattoo
This moon phase tattoo with sun and earth covers the arm.

10. All moon phases with full moon in Center

Moon phases tattoo on forearm
All the phases of the moon are linked together with black line. The full is in the center of the moon phase tattoo design. It is tattooed on the forearm.

11. Waxing crescent Moon phases

In center earth is designed and over it waxing crescent moon phase is designed. All the other phases of moon are joined together with dots.
Moon phases tattoo
This moon phase tattoo in inked on the top of shoulder.

12. Trash Polka with Phases of moon

This is trash polka moon phase tattoo design. The girl is designed and the diamond shape is creating the different phase of girl as well as moon. The face of girl inside the diamond shape is young and there is white moon phase on her hairs.
Moon phases tattoo
The outer portion has grey hairs with black moon phases. The jointed hands are also old outside the shape.

13. Traditional style Moon Tattoo

The man is dressed in Indian wear. The moon phases are created over his head. On the place of face geometrical tattoo design is inked.
Traditional Moon phases tattoo
This interesting moon phase tattoo is inked on the bicep.

14. Small Moon phases tattoo on knuckle

Moon phases tattoo on knuckle
Small moon phases are inked on the knuckle. The location of the moon phase tattoo makes it interesting and unique tattoo design.

15. Yin and Yang tattoo design

The Chinese Yin Yang design is inked in the center with moon phases attracted with it. The moon cycle with its different phases depict the every change process of life.
Yin and yang Moon phases tattoo
It symbolize that nothing is for forever. The random designing is done in the portions which are originally filled with dark black color.

16. Moon phases tattoo with mountain design

The mountain is inked in geometrical diamond shape. The five moon phases are designed about the mountain tattoo design.
Moon phases tattoo
The mountain pieces are separating from the mountain in this tattoo. Both are natural process, they depict the instability of things.

17. Colorful Moon phases tattoo with earth

Colorful Moon phases tattoo
The colorful galaxy is designed around the moon phases and earth. The water color ink style plays an important role to make this moon phase tattoo beautiful and unique.

18. Wolf tattoo design with moon phases

The wolf skull with multiple eyes is designed in the central part of chest. The full moon on the head of wolf is covered with bow and arrow on both sides.
Large Moon phases tattoo
Three different phases of moon is tattooed on the either side of wolf. The bow arrows are designed around them. This is so far the most different style of moon phase tattoo.

19. Simple but Unique tattoo on forearm

Simple “moon phases tattoo” with new moon in the center is designed on the forearm. The waxing crescent and waning crescent is tattooed on the either side of new moon.
Moon phases tattoo on forearm
All the three phases of moon are jointed together with straight line.

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