Most attractive and trendy watercolor tattoo design ideas

Watercolor tattoos: watercolor tattoos One of the most colorful and attractive tattoos in the market nowadays. A unique painting art that can’t be ever being called “outdated”!

Watercolor Tattoos for arm

Watercolor tattoos are the kind of tattoos which look like paint on skin. The artists won’t use any special tools.They use the same inks for making watercolor tattoos for arms. The difference lies in their techniques.

watercolor tattoo

Different techniques for watercolor tattoos include bleeds, blurs, fades, runs, shades and splatters etc. Coloring and shading give an extent of dissimilarity between the traditional and watercolor tattoos.
watercolor tattoo design
Traditional tattoos generally have a black outline, but no such outlines are seen in watercolor tattoos. Watercolor tattoos  designs can be created various styles using the brush strokes. It is really hard to find any two watercolor tattoos to be exactly same.
black outline tattoo
Watercolor paintings of trees, floral watercolor painting tattoos and landscapes watercolor painting tattoos are some of the famous watercolor tattoos available. Different equipments used in watercolor tattoos are pigments in tubes, pan set or palette, absorbent surface and synthetic brushes.
tattoo equipements
The cons of watercolor tattoos lie with the subject of its longevity. They will fade off soon. This is due to the absence of black outline. Black color ink outline  provides thickness to tattoo so traditional tattoos have better life than watercolor tattoo.
shading tattoo design
Different shadings also increase the level of saturation of inks.  Hence, the inks get fader as the time passes then this tattoo is known as Watercolor tattoo fade design.

Best watercolor Phoenix Tattoo idea

Phoenix, a mystical bird having a long life and dies within the flames and under great combustion to reborn from the ashes. Hence, it symbolizes many different things including time, life, rebirth, purity, magic, longevity, protection, immorality, transformation and much more.
phoenix tattoo design
So you can think of the varieties available for the same, “Watercolor Phoenix Tattoos”. According to studies, it was the large and beautiful bird from Ethiopia. Hence, these tattoos are very famous.
forearm and thighs tattoo
They look extremely attractive on the wider portion of men’s back. They give realistic view of the bird. Moreover these tattoos can be  placed on the other body parts on thighs, forearm etc. They look stunning and show nature’s creation
more beautifully.

Famous  artists of watercolor tattoo

There is a long list of the artists who are the tattoo designers and create beautiful watercolor tattoos. Some of the artists are:

  1. G.No: She in at Tattoo People in Toronto. She specializes is delicates, miniature tattoos.

watercolor tattoo desgn

   2. Jung Jung: He works at Kulture in New York. He is actually from Korea.

lion watercolor tattoo design                           

    3. Klaim: He has a tattoo studio in France. He is highly skilled designer. His watercolor tattoos                                      beautify the nature as he uses the elements of nature for making tattoos.watercolor tattoo

4.  Russell Van Schaick : He called himself as abstract watercolor tattoo artist. He uses techniques brilliantly and stunningly.

nature tattoo design5. Candelaria Carballo: She is like the master of designing creative tattoos. She is an Argentinian artist, perfect in free flow lining, strokes and other techniques.

w6. Lianne Moule: Specialized in water color tattoos. Mostly give designs taking sun as a main element.Watercolor tattoo style ideas give elegant and attractive look.

stylish watercolor tattoo

Most beautiful watercolor tattoo designs

Whenever typing “Watercolor tattoos”, it enforces to reveal the truth of their varieties again and again. Yeah, their creativity is so fast which emerge new ideas and designs.
As we have seen, these watercolor tattoos can reveal and depict different feelings like pride, love, power etc. So, several tattoo designs for men and women are available.
bird watercolor tattoo
You can choose colorful quotes watercolor tattoos or tattoos with pictures of animal and birds like lion, elephant, fish, owl etc. Natural things are  famous to be painted on skin.So one can use flowers, trees, butterflies as the designs.

Designs for girls: Blue angel tattoos, dream catcher tattoo, watercolor cherry blossom tattoos, flower tattoo designs, parachute tattoos etc.
blue watercolor tattooDesigns for boys: Watercolor tattoos like skull tattoos,tiger tattoos, dragon tattoos, anchor tattoo etc are mostly tattoos in trending for boys.
skull watercolor tattoo designWatercolor splash tattoos are  eye catchy tattoos.These tattoos are  spreading of different colors on the body part. The design makes the picture more attractive.

The designs let the colors fall or spread across the area. The picture below shows the WATER COLOR TATTOO of a bird with splatting effect with blue color.

Trendy Watercolor Elephant Tattoos 

Tattoos can reveal an emotion, a story! Therefore,Designs for tattoos are chosen according to his/her beliefs. Elephants are one of the watercolor elephant tattoos designs too.

elephant on back
Elephants, the huge animals known in the world have different species and this is the reason for various elephant’s tattoos designs under watercolor category.

tribal elephant tattoo

One can have a cute baby elephant, wild elephant or the tribal ones. Elephants are the symbol, for good luck, happiness, prosperity, power, longevity, spirituality, patience, dignity and much more.

Body placements are obviously used in the design of the tattoo.

Some examples are:
Decorated elephants on neck, elephants with trunk up designs, elephants head tattoo designs on arms, small elephants and their families on foot, elephants making heart with trunks etc.

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