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Amazing Ancient Moth tattoo ideas with deep meaning

Moth tattoo: – Moth tattoo is ideal tattoos for the people who wanted to achieve the certain goal in life. They depict the willingness to knock off every odd to achieve the goal.  A moth is a small winged insect. They appear only in the night. Butterfly tattoos are very much similar to moth tattoo designs when it comes to the symbol of rebirth. Moth tattoos are more of rebirth through the death. This makes them perfect tattoo to get in the remembrance of the death of loved ones. It symbolizes that even though the person is dead but he will live forever in your memories and heart touching. In some cultures, a moth is a symbol of a bloodline.

Tattoo Design

Moth Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Through the new discovery, we get to know that moth had been there from the old age of the dinosaur. This makes them perfect tattoo for people with tough nature, who are ready face every struggle to win their goals. There are many changes which took place in moth during these long years. The evolution of moth insect leads to many varieties of moths. This change has affected the moth depiction in tattoo styles as well. The wings of moth go through many changes. This adaptability of moth has inspired many tattoos artistic to evolve new moth tattoos styles. Some of the famous moth tattoos are:

  1. Luna moth tattoo,
  2. Death moth tattoo,
  3. Death head moth tattoo.

Multiple symbols are designed in the moth tattoos.

Tattoo Design On Shoulder

Tattoo Design On Back

The Luna moth tattoo is a moth design in which the lime green color Luna moth is tattooed. The beautiful moth is famously found in North America. Luna moth is known for her hunger. The color and size is attractive part of Luna moth. This tattoo is a symbol of regeneration. Luna moth cycle is unique in an adult form they have no mouth. The cycle includes birth, transformation, love, death and rebirth. Luna moth tattoo is a symbol of love.

Luna Tattoo Design

Moth Tattoo Design

The death moth tattoos and death head moth tattoos are very similar. In both of these tattoos, the skull is tattooed on the place of moth head. The death head moth tattoos again symbolize the truth that death will capture everyone. It is a symbol of rebirth after the death. The death moth tattoo designs depict the continuous struggles in life.  Mostly moth tattoos are designed in black color ink. The moth tattoos are also designed with different symbols like a moon, geometric lines, mandala tattoos and many other famous tattoo symbols.

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