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Fascinating tattoo designs :Neo traditional | Dream catcher | Star tattoos

There are many different types of tattoo styles. Some of the unique and popular tattoo styles are Star tattoos, Psychedelic tattoos, Dream catcher tattoo, Neo traditional tattoo designs.

Star tattoos

Star tattoos are part of simple and cool tattoo styles. The star tattoos contain a simple five edged star. The star tattoos alone and in group is tattooed on the different parts of body. Star tattoos are inked on with other tattoos in different styles.

Star tattoos

The star tattoos are attractive and simple designs. They are good for fresher of tattoo field. Women love to have star tattoo on foot.

Psychedelic tattoos

Psychedelic tattoos are tattoos which have a long history behind it. The Psychedelic tattoos are also known as drug tattoos. The Psychedelic tattoos are related to medicine and drug which make person confuse and lead him or her to hallucination.

Psychedelic tattoos

The meanings of Psychedelic tattoos are not very clear. They show the fragments of thoughts. The imagination outside the real world defines the Psychedelic tattoos.

Dreamcatcher tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoo is inspired from the very old custom. The dream catchers are the circles which have thread designing in the center. The feathers of different birds are attached with it. The dream catcher tattoos are inspired from this old handmade hanging which was attracted to children bed to capture the bad dreams.

Dream catcher tattoo

The dream catcher tattoos are tattooed on the body in black and other colored inks. The concept of dream catcher help to popularized it. The feathers of different  like pigeon and peacock are very famous. The dream catcher tattoos are contained geometrical and Celtic tattoo designs. Miley Cyrus has dream catcher tattoo on her body. Dreamcatcher tattoos are idea tattoos if you want tattoo with deep meaning along with ancient roots.

Neo traditional tattoo designs

Neo-traditional tattoo designs as popular among people who like the old style of tattoos but what clearer and detailed look of the tattoo. The neo-traditional tattoos have old style tattoos with new found details and dimensions. The neo-traditional tattoos ensure the classic look. The neo-traditional tattoo designs repeat the even green tattoos which are now inked in with new different color inks.

Neo traditional tattoo designs

The popular neo-traditional tattoo is American flag tattoo, eagle tattoo, star tattoos, tiger and lion tattoos, compass tattoos. The American native girl tattoos are the wonderful Neo-traditional tattoo. The neo traditional tattoos have animated and non-realistic looks. The chains, beads, pearls and other jewelry pieces are additional part of neo-traditional tattoos.

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