15 best Neo Traditional tattoo design ideas

Neo traditional tattoo is  the new version of American traditional tattoo which were also called as old traditional tattoo. Neo traditional tattoos are updated version of the traditional tattoos. There are certain changes which are included to suit the taste of the modern people.

Neo traditional tattoo

They have same themes but with new color scheme and technique. Advanced tattoo methods are used in neo traditional tattoos. The classic look is the highlighted feature of Neo Traditional tattoos. Neo traditional tattoos have comparatively more details. Neo Traditional tattoo design gave animated looks. They are far less detailed then the realistic tattoo.

1. Traditional style animated tattoo on leg

The evil monster is inked on the forearm. The traditional color technique is used here.

Neo traditional tattoo on forearm

The tattoo is creating an animated picture. The fire on house is created with yellow and orange colors.

2. Attractive neo traditional tattoo style on thigh

Happy cub is linked on the thigh. It is holding fish. Hum is written in small shock design.

Neo traditional tattoo on thigh

The red background reminds of American tattoo.

3. Different style tattoo with angry wolf

Angry wolf is tattooed on the upper arm. The Neo Traditional color scheme is used in this wolf tattoo. Wolves are known for their loyalty.

angry Neo traditional tattoo

The blue leaves with black tip are also common feature between Old and new traditional tattoos.

4. Tattoo style:- With Rose and eye inside triangle

This Neo traditional tattoo style  is more detailed. The 3d feature presents the triangle as a wood carving.

Neo traditional tattoo with rose

The eye inside the triangle is a symbol of illuminate.In this rose flower tattoo the rose is inked in old traditional way.

5. Tattoo Style with skull and  horror house

This tattoo has many symbols which are considered as bad. There is bats around the tomb frame. Skull with bone cross is at the end. There are woods in front of window which stops the light from entering inside or coming out.

Haunted Neo traditional tattoo

The moon is inked on the top. It looks like scene from some horror movie. It looks nice but not great if it comes to meaning.

6. Heart style pot tattoo :- shaded with black color

Dragger in heart is very famous tattoo design but this tattoo has unique touch. Heart has pot like top feature from which fire waves are coming out.

Shaded Neo traditional tattoo

The heart is injured that why we see drops of drop coming out of it. Butterfly is symbol of beautiful memories. This is nice and creative Neo traditional tattoo design.

7. Amazing Dog tattoo for dog lovers

Pug is loved by all dog lover. They have such cute and innocent looks. This person seems to look at pug with different light which shows through his chest tattoo. The black pug is inked with cigarette in his mouth.
Neo traditional tattoo

He is also wearing a formal coat pant with red tie. This is a Beautiful and innovative way to show love for dog. I just hope his dog is not into cigarette because they are harmful for animals too.

8. Eye catching tattoo design on hand

Neo traditional tattoo

Small wolf is inked on the hand. This Neo Traditional tattoo also ornament also which are new feature of traditional hand tattoos.

9. Tattoo on elbow in neo Traditional styles

The flower tattoo with lot of great traditional details is inked on the elbow. Elbow is not preferred by many because this portion of body has very thin skin.

Neo traditional tattoo on elbow

Bone makes the process of tattoo designing hard for both tattoo designer and tattoo receiver.

10. Glorious tattoo style with bird and globe

Globe Neo traditional tattoo

Red bird is sitting on globe. There is lot of detailing in globe design. Red is traditional ink and here is used for bird. Globe and bird are linked with travelers.

11. Amazing tattoo style on upper arm

This Neo Traditional tattoo is very close to the real picture. There are lot of details in this tattoo. The barber is created on the upper arm. The comb and scissor told about the professional of person in the tattoo. He also has tattoos.

Neo traditional tattoo

There is a scissor tattoo on his cheek bone and flower tattoo on this hand.  Rose is inked at the end. There is mirror on the back of barber.

12. Colorful skull tattoo style with helmet

Skull with helmet

This person has skull tattoo who is wearing the astronaut helmet. The color shades beautiful depicted the light reflection and shadow.

13. Inspirational neo traditional styles tattoo on rib

There is a children story inspired tattoo design. This Neo traditional tattoo has different color.

neo traditional tattoo

Instead of bright color of old tradition there are soft baby colors. Small purple eyed rat is sitting on the building of cups.

14. Beautiful tattoo with couple of parrots

Parrots are such a beautiful birds that you cannot resist from looking at them again and again. There are two parrots sitting on their nest.

colorful neo traditional tattoo

One parrot is in yellow orange shade and other parrot has blue shaded body.

15. Animated tattoo style in neo traditional style

This Neo traditional tattoo is inspired from Disney animation. There is evil cat with one eye and long tongue scatting.

neo traditional tattoo

The two black circles are inked as ears.The cat tail has thunder symbol. This is a nice animated tattoo design.

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