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Top 20 best realistic tattoo style ideas

Realistic Tattoo designs are trending like hot cakes. They are on high spectrum in difficulty level and beauty. They has real look that’s why they are called realistic. Minute details are captured in the realistic tattoo designs. They are picture perfect tattoos. There are limited tattoo artist for the realistic tattoo designs. The purpose of these tattoos is to directly depict the real things. Following are the best 20 realistic tattoo designs.

 1. Realistic tattoo same like hand jewellery

The hand jewellery was famous in the age of king and queens. The queen used to cover in the heavy jewellery. This forearm realistic tattoo enhances the look of the arm.

realistic tattoo on arm

Women like these kind of tattoo design because of their royal looks.

2. Classy cycle with clock realistic tattoo

Cycles were the only famous travelling vehicle in old times. Before the invention of motor bikes cycles were the travelling companion of the common people.

realistic cycle clock tattoo

The clock on the top of the tattoo describes the need of the cycle in the modern era. Even doctors suggest the cycle riding because of its health benefits. This is very beautiful and realistic tattoo design tattooed on the upper arm.

3. Realistic ship tattoo on upper arm

Ship is famous tattoo. the ship tattoo were some of the origin traditional tattoo designs commonly wearied by sailors and travellers. The white circle depicts the setting sun.

dark black realistic tattoo

4. Tattoo that shows the realistic horror

This realistic tattoo design has Gothic looks. the night scene with girl winging on the leave less tree reminds of the scene from horror movie.

realistic tattoo on back

The artist has created the reflection of Gothic scene very beautifully in the above tattoo design.

5. Most beautiful pink rose realistic tattoo

The pink roses in the forearm tattoo design has realistic look. The rose tattoo design exist in the early stage of tattoo design and the impact of these tattoo are still the same. White shinning makes it realistic tattoo design.

flower realistic tattoo

6. White realistic flower tattoo on forearm

The white flowers are inked on the forearm. This is natural realistic tattoo design.

realistic tattoo with flowers

7. The small pen look realistic tattoo

This the small and beautiful realistic tattoo design. The pen is the actual tattoo here.

realistic tattoo

The tattoo placement enhances the realistic feature of the tattoo.

8. Remarkable realistic tattoo on hand

The hen is inked with all its beautiful features. This may look very simple design but this tattoo has taken a lot of time to create. It is inked on the hand.

realistic tattoo on hand

9. The most famous realistic tattoo

Hourglass is created on the forearm. Every detail of the wooden body and glass body make it famous realistic tattoo design.

realistic tattoo

10. Stunning tribal realistic tattoo

This is a design depicting the tribal woman with all beautiful features. More than face the feature designed tribal cap captures the attention of on lookers.

colorful realistic tattoo

The three dimensional picture of tribal girl make it realistic tattoo design.

11. Realistic tattoo design with loin

From the vary children we will listen to people telling us lion being the king of jungle. Here the person has capture this thing in the tattoo. Lion is tattooed with king crown on his head.

realistic tattoo with loin crown and flower

The rose is also inked below the lion head. this is nice and creative realistic tattoo design.

12. Realistic tattoo that look like a old street

There is nothing beautiful than capturing the classic old times. The London was very famous for its rich classic looks. In the old time the hat was important part of format wear.

full arm realistic tattoo


This tattoo depicts the classic looks of London city. The old street lamps and bicycles are beautifully created along with people, building and clock.

13.  Steel warrior look realistic tattoo

The warrior body armour are popular tattoo design. The steel work armour tattoo is nicely done on the shoulder. In this realistic tattoo design artist has captured the steel look of the armour.

realistic tattoo on shoulder

14. Realistic script tattoo style

“Faith” is inked on the forearm is script tattoo style. the stone wall looks of the faith tattoo make its place in realistic tattoo design.

upper arm realistic tattoo

15. The Black and white realistic  tattoo

The old building is design in this realistic tattoo design. the addition of the fading cover proves natural looks to this building tattoo design. this masterpiece is created using the black ink with different shades.

realistic tattoo look

It look like black and white scene from old movie.

16. Tattoo with realistic tattoo machine

Artist using tattoo machine is inked as tattoo on the bicep. all the details of hand and machine is depicted by this talented tattoo artist.

realistic tattoo

17. Realistic tattoo that shows angles

This realistic tattoo design is inspired from the stone engraved image of Greek figures. The Greek mythology gives the themes of angel which is nicely shown in the tattoo design.

girl realistic tattoo

18. Amazing eye realistic tattoo

The eye tattoos are famous for their realistic looks. they high detailed feature make the eye tattoo design very difficult to create.

eye realistic tattoo

But once created you will love to flaunt this realistic tattoo design.

19. Realistic skeleton tattoo design

Human Skeleton is dressed as king in this realistic tattoo design. the crown on the top and the old dress design looks very beautiful. This is unique tattoo design.

beautiful realistic tattoo

20. Most beautiful guitar realistic tattoo

Guitar, the famous music instrument is created as tattoo on the upper arm. The hands are also playing this music instrument.

arm realistic tattoo

The black shade ink and detail makes it realistic tattoo.

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