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Tattoo gallery : Geometric | Religious | Star war | Hand tattoos

Here is a collection of unique and most popular Tattoo designs like Geometric, Star war, Religious, Hand tattoos and more.

1. Geometric tattoo styles

Geometric tattoo styles are very complex tattoo designs. They may seem very simple in the looks but they are the most complex kind of tattoo designs. Only the expert tattoo artist can make the geometric tattoo styles. There are simple geometric tattoo styles, big and complex geometric tattoo styles, geometric tattoo styles with other images and symbols.

Geometric tattoo styles

The other images like animal and birds are added to give more substance to geometric tattoo styles. The animals like fox,bear, tiger, lion and wolf tattoo designs are most famous in geometric tattoos. In birds we have eagle, owl, crow etc. the simple geometric tattoos small cubes and triangles are tattoos in different colors. The perfect measurement is important for geometric tattoo styles.

2. Hand tattoos

Hand tattoos are becoming popular because of the popularity of small tattoos and tattoo styles in general. The curiously and attraction of tattoos make people want to get the tattoo experience. The small tattoos like simple cross, star, butterfly, flower, lion etc made the hand tattoos popular. In the big hand tattoos, mandala tattoos are very famous. Many celebrities have floral mandala tattoos in their hands.

Hand tattoos Design

Mandala tattoos are religious tattoos. They are related to Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and many more religions. The mandala tattoos are similar to geometric tattoos in the complexity and details. In many geometric tattoos, mandala tattoos are design and vice versa.

3. Star war tattoos

Star war tattoos are tattoos inspired from the popular movie and television series star war. In Star war tattoos, the character living or robotic are tattooed on the body.

Star war tattoos

The star war swords are popular star war tattoo design. The celebrity Zayn Malik has white ink star war sword tattoo on his middle finger.

4. Flower tattoos

Flower tattoos are most common tattoo style among men and women. If you are confused between different tattoos then just go for flower tattoos. Flower tattoos are so much famous that nobody can go wrong with them.

Flower tattoos Design

They are evergreen and extremely beautiful tattoo designs. flower makes the nature beautiful and flower tattoos will make your body beautiful.

5. Religious tattoos

The other religious tattoos include cross tattoos, religious figures like Buddha, Ganesha, and Jesus Christ are inked on the body as religious tattoos. The Celtic tattoos are somewhere related to religious tattoos.

religious tattoos design

The cross is a popular symbol in religious tattoos. It is designed with religious chains, angels, angel’s wings and circular headband. The chakra symbol tattoos are also religious tattoos. The seven chakras are the important part of the mandala tattoos.

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