Tattosbasket Internet Marketing Scholarship

Tattoo Basket $1,000 Scholarship

Tattoo Basket website presents its viewers the latest styles and trendy designs in tattoos which helps its viewers to find out the best tattoos. Tattoo basket covers all the requirements of the viewers related with tattoos. The Creative writing is important part of online business. We believe that the power of words makes the bigger change in world. We want the potential minds the reveal their creative abilities by being part of our Scholarship contest.

Our Tattoo Basket Scholarship is for both graduate and postgraduate students with passion for creative writing to receive —–award.

The student with literature background must be interested in our scholarship program. Your passion for writing and creating something new is enough to for this scholarship program

How to enter


Write about 500- 700 word essay on trending tattoos and their meaning.


Enter your name, email and URL of your essay post in the fields below. Then click on submit button. You need to submit this before ….

Helpful Guidelines

  • Choose your words wisely and use short sentences.
  • Do not hold back, just let your creativeness flood in.
  • To enhance the credibility give example of meaning of different symbols