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Beautiful engaging solar system tattoo designs for astronomy lovers

Solar system tattoo: -The Solar system tattoo is a part of a scientific tattoo. Science has increased us and brings many facts to the light which was unknown to mankind. Tattoos are inspired by every fascinating thing and nothing is fascinating than the concept and working of the solar system. The solar system tattoos are including planets tattoo and astronomy tattoos.
solar system tattoos on arm
There are various designs in the planet tattoos. In the science, every planet has the exact placement but in tattoos, art involves which see things in many different ways. The meaning of the astronomy or planet tattoos changes with the design. The universality of life is the main meaning of solar system tattoos. The sun is the center of the universe and the solar system tattoos. All the planets are designed around the sun.
back neck solar system tattoos

Solar system tattoo ideas

Solar system tattoos have a large variety of designs. Some people like the tattoo which have simple and plan depict of the solar system. Simplicity is nice and natural concept but cannot ignore the beauty of unique tattoo designs.
small solar system tattoos
Give your solar system tattoos some gothic vibes by mixing these two concepts. Most of the old gothic stories show the witches with long hairs. To make your tattoo interesting design the witch with long hairs and then designs the planet in-between the hairs. This planet tattoo is a good example to inked on the forearm area.
arm solar system tattoos
The Solar system has beautiful magical looks. The midnight black space with shining stars and planets seems a fascinating sight. Design it in the small diamond shape and make some part of a planet outside the line, this will give the tattoo simple 3d look.
As I have said above, tattoo designing is art which means it is not necessary to design every planet of the solar system in the correct manner and position. Design some planets in the line and then design the geometric shapes and lines as a borderline. To make it interesting, throw in some watercolor ink of your choice and no one will be able to move the eye before having a fill with the tattoo.
colorful solar system tattoos
Some more interesting planet tattoos involve designing the dolphin with the solar system, solar system as balloons in the hands of an astronaut, and solar system with mandala tattoo. The most popular placement of solar tattoos are at the center of the back, sides of stomach, back of the neck, forearm, and leg.

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