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20 Soldier Cross tattoo | tattoo love for nation | Soldiers and Crosses

Soldier cross tattoo:-Soldiers are the most disciplined people. French soldier were the first to get tattoo designs. This practice lives for small period of time. There was official bane on soldier tattoos. Now along with French U.S.A military allows the soldier tattoos. There are still some boundaries over soldier tattoo designs. Tattoo which displace anything offensive which are indecent and extremist and racism are not allowed. In past years tattoo were linked with only bad norms but slowly their status is coming over these bad things.
Soldier cross tattoo
Now there are many tattoo which are religious, which show our gratitude, our national love, love foe parents and natural beauty etc. tattoo are coming over those bad conditions. Soldier cross tattoo designs are the most famous tattoo designs in military tattoos. There is no restriction that other people cannot get these tattoos. Anyone get theses military tattoos. Military tattoos have many categories under it. These are Army Tattoos, Navy tattoos, USMC tattoos, infidel tattoos, special force tattoos.
Soldier cross tattoo design
Some sub categories of military tattoos contain tank tattoos, fallen soldier tattoos, eagle tattoos, globe tattoos, anchor tattoos, Eagle tattoos, globe tattoo, U.S flag tattoo are related to symbol tattoos of U.S.A. Anchor and rope tattoos are related with U.S.A navy. military tattoos also contain religious military tattoos. Most famous Military tattoos are Soldier Cross Tattoos.
Amazing Soldier cross tattoo
The soldier cross tattoos are famous worldwide. These soldier cross tattoos express the difficult phase of war. War tattoos represent the bad side of war. There are many who got killed in these wars. To protect the nation soldiers sacrifice their lives. Soldier cross tattoos depicts this side of war. Soldier cross tattoos are also called Fallen Soldier tattoos, Battle cross tattoos and Battlefield cross tattoos.
Soldier cross tattoo
Soldier cross is representation of cross. It is related to member’s religion. They symbolizes the soldier who has sacrificed his life during war. Soldier cross tattoo represents the real life depiction of soldier cross that is made after soldier got killed. The soldier rifle is stuck on the ground and helmet of soldier is placed on the top while his boots is place near the rifle. This shows the sacrifice of the person.
Soldier cross tattoo
The purpose of soldier cross is show the honor and gratitude towards the dead soldier. Anything related with soldier like dog tags and chains are also placed on the rifle. This practice of soldier cross started during American Civil War. Soldier cross tattoos are very symbolic. They help in identifying the soldier after the war. The soldier cross is made where soldier lost his life.You can place your tattoos according to tattoo paint chart.

1. Amazing blank ink tattoo that shows love for nation

The first soldier cross tattoo is made on the upper arm. A beautiful 3d picture is created with white and black ink.
soldier cross tattoo on arm
The military helicopters show that this Soldier cross belongs to person related with Air force.

2. Tattoo that shows love for country with quotes

Soldier cross with quotes are popular. Below  we have Soldier cross along with quote which depicts the feeling of the person towards the dead soldiers.The splash at the shooting front part of the rifle signifies two things.
Soldier cross tattoo on leg
It signifies that the dead soldier lost his life while killing the enemy. It also depicts the blood flows which he got killed. It tattoo is made on the leg. The stone strong helmet and detailing in the rifle made it very pretty design.

3. Soldier cross tattoo:- with sun and celtic symbol

This soldier cross tattoo is made on the back. The helmet tells that it belongs to Air force military.
Soldier cross tattoo on back
The side symbols of sun and Celtic symbols links the soldier cross tattoo with religion.

4. Tattoo on upper arm with little shading

Soldiers are angels. They protect us and our country from harm. This tattoo design shows the soldier cross tattoo along with angel wings. The stars are sign of country love. The quote below says “All gave some Some gave all”.
Soldier cross tattoo on upper arm
This quote tells the hard reality of soldier’s life. The rustic look is given to this military tattoo. This also depicts that dead soldier is now with angel near to god.This is the coolest tattoos design ideas for men

5. Creative tattoo by creative artist

Unique soldier cross tattoo design is inked on the right side of back. Along with soldier cross the military office is made who is paying the tribute to the dead soldier by playing the national song.
Soldier cross tattoo with quote
There is dog tag hanging on the rifle. The bold side quote says “AS MY BROTHER DID FOR ME”. this quote explains that I will die to save my country as my brothers did for me.

6. Soldier cross tattoo with clock and flower

Soldier cross tattoo is inked on the chest. The half clock and flower is made in this tattoo which signifies that the soldier has died young. The red side cross and little red dots depicts the blood.
Soldier cross tattoo on chest
Here the soldier is paying tribute to his follow soldier. The flying planes symbolizes his work in the military. Small quote is also added in this marvelous tattoo design which says “We will Remember You”

7 . Tattoo design that describe fearless quote

Another soldier cross tattoo with quote by Mac Arthur.  A handsome soldier cross tattoo is made on the leg with brown color ink.
Soldier cross tattoo
“Only those are fit to live who are not afraid to die” is quote by American general MacArthur. He was also the field marshal.

8. Colorful tattoo with its nation flag

Colorful soldier cross tattoo with U.S.A flag. The flag is used as background in this tattoo design.
Colorful Soldier cross tattoo
Soldier cross tattoo covers the leg. Shading technique in this tattoo added more attraction to it.

9. Remembrance tattoo design for soldier

Eagle and globe and anchor is added on this particular Soldier Cross tattoo. Eagle is national emblem of U.S.A. the anchor and rope is a symbol of U.S.A Navy.
Unique Soldier cross tattoo
You can add personal touch to your tattoo design. This Soldier cross tattoo is made in the remembrance of  Luke Water who dead on 25th December 2010.

10. Whole back tattoo design for soldiers

This soldier cross tattoo design covers the whole back. The ribbon above says “He Died For Me”. when in military soldier become each others family.
Soldier cross tattoo on full back
This tattoo is made is made in the memory of Kevin T. Preach. Along with name date is written below with another ribbon tag “I Live For Him”.

11. Tattoo that shows protection for enemies

This tattoo is about the Soldier who died near the ocean. This is a nice war tattoo design.
Tattoo design
In war all the military forces join each other to protect their nation.

12. Tattoo:- especially for Soldiers who love tattoos

There are simple quote in soldier cross tattoo which are repeated. This tattoo is inked on bicep and it covers the large area of arm.
Soldier cross tattoo with flag
Again U.S.A flag shows the love for nation.

13. Light red color shaded tattoo with quote

This tattoo depicts the soldier cross on the sand. The ribbon on the both upper and lower side have nice quote on it.
Shaded Soldier cross tattoo
It says “Their Lives Your Freedom”. For freedom of country soldier give their life.

14. Bold tattoo that shows realistic image of war

This tattoos creates the war scene. In war not one or two many soldiers lost their life.
tattoo design
This tattoo presents the real picture of war. its hard to believe how many people loss their life and family.

15. Tattoo design highlighted with U.S.A flag

This soldier cross tattoo is related with army. The helmet explains it.
Soldier cross tattoo
Again American flag is inked along with soldier cross tattoo. This tattoo is inked in arm.

16. Soldier cross tattoo with amazing wings

Beautiful bird wings are added to this powerful soldier cross tattoo design. Eagle wings inked with soldier cross tattoo.Iron cross design is also popular among soliders.
Soldier cross tattoo
This is a Beautiful tattoo design to ink on the forearm. The dog tag with initials R and J presents the initials of soldier name.

17. Soldier tattoo design in 3d form

This tattoo design for men shows the dark night scene where soldier fight to protect their peoples.
Soldier cross tattoo
Quote is written in 3d format. It says the famous quote “All gave some, Some gave all”.

18.  Innovative tattoo design on neck

Small soldier cross tattoo design is made on the side of the neck. The soldier cross is made in the rectangular flag along with it soldier is made who is paying his tribute to the dead soldier.
Soldier cross tattoo design

19. Soldier cross tattoo with shaded winds

This soldier tattoo design is inked in the calf of leg. The soldier cross is made and lot of shading is done here.
blank ink Soldier cross tattoo
The shaded waves on the sides of soldier cross tattoo add new element in the whole look.

20. Emotional soldier tattoo design with quote

Soldier cross is symbol of fallen soldiers. Here the quote is added on ribbon.Tattoos  design with quotes are also  famous among men
Soldier tattoo
It says “For The Fallen Never Forgotten” which depicts emotions and feeling towards the fallen soldiers who dead to save others.


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