Extremely Bold Solid black tattoos design for men and women

 Solid black tattoos: Solid black ink tattoos are the simplest form of tattoos design. They are the pure simple form of tattoo art. They seem easy in looks but they need of filling. The jet black ink is used to create the attractive solid black tattoos. These tattoos can be divided into two parts. The one is simple black outline tattoos and another is deep filling solid black tattoo designs. This kind of tattoos used to create the direct image on the thing which means they are direct in meaning.  These tattoos were the very old style of tattoos. In the ancient days of tattoo designing the purpose of tattoos were different and there was less equipment to design details so the simple outline of the symbol and the creating a big tattoo which was complete black was the only option. Now everything has changed there are many technique and equipment to design a tattoo. They are old saying that everything in this universe work in a circle. After completing a circle we reach the same starting point and that what happen with the tattoo art. After the arrival of so many techniques, equipment and styles, we are returns to our original style of tattoo.

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In new tattoo styles, the high details features are added. The details are designed by outlining the skin. The geometric tattoo pattern ideas are highly used in the new found attractive solid black tattoos. The bold black work tattoos are also called neo-tribal tattoos. Massive lines are designed to create the image. The dot work technique has added the details in these tattoos. Some of the example in these tattoos includes fading black strip design. Girls like this strip design with musical symbols on the shoulder. The single strip starting from the back of the neck and going towards the shoulder blades looks really pretty on women body. The solid black band design is very popular. In this simple bold band is inked covering whole wrist part. The solid bold arrows tattoo design make a nice pattern. These tattoos stayed in the body for longer period of time and the chances of their fading away are very less as compare other tattoos. 3d geometric tattoos are beautifully created with this style.


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