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Cool and Stylish Spine tattoos for men and women

Spine tattoos: – Spine tattoos are an extremely sexy piece of tattoos. Back has always been the popular place for tattoos. Full back tattoos, upper back tattoos, and lower back tattoos have enjoyed their time in popularity top charts. Now the time is for the spine tattoos. Every tattoo on the spine screams for attention. Men and women are enjoying these vertically designed tattoos. The long tattoos which were usually designed on the forearm are now tattooed on the spine. A spine is a beautiful place for tattoos but before you choose a tattoo design, you should know that tattoo is a painful process.
Simple Spine tattoo
Colored spine tattoos
The spine area of the body does not have much skin. One can easy feel the spine cord bones while touching the spine. The skin is just layered on it. So when the tattoo machine needle makes the tattoo design, the needle touches the bones. Tattoo designing on the bone area is always a more painful process. There many important joints in the spine and just a little bit of misplacement of it can lead to serious body problem. It will be better if you go to the expert artist and before this check everything out with your doctor. Now check out the spine tattoos for men and women.

Spine tattoos for men and women

Spine tattoos for men are the new cool tattoos for them. The spinal cord tattoo with ribs looks like a diagram for science chapter. The meaningful different language tattoos in the middle of the back are an example of simple and cool tattoos. The realistic snake crawling design is such a badass tattoo. Similar to snake, dragon, flying birds are also designed on the spine. Snake is an important medical symbol. The dragons are a mythical creature. They are a symbol of strong will power and strength. They are an intelligent creature. The flying birds are inspiration freedom tattoos. The geometrical tattoo such as road tattoo, cube tattoos, circle designs looks fabulous on men. There are designs in tribal and dot work tattoo styles.
Spine tattoos with heart
Spine tattoos
Spine tattoos on back with leaves
Peacock feather tattoo
Spine tattoos for women like latest fashion trend among girls. Girls look nature related tattoo. The flower vine tattoo and long leaves branch tattoos look perfect on the back. The vine and branches show the growth of life. The red rose look beautiful on the back. Women love red roses and it is such a good option to have your own red rose.
The jewel tattoo in which different jewels like diamonds, rubies, pearls in different sizes shows love women have for these precious stones. The moon phase design, the chakra tattoos, mandala tattoos are awesome meaningful tattoos for the spine. The moon phase present that change is the ultimate reality of life. The chakra tattoos present the seven chakras are related to different body parts. The chakra tattoos are inspired from the Hinduism. The mandala is a religious tattoo. Every religion has mandala designs in the direct and indirect way. The quote tattoos are also performed on the spine. Half spine flower print patterns are adapted by many peoples.

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