Mind Blowing Star tattoo designs on foot

As a symbol of trend and fashion, Tattoos play a significant role in today’s era.Tattoos are made on different body parts thus modifying the body part to look an attractive one.

Yes, it’s true. Each tattoo has a particular message associated with it.So let’s have a vision on STAR TATTOOS ON FOOT.

Tattoo design  to symbolize the power of strength

Having familiarity with term “Stars” in geography, we can easily interpret the meaning that a Star symbol can reveal. These tattoos symbolize the strength to fight against darkness.

small and big star tattoos

It is a symbol of guidance and protection. But if I talk specifically about tattoos on foot then it means HOPE and TRUTH.

Beauty of  Star tattoo with high heels

Black Star Tattoos

It shows a divine beauty on the foot of women, walking in high-heels. They look as chivalric and brightening confident like those golden tigers.Tattoo since the beginning of the modern tattoo art. The idea of star tattoos begun with the early sailors and pirates.

Research says that:

Star tattoos on foot can result in a quick romance and a strong friendship. As tattoo sets a status mark, it shows that the person having a star tattoo on foot is graduated and educated from a high school and college.

Star tattoos with flower

It can also be said on the other hand that a person yes the star tattoo because he has lost his/her, true love.Rest depends upon someone’s thinking. Not every time star foot tattoos have underlying meanings. It is possible that someone just thinks the design is cool and trendy.

 Tattoo surrounding the name with stars

Colorful Star tattoos on foot

Women typically choose the shooting star tattoos on foot because men consider it “girly.” Women, as we know, appreciate beauty and fashion, follow the trendiest tattoos. Furthermore, we are also familiar with the belief of shooting stars as the symbols for fulfilling the desired wishes. Hence, these tattoos have always been the signs of a dream comes true.

 Trendy Shooting star tattoos on feet

Even the celebrities now have shooting star tattoos on their foot. Kate Hudson and tennis player Anna Kournikova have shooting star tattoos on their feet, for instance.

Star Tattoos

 Star Tattoo design with a lots of pain

Tattoos give severe pain as special inks are used for them.

Colorful Star Tattoos

Hence proper care is an essential task. The following are the tips that one can follow to feel comfortable:

  • First of all, the pants should be properly rolled up so that it would not touch the tattoo otherwise it will create a region for irritation.

cool star tattoos

  • The direct sunlight to the tattoo can be harmful, so one should take care of it. Next, Never scratch and rub the portion, it will be painful. It is suggested to not to go into the pool until the tattoo gets healed properly.




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