Cool and stylish star tattoos design

Tattoos on shoulders are very common and classy these days. Shoulders being broader and wider show a great impact of tattoos.
star tattoo bicep design

Boys love to have shoulder tattoos after having big biceps and muscles. This will make them feel cool and smart.
star tattoo on shoulder
Girls are not as far, they also love this trend, and they too are trying the same. Star tattoo on shoulders simply shows the strength to fight and power to fight.
A person may have five, six, seven, eight and nine-pointed star tattoos on the shoulders and the interesting thing is that each pointed star depicts different meaning.
The significance of each of the pointed tattoo is as:

  • Five pointed star tattoos: Commonly known as pentagrams, the five-pointed star tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos nowadays. The great fact about this star tattoo is that is four out of five points represent the elements of nature including air, water, fire and earth.five star tattoo They all are essential and are great creator and destroyer both. The fifth point is the total of all these, and hence it signifies the strength of both spirit and nature. This tattoo is a sign of balance and harmony.
  • Six pointed star tattoos: They are known as hexagrams and the Star of David. This star shows religious significance. six star tattoo designThis tattoo depicts the relation and the divine line that connects a person with God. It is a god-believer sign.
  • Seven pointed star tattoos: This tattoo resembles the five and six pointed but it revealed the specific relation to seven star tattoo design
  • Eight pointed star tattoos: The eight pointed tattoos came in existence from Egyptians and now days it symbolizes regeneration and fulfillment.eight star tattoo design
  • Nine pointed star tattoos: These tattoos are called Nonograms, signify the stability and changeability.nine star

Famous Star tattoo design for different ages of people

These designs of the star tattoos are used for shoulder tattoo art. The shoulder star tattoos are becoming famous designs among the people of different ages. Moreover, the wider area of shoulder adds up to the quality and attraction of the tattoos.

RUSSIAN TATTOOS are so much popular for shoulders, and they have a great history related to it. This tattoo is only be allowed to made when a person is called a criminal…strange! Right? But it’s true. They are considered as military decorative in Russia.

russian tattoo
For instance, we can have a glimpse of a tattoo of cobweb on shoulders. Different cobwebs again display different meanings. A spider climbing the web represents that the person has the life that is full of crimes. Weird and interesting too..! Isn’t it??


As shoulder is the big area to display so either a big single can work better or combination will look more attractive. The galaxy or constellation view can be looked better and more beautiful. Different star combinations including some little and some big, some monochrome and some colorful, some five-pointed or some more can be made for the brighter look.

Round Design of Star Tattoo for shoulder

star tattoo design on shoulder

Stars can be used with the Round About design that covers the shoulder’s part effectively.  A single in the center of the Round About design will give a good impact.  This tattoo makes the muscles look more strong and attractive. This looks really clean and nice.

Tattoo on shoulder for loved one with text

A person may try texts written in different fonts and having swirly stars around. This can be used by the lovers who always want to show their loved ones something special and surprising. As shoulders are flat, texts can be easily written.

text tattoo

Artistic tattoos on various bodyparts for girls

ARTISTIC IMAGE TRINIDAD STAR TATTOOS are the famous tattoos for girls. They are made above the chest area, generally, double layered and swirly in designs.

star tattoo design

Watercolor star tattoo design specially for girls

KAITLIN DUTOIT STAR TATTOOS are another kind of tattoos made on the forearm of the girls. These are made with the use water colors and inks. Beautiful designs are given around the star.

kaitlin tattoo design

Colorful  Star tattoo design for shoulder

Star tattoo with a flying bird is also a nice idea for displaying a colorful tattoo on shoulder. Twinkle Tattoos having the monochrome touch are also used. Again the shooting stars can be used for shoulder tattoo design

Classic Ink Tattoos are the printing stars, popular for men. They are so colorful stars that shine on the shoulder. They look simply wonderful!

Cebu Raska is a unique moon star combination tattoo. It is good for the universe and galaxy lovers! It is preferred by men. Misty 2010 is a wave of stars having bright white stars and glowing background with bright colors. This is liked by girls.
Ivan Serdar, a curly tattoo usually made on back shoulder side. This has a big star and embroidery-like design. Bold Star tattoos which are also named as Sinead Cochran are girlish ones having star design and made on back shoulder portion.
Others designs for star tattoos for shoulders include Tribal star tattoos, Moon fairy star tattoos, nautical star tattoos, etc.

Special Care before getting tattoo on any bodypart

The shoulder is important for our movements. Therefore, it is necessary to provide the special care to this part while having a tattoo. Don’t forget to follow the instructions and proper and accurate ointment to apply after having the tattoo.

Be very attentive while moving the arms and the parts connected to shoulder. A slight touch can give you much pain. There is an allotted time to cover the part you have got your tattoo on, take care to follow that period. Shoulders also have direct view to the sun so it is vital to have a great amount of sunblock on tattoos. It can affect your color of the skin.

According to the survey, it has noticed that shoulder is a place which gives less pain as compared to others but as everyone has different will and threshold against pain, it is advisable to remain strict to the instructions.


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