Different Ideas before getting Stick and poke tattoo

Stick and poke tattoo:Stick and poke tattoos are cheap and affordable tattoos. These tattoos are designed with sewing needle instead of a tattoo gun. In this article, we will discuss every aspect of the stick and poke tattoos. This method of tattoo designing do not necessary need tattoo professional artist which brings many questions in the mind of newcomers.You should place this tattoo according to tattoo placement chart. Most of the questions are regarding their safety level, pain level, healing and how much time it takes in the making.
Stick and poke tattoos on arm

Multi face Stick and poke tattoos
We will start with an introduction. These tattoos are inspired by prisoner tattoos. To make these tattoos you just need needle and ink. Take the help of sheet tattoo and start to draw the outline with a needle. The line is made with the continuous dotting process. Many people randomly make the tattoo with dot process.

Cheap and affordable tattoos

They are very cheap and affordable and quite popular among the college students. In college, students have limited source of money which attract them towards stick and poke tattoos.
Stick and poke tattoos with quotes
They use sewing needle as a doting tool and the ball-point pen liquid for the black ink outline tattoo.

Drawback and limitation

Stick and poke tattoos have many drawbacks. The first one is that this tattoo method is good for only the small and simple tattoos because of the dot technique, the chances of messing up are quite high. Many uses of the sewing needle are risky; there are a lot of chances of infection. The most common needle sterilizing method is to burn the tip of the needle by using the lighter. Many youngsters ignore the sterilizing which exposes them to skin infection and blood transfer diseases such as hepatitis C, HIV etc.
Stick and poke tattoos on forearm
Stick and poke tattoos infected area
The tattoo designing take much longer time which sticks and poke method. Person and tattoo designer need a lot of patience to work on the tattoo. The little mistake messes up the whole design. There are many tattoos goes wrong examples in the stick and poke tattoo. The major mistake done by most of the people is that they get these tattoos for the person who is not professionally trained.
These tattoos are similar to hand-poke tattoo in the style of dotting design. The stick n poke tattoo is usually not performed under the controlled sterilized environment of a tattoo parlor. Most of the people complain that these tattoos cause more pain than the vibrating tattoo gun.
These tattoos have a common complaint of swelling, burning sensation and stinging sensation.
The outline is first created to make the tattoo. The outline is repeated multiple times to make it dark. These tattoos are easy to fade as compare to the tattoos made tattoo machine gun. They remain for a year or so, depending upon the area of the tattoo. if the tattoos are inked on hand or placed on the area which is washed again and again then it will fade faster. The main cause of fading the cheap ink which to use to make the design.


These tattoos fade faster than the professional tattoos. You should take the advantage of it. Once the tattoo fades away, you can go for some new tattoo in the same place. The tattoo design is cheaper than the other professional tattoos.
Stick and poke tattoos on finger
Just get it done by the professional artist or someone who has experience in stick and poke tattoos. You should use the new needle instead of sterilized one. This will ensure the safety.

Care after getting Stick and poke tattoos

Aftercare is very important in stick and poke tattoos. Once the tattoo is done clean the place with antibacterial body wash and warm water.
Stick and poke tattoos on middle fingers
Apply the healing ointment on it. Use the unscented lotion for the tattoo area for some days until it stops peeling and drying.

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