Tattoo designs having meaningful quotes for girls and boys

None other than the picture or photo can enhance the visuality of the written fact. A single picture can add up to the meaningful quotes and feeling of the written text. Emotions and feelings have no limits. They can be as wide as an ocean is.

 Emotional Star Tattoo with emotional text

quote tattoo on footOne’s feeling can be changed with time. It is perfectly true that at an instant, a person might be happy. On the other phase, we can see an unhappy person at the same moment. So, it is a just mood that swings.

Motivational Tattoo with quotes on arm

Hence, there is an availability of a high stock of picture quotes that can heal the pain of the person or it may increase inspiration and motivation of the same.

inspiring quote tattooMany people use this modern picture quotes idea in modern art of tattoos. Now, the designers have a pool of ideas ready beforehand which can just attract the customers. One of these ideas includes Star tattoos picture quotes…!

Meaningful lines for a positive attitude

quote tattoo on backSome people show their positive attitude by having tattoos whereas others work for moving positively in their lives and therefore have a tattoo, which they think can be good luck to them! AMAZING …Right! It’s the same word TATTOO but has different perspectives!!

Tattoo on shoulder for happiness and confidence

As the stars are the symbols of light, most people use star tattoos for depicting happiness and show optimistic behavior towards life. They use stars to fulfill their dreams with full strength, energy, and confidence.

faith quote tattooSome meant stars are well-wishers, so they will always help them to complete their aims by increasing aspiration in their lives.

 Inspirational star tattoo with little and big design

Little stars can be used effectively with the text. On the other hand, a big star can have text written within it or around the points. Collectively, we can say that stars are one of the perfect choices for having picture quotes tattoos.

passionate quote tattoo Star tattoos picture quotes can be applied to any part of the body according to the one’s desire. They look beautiful and are so catchy to eyes. The neck, hand, wrist, shoulders, waist, hip- bone, muscle- area, etc. are some of the commonly preferred areas for tattoos.

Inspirable quotes tattoo with stars

Simple quotes with the touch of star images can make it even more meaningful and influential.  For instance, the more you give, the more you get….! You must have heard it several times. It may have different meaning according to different minds and perceptions.

self confidence quote tattoo

In accordance to fight towards goal, it depicts the hard work that one has to pay for getting success. A star can depict it as to touch the height of sky one should dream big and above this one should pay big!! BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT…Isn’t it??


No two girls can ever be said to be same. They must have some differences, whether in lifestyle, thinking, nature, behavior and so on. This is fun to discuss which tattoo a particular girl should opt or what kind of tattoos they opt for their beautiful skin!

strength quote tattoo

Different types of girls include:

  • The Fashionista:  This group includes the girls who love shopping, love to wear fancy, usually can be seen in makeup and high-heels and have a good sense of fashion. They are much caring about their sexy figures and have attractive star tattoos on different body parts.

FASHINABLE quote tattoo


The designs and quotes of star tattoos that they choose are for their gorgeous and hot body design or their attitude. For instances, FLY WITH YOUR OWN WINGS…, FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY AND SHINE LIKE A STAR, and LIVE LAUGH LOVE with colorful stars can be the lovely quotes for such ladies.

butterfly flies quote tattoo

  • MISS NERD:  The group involving the girls which do not give much attention to fashion. They like to be staying simple. They are good at studies and care about their career first. They love to read novels and magazines.

fear quote tattoo
These are girls of high dreams and passion. So, the tattoos that the preferred are usually starred tattoos with a good message. For instances, NEVER GIVE UP with the swirly stars around it, I AM  ENOUGH..WATCH AS MY DREAMS COME TRUE.. etc. are some quotes from them.

  • ADVENTUROUS: The girls who love adventures and are very strong to do activities to challenge boys like start tattoos picture quotes. They use the quotes like I AM AS STRONG AS THAT GUY having a  brightening star.

adventure quote tattooThey may have Adventured with a combination of heart and star; I PURSUE MY ON  WINGS  with picture of wings and stars..!!

  • MISS LOW SELF ESTEEM: A talented but introvert type girl. A decent one who is good looking but doesn’t feel the same. She thinks she can never be good as others and much more negative.

quote tattoosLess will love tattoos of this category but if loves then motivational one’s with stars like WITHOUT THE DARK WE WOULD NEVER SEE THE STARS with simple monochrome stars and SIMPLICITY with little stars..!!

  • MISS PROM QUEEN: A girl who is so lovely, beautiful and almost good at everything. She loves family, friends, music, sports, academics and everything. She enjoys life to the fullest.

love quote tattooStar tattoos are best to reveal the shining personality. They can prefer quotes like SHINE AND GLOW with stars giving twinkling and shooting effects. IMPOSSIBLE- I AM POSSIBLE with some swirly stars. They possess high confidence and positive attitude.


Boys are also pursuing different styles and physique. Some love to have tattoos to look cool and dashing while others have some faith associated with their star quote tattoos. Boys can have tattoos on their muscles, shoulders, wrists and neck area, etc.

  • The Successful ones: The boys who are stable and balanced towards life. They work hard fir earnings and get a good amount of money. They keep satisfied to their family and remain glad. They like Star tattoos with a positive quote like MY STRENGTH IS MY HARD WORK…., I CHOOSE SUCCESS AND HENCE A LONG PATH!

Quote tattoo on shoulder


  • THE ARTIST: The boys who love music and want to be musicians or dancers can be put under this quality. They love to look like rockstars and therefore they have star tattoos depicting their healthy and fashioned bodies. They may be seen to have a tattoo of their IDOLS with stars around.

musical quote tattoo


  • THE BAD BOYS: Gangsters and the guys who are dangerous to be looked in surroundings have tattoos of dark colors and big designs. So big star tattoos suite them.

bad boy quote tattoo
They are bikers roaming around all the time, and they have girlfriends too. So, they are choosy to apply tattoos and look pretty smart.

  • ADVENTURER: Boys also love adventures. They love shooting and nautical stars to be made with quotes like EARTH TO HEAVEN..! GO FLY ROAM TRAVEL AND LIVE YOUR LIFE.

adventure quote tattoo
A great memory that must always be remembered. Be Happy and enjoy your lives!

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