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Tattoo designs that are unique but gives you an attractive look

Everyone wants to get a tattoo designs that are unique and attractive. Before we start to keep in mind that tattoo designs uniqueness and attractiveness very much depends on the designer. Tattoo design is not easy it is an art. Like any other art, experience is very valuable.

cute tattoo designs

Get your body inked from the experienced artist. Many new trends are adding in this great artwork. The technique makes the hell lot of difference in the tattoo designs. There are many new techniques which are in fashion. Such as white ink tattoo, geometric tattoo, watercolor tattoo etc. here we are presenting to you the uncommon tattoo designs.

1.Cute hello kitty tattoo design on both legs

Tattoo Design On Leg

These tattoo designs are from the cute cartoon serial named “hello kitty”. Hello, kitty tattoo designs look pretty and cute on the calf near the ankle.

2. Amazing tree style tattoo design

Tattoo Design On Back
This tattoo design is for sure a new piece. Here the geometric style of tattoo designing is used. The tree is made with lines and circles. Tree is symbolic for a tree of life.

3.Colorful heart tattoo design: – a symbol of love

Tattoo Design Behind Ear

Tattoo designs on the back of the ear are really famous. This place is a great option for small tattoos. This heart tattoo takes the attention when your hairs are all tied up in a ponytail. The vibrant color makes it beautiful.

4. Unique tattoo design on full leg

Tattoo Design On Leg

Tribal tattoos are related to men most of the times. But this design is a unique design for girls. It covers the right leg in style.

5. Common but attractive tattoo design on thigh

Tattoo Design On Thigh

Big thigh tattoo designs are considered as a big risk. No many people go for thigh tattoo design. you may think that anchor tattoos are common; and yes they are common. The broadness and lot of small designing in this tattoo makes it unique.

6. Small bird tattoo design: – Shaded with black color

Tattoo Design On ForeArm

Small sparrow facing each other is a unique tattoo. Simple black color ink is worked on with little bit shading.

7. Wonderful tattoo design on full arm: – like a perfect painting

Full Arm Tattoo Design

This tattoo design holds the top place in the style. It works as a perfect painting. The dresses the hairstyles and faces are inked on the arm with perfection. A great tattoo designer artist is needed for this tattoo design.

8.Mind blowing tattoo design: – with owl and deer

Tattoo Design On Legs

Owl and Deer are very symbolic. They have been in the tattoo designs from ages. But the flowers, dresses, and cap make it unique. Pair of glasses adds the fun element in the design. watercolor tattoo designing technique is used in this design.

9. Small Heart tattoo on hand: -design without outline

Tattoo Design On Hand

Small heart design with minor details is attractive. There is no outline in this tattoo design. for hand tattoo, it’s a nice and easy design.

10. Funny cat tattoo designs: -for cartoon lover

Tattoo Design On Arm

Cheshire Cat cartoon is nice tattoo design to have on the arm. This tattoo design is a funny and cheerful tattoo.

11. Meaningful tattoo designs for  book lovers

The above tattoo design holds a great meaning behind it. The books are overlapped and some books are flying. The quote “I’ve lived a thousand lives” re-refers the meaning. Book is a symbol of knowledge. Knowledge makes life meaningful and worth living.

Tattoo Design On Leg

One meaningful life is equal to thousand lives without meaning. Different colors symbolize different colors of life. The flying books are like a butterfly which again leaves a message. A butterfly is a symbol of the struggle we have to make live beautiful.

12. Simple but looks amazing” warrior” word tattoo design

Tattoo Design On ForeArm

This tattoo is so simple yet so complete in itself. The “warrior” symbolizes strong heart and strong mind like warriors. They think before taking every step.

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