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8 Amazing clock tattoo that will change the way you think

Clock tattoo designs are interesting eye-catching tattoos. We all can easily relate to clocks. This presenter of time has been in use for ages.
The clock in the form of the wrist watch is part of our daily attire. In this topic, we will discuss tattoos related to a clock. Clock tattoo designs have many different options. 3d tattoo, simple and stylish tattoos, bold and beautiful tattoos.

male exploding clock tattoo on neck

There are different clock tattoo designs for women and men. From the following tattoo designs choose the one which appeals you the most. These tattoos will become the interesting element adoring your body.
Every person has a different idea and emotions behinds the clock tattoo designs. The arms in clock design give a lot of freedom to create your own memory. You can set your memorable time with clock arms.

simple Clock Tattoo on wrist

In Clock tattoo designs you can add more symbolic things like flowers, heart, skull, birds etc. different forms of a clock are wall clocks, wristwatch, sand hourglass, vintage clock.
The latest version of tattoo designing is 3d tattoo design. You can use different colors to add an interesting element in the tattoo design. The clock has a deep relation with human life.

Clock Tattoo on arm

They teach us how the value of time. Highly common places for clock tattoo designs are wrist, arms, back. Clock tattoo designs are famous for their mysterious looks.

1. Delightful tattoo design on shoulder

Combined with the sun, pigeon, rose make your design more attractive. A bird is symbolic in this tattoo design. It shows the ever flying time.

Clock Tattoo On shoulder
Rose is a sign of beautiful memories. Sun shows that every day gives us new memories to hold forever.

2. Antique look tattoo on chest

This tattoo design has old antique looks. Big wall clock famously part of royal families.
old 3D Clock Tattoo design on chest
This tattoo design looks mysteries with burning lamp and butterflies.

3. Tattoo design with amazing angel pose on fading clock

Here in this tattoo design clock is fading away like time. The angel on above of clock shows the distress, hard times.
leg tattoo clocks on men
The angel also depicts the life in chains and pain. This amazing clock design looks fabulous on the arm.

4. Simple Clock tattoo behind ear

Old Clock Tattoo Design behind ear For Hot Women

Small clock designs are preferred by women. Sky blue color adds youth to this clock tattoo. This beautiful design behind the ear looks amazing.

5. Colorful clock tattoo design with flowers on back

clock Tattoo on back

Big alarm style clock tattoo design behind the back near the shoulder adds beauty. Little red colored flowers flow away with the wind. The blue light color is a key for a beautiful day.

6. Heart shape clock tattoo

Beautiful Clock Heart Tattoo

This heart shaped clock tattoo design look like a pendant. Shading in this tattoo reflects like a glass on the clock. Shade behind the heart clock tattoo design adds 3d reflection to it.

7. Dangerous look of owl with clock

Clock tattoo design has both positive and negative meaning. Owl most of the time is related to bad things. Owl holding the clock in his pawns depict the bad time.

Black And Grey Owl With Clock Tattoo On Leg

The owl is a symbol of darkness as well as of ancient knowledge. In mythology, it is related to femininity and wisdom.

8. Clock tattoo with quotes on back

Clock with quotes is also in trend. The quote makes the tattoo design unique and different.
Upper Back Cover Up With Outstanding Clock Tattoo
‘this is your life and its ending one minute at a time’ this anonymous quote surrounds to clock like a ribbon.

Most incredible and lovable couple tattoo design

People in love want to keep something as a token of love. Tattoo as a token of love is best things. It will remain with you till eternity. In couple tattoo design, there are two make kinds of tattoos. Tattoo designs which are similar or tattoos which complete their meaning when coming together.

1. Lock and key tattoo design

Puzzle couple tattoo design is beautiful tattoo design. One puzzle piece contains a lock and another key. Lock key symbol is famous in couple tattoo designs.
couple tattoo Lock puzzle
Lock on the male present his heart. The key puzzle shows that the girl has a key of her lover’s heart.

2. Amazing tattoo with simple quotes

Simple quotes ‘I love him’ on a girl and ‘I love her’ on boy looks pretty. This simple couple tattoo design is beautiful. To add the art heart sign takes the place of a heart.
Couples tattoos Designs I love him I love her
Another meaning of this tattoo is ‘my heart beats for him’ and ‘my heart beats for her’

3. Simple tattoo design for cute couple

heart Tattoo Design
Heart couple tattoo design is very simple. This tattoo design stands out with its simplicity.

4. Tattoo on hand with crown

King And Queen Style Tattoo

King and Queen Tattoo designs are in fashion. Simple king and queen in letters or in a picture are famous. Instead of words, a crown of king and queen tattoo design looks gorgeous with colors.

5. Memorable feather style tattoo design

Birds and feature couple tattoo design are different than the usual tattoo designs. Birds and features are inseparable. They exist with each other. Similarly, couple with this tattoo wants to tell that they lose the meaning without each other.

Feather Tattoo Designs

In one tattoo birds are going away from the feather. In other tattoos it shows that the birds are returning to feature. It meaning they are home to each other.

6. Cute tattoo design for a sweet couple

Adorable Couple Tattoo Designs

Make couple tattoo design cute with cartoon characters. In the above tattoo design minions, Stuard as female and Bob as a male with ‘Be Mine 4ever’ quote is creative design. You can add more meaning to it by adding dates of the memorable day.

7. Unique and Attractive tattoo design on hand

Be more creative and unique with the above tattoo design. Boy with a tea cup and a girl with tea bag tattoo. Tea cup with ways on above shows it contain hot water.

Beautiful Tattoo Designs For Couples

The tattoo design is such that when they hold hands the tea bag comes above the cup. They create the meaning together.

8. Lock and key tattoo design with chain

Love Lock couple tattoo Designs

The antique lock and key depict a great idea. In this tattoo, design heart shaped lock and designer key are together with a chain. The chain which holds them together presents their relationship.

10 Beautiful Eye Catching flower tattoo designs

Flowers gives an attractive look when it adds up with any simple tattoo.Flower tattoo designs have a special meaning for a particular person who got it.The color of a Flower in tattoos have symbolized a special meaning.
Flowers works like a magic for someone special when she /he is annoyed with you.When someone is not well, then we give a flower to him/her to cheer him/her.There are lots of flower tattoo designs like lotus, Lilly, Rose, Daisy, Iris etc. These all flower has a unique meaning to represent their beauties.Every flower tattoo designs have different shapes, size, color.
In old days, only girls want to get a tattoo with flowers, but now men also like flower type tattoos for their own body parts. Men usually get flower type tattoo on their sleeves and chest.There are a lot of tattoo designs with a flower for an attractive look.

1. Attractive Poppy Flower tattoo design on arm

poppy flower Tattoo Design

Red rose flower tattoo with droplets gives an attractive view to others.Also, a red color poppy flower is a symbol to remember the soldiers who have died in a war to save their country.

2. Different colors in one flower tattoo

multicolor rose tattoo Design

This flower tattoo seems beautiful having different colors in one tattoo design.A flower tattoo is a combination of Light blue, green leaves, and a combination of red, yellow and green color.

3. Amazing Lotus flower tattoo design

lotus Tattoo Design

Lotus flower has a special significance in the religious region. People use lotus tattoo to worship the God.Here, Lotus flower on upper arm surrounding with black designing which gives a dashing look.

4. Beautiful white rose tattoo

white rose Tattoo Design

White color symbolizes the peace and dark leaves gives this tattoo to be alive.

5. Cute and Small Colorful tattoo design

Flower Tattoo on foot

A combination of different color gives an attractive look to tattoo on your foot. Colorful flower with green leaves presents the color of life.

6. Light Color Rose with key

flower Tattoo on hand

A beautiful combination of Light color rose with key gives a stylish look.Light color rose and dark color chain looks amazing on hand.

7. Rose tattoo with skull behind ear

Flower Tattoo on neck

A light pink color is always a favorite one for every girl.Tattoo with a combination of beautiful pink color rose and dangerous skull combination shows calm and scary.

8. Flower with vine

flower Tattoo with vine

A great combination of light yellow, little bit pink and purple Stylish Flower with leaves.A flower with vine style tattoo looks amazing and an attractive one.The little cars on tattoo look trendy and stylish.

9. Cherry blossom tattoo on near right shoulder

cherry bloosm Tattoo Design

Cherry blossom which is national flower of japan. This tattoo design is very popular amongst the all other flower tattoo designs. It seems amazing in light brown and dark red color combination.Girls mostly want to get this type of tattoo on their body part for an elegant look.

10. Lupin flower On leg

lupin flower Flower tattoo Design

Every person has a unique choice of color. So the person who loves purple color wants this type of tattoo. Purple color lupin flowers with yellow, pink and green combination style seem stunning.

Best 10 American traditional Tattoo Designs ever

American tattoos are different than other tattoo designs. Their uniqueness lies in national symbols. In American tattoo designs, many symbols are used like flag, eagle, superhero etc. American tattoo designs have a deep relation with the American culture.

1 .Amazing Tattoo : – a symbol of American flag

This beautiful tattoo design covers the whole back. Many American symbols are there in this tattoo design. The Bald eagle is part of an emblem of US. A bald eagle is known for its great strength. Eagle with outspread wings symbolizes notion of freedom.
American Eagle fullback tattoo

In this tattoo, design eagle is holding a ribbon. The motto of US is written on the ribbon. The words ‘E PLURIBUS UNUM’ means ‘out of many, one’. The thirteen stars are the sign of thirteen original colonies. Red and white strips are related to the American flag.

2. Cheerful and colorful tattoo design

American tattoo designs are not all about serious tattoo design. Some fun tattoo designs are also part of American tattoo designs. This mermaid tattoo design is a cheerful tattoo. Mermaid in water waves with fruits beside her present pretty picture.

American traditional tattoo designs on Arm

This tattoo design is very colorful. It looks like as if the mermaid is sitting in the basket of fruits. This mermaid American tattoo design is on the arm.

3.Tattoo design on whole back

This American tattoo design is formed with only black ink. Many different tattoo designs are combined in this tattoo design. this tattoo design covers the whole back.

american traditional tattoo designs on Back
The angels on the both side of the shoulder are holding ‘mama’ and ‘papa’ board. Snake body is designed as frame for the whole tattoo design. Eagle, flowers, clouds adds more elements to it.

4.Bright tattoo design with bright colors

american traditional tattoo designs on foot

This tattoo design is especially for girls. This American tattoo has youthful elements in it.  Different color flowers are surrounding the bird is amazing. It tattoo design is sure an eye-catching tattoo. Little waves gave the finishing touch to it.

5. A combination of compass and flower

american traditional tattoo designs on leg

You can have American tattoo design on any part of your body. This tattoo design is on the leg. It has a compass in middle and red velvet flowers with dark green leaves around it. This design is simple yet it looks great.

6. Beautiful tattoo design for daddy’s angel

american traditional tattoo designs on shoulder

This American tattoo is definite a yes for girls. ‘Daddy’s little girl’ is absolutely the favor of every girl. Girl wearing a red long coat with a red hat showing attitude is best. Yellow flowers and stars cast more color to the tattoo design.

7. Popular handshaking tattoo on upper arm

Handshake tattoo designs are quite famous. The handshaking with snake shows that nowadays you can trust no one.

american traditional tattoo designs on upper arm

Red drops depicting blood shows the result of trusting anyone blindly. It refers to famous quote ‘choose your friends carefully’.

7. Stunning butterfly tattoo on the wrist

american traditional tattoo designs on wrist

A butterfly is a symbol of joy, freedom, and youth. A butterfly is related to Native Americans. Its life cycle is very important. A little caterpillar transforms into a beautiful butterfly. In this tattoo design, three butterflies are covering the wrist part of the arm. The sight is very pleasant indeed.

8. Tattoo for superhero fans

iron man
If you are superhero lover then this tattoo design is for you. Superheroes are very famous. Here in this tattoo design, almost all superhero are there. This super looking tattoo design contains Ironman, Spiderman, Batsman and Captain America. This American tattoo design is covering the back of the shoulder and upper arm.

8 Unbelievable things you never knew about half sleeve tattoo

Tattoo Designs have many different varieties. Primarily tattoo designs are two main categories – temporary and permanent. We can categorize them into different groups according to their best placement on body parts. There is no hard and fast rule in tattoo designs. You can get any tattoo design according to your preference. But some places become a norm. Arms are the general place for tattoo designs. Some pick full sleeve tattoo designs and other go for half sleeve tattoo designs.

1. Tribal tattoo design on arm

tribal half sleeve tattoo designs for men-arms

Half sleeve tattoo designs are most preferred tattoo designs. In the above picture geometrical designs are used to create half sleeve tattoo. Circles in the middle with zigzag pattern outside make it unique.

2. Impactful tattoo design on full sleeve

tattoos pictures for men sleeves

In tattoo designs, there is a lot of freedom of creation. Many designs come together to create an impactful scene. Here in this full sleeve tattoo design an angel on top then rose and skull with the cross at the end present a great view.

3. Amazing Painting style tattoo design

tattoo sleeve ideas for black men
This full sleeve tattoo design defines perfection.  Swirling winds with newly bloomed rose and the girl is perfect. Winds make her hair wave looks no less than a painting

4. Unforgetable tattoo on full sleeve

tattoos for men sleeve

Girls as tattoo designs are currently in fashion. Roses and girls go hand in hand. Like flowers, they take there on sweet time to bloom. In this full sleeve tattoo design, there are two girls. They show girls in different stages of age. Bird in the middle symbolize the budding youth. Colors in this, full sleeve tattoo design adds newness to it.

5.Beautiful tattoo design on arm with colourful flowers

Sleeve tattoo Design

Women finds tattoo attractive. They work as a piece of jewelry on their body. Flowers are favorites of girls. Flowers in different colors and sizes together are best like the above tattoo design. Pink rose with orange shades are site to behold.

6. Simple Black outline tattoo design

half sleeve tattoos

Mehndi designs are similar to tattoo designs. In both beautiful flowers with proper space are designed. This half sleeve tattoo design is very much inspired from mehndi designs.

7. Innovative full arm tattoo design

rose sleeve tattoo

Wallpaper kind of full sleeve tattoo designs look innovative. Full arm is covered in tattoo design. This tattoo design is covered in autumn leaves. Autumn colours orange, red, yellow, brown is on play.

8. Nautical tattoo on half sleeve

nautical half sleeve tattoos

This Mind blowing tattoo reminds a war in the sea.A dangerous lightning appears in the sky.An artist gives a full view of war in the sea through a great  design of tattoo on bicep.

9. Octopus tattoo on full arm

Tattoo Sleeve

It looks very attractive with only one  dark color tattoo design.Octopus tattoo is very famous aquatic animal. This tattoo gives a special meaning for those who love themselves very much.

10. koi Fish tattoo design on half sleeve

koi fish Tattoo Design
This tattoo is specially made for those who want to live to achieve their goals.

Fabulous tattoo designs especially for girls

Girls tattoo designs are different than the men tattoo designs. Girls tattoo are more feminine in looks. For girls, tattoo designs are like accessories. Tattoo design on new fashion. Choose your favorite design from the following tattoo designs. These tattoo designs are especially for girls. They are more feminine. Get tattoo designs that appeal you the most.

1. Unique tattoo view on forearm

girl forearm tattoo design

This tattoo design is very artistic. It presents a beautiful scene. It looks like as if a beautiful painting gets spoiled by water drops. It captures the image of urban cities. The big buildings are the major point of urban cities. They define the richness and crowd of big cities. This girl’s tattoo design is very unique and different. Melting building tattoo design is on the forearm.

2. Amazing arrow tattoo on wrist

Girl tattoo design on wrist
Arrow designs are in fashion for both men and women. Arrow is a symbol for direction. Here in this girls tattoo design, the arrows are five in number. All the five arrows are different from each other. Arrows are symbol of direct thought. It also shows straightforwardness.

3. Fascinating star tattoo design on hand

Girl star tattoo design on hand

We have a deep relationship with the star. From the start of childhood, we are attracted towards stars. They keep on fascinating us. A simple star tattoo design is famous. Many celebrities have seen flaunting the star tattoo design. Stars in different sizes look really nice on hand.

4.Perfect design on neck:-A symbol of love

girl tattoo design on neck

Some girls tattoo designs are perfect for flaunting on your neck. Some designs are for the onlookers and this is the one. On the first look, it seems like the simple design with two hearts. But if you give it a closer look you will find the ‘C’ ‘S’ alphabets. These alphabets are intermingled to make a heart shape. Cute red colored heart on the edge of the ‘C’ is pretty. Three little stars are used to decorate the whole design.

5.Cute anchor tattoo with bow style :- on back

Anchor tattoo with bow on back

Girls tattoo designs on the back give you a stylish look. Anchors tattoo designs are equally liked by both men and women. In this tattoo design, a dark black anchor is directed downward. The red color bow around the anchor gave this design girly vibes. A small red heart is attached to the center.

6.Beautiful tattoo on ankle:- gives a stylish look

ankle tattoo design
This tattoo design showcases the love of girls for ankle chains. This girl tattoo design is very simple. Like an ankle chain, the tattoo covers the ankle. Small hearts tattoos are made as if dangling in the air.

7.Innovative tattoo design on arm:-Cactus for enemies

cactus tattoo design

This tattoo design has cactus plant and rose to the top of it. This tattoo designs definitely give away touch-me-not kind of vibes. This tattoo design gives many messages. Such as ‘In looks, I am like rose but I will make by enemies breed like cactus does’. It’s very innovative tattoo design for girls.

8. Amazing tattoo:- with unicorn and eagle symbols

arm tattoo design for girls
This girl tattoo design is made for rebellion girls. This tattoo design has major two symbols. First, it has unicorn and second eagle. Unicorn is a mythical creature. Unicorn is popular for its healing powers. Unicorn is a symbol of purity and magic. Eagle in this girl tattoo design is more colorful. Eagles are famous for their sharp eyesight.

9. Multicolored Butterfly tattoo design on thigh

Butterfly tattoo design

Butterflies are related to girls because of its feminine feature. Girls and butterflies are compared for beauty. Butterflies give us a great meaning with their life cycle. From a small green caterpillar, they grow up into a butterfly having multicolored wings. Butterfly tattoo design on the thighs look sexy and stylish.

10. Tribal tattoo design :- a symbol of power

tribal dragon tattoo design

Tribal dragon tattoo designs are becoming famous day by day. Fire Dragon tattoo on the back looks very fascinating. Single black color tattoo definitely left a long lasting effect. Dragons are related to Chinese folklore. They are mythological creature holding the symbol of power and strength.

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