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Tattoo placement ideas with Tattoo pain chart

Some people are passionate about the tattoo. like every passion, this passion has a deep relation with pain. But some forget that when tattoo needles go down into the body, it hurts. The pain level on body parts varies because every part has the different consistency of nerves, muscles, and bones. That is why there are some body parts that gives more pain than other. If you are ready for the tattoo then firstly look at tattoo pain chart below. you will know about the different pain level and reason behind it.

 Tattoo Pain Chart

full tattoo pain chart pic

This shows you the three different point, in which the red dot shows the most painful and discomfort parts. The orange color indicates medium pain level of parts of the body. The green shows the least painful pain with minimal discomfort.

Every tattoo design is special be it your first or last. Whenever we thought about getting a tattoo design lot of things come in our mind. In general our first thought revolve around the best looking tattoo which would a very beautiful meaning in it.

tattoo pain chart

But when we start the process linked with tattoo many things come in.The most important of all these things is the placement of tattoo such as tattoo artist, technique, design, placement etc.

Process for choosing place for tattoo designing

This is the first step in the process of tattoo designing. Today we will discuss the tattoo placement for female and everything linked with it. This placement chart will help to have a better experience. Tattoo pain chart is important factor in the placement of tattoo. You need to know your pain level before you choose your spot for tattoo.

Tattoo placement pain chart

We all want to get tattoo with meaning. Tattoos with meaning, hold a strong place in this tattoo placement. You may think that why tattoo location is important? The answer is location changes everything. It literally will change the whole look and idea behind the tattoo designs. Tattoos give lot of pain not everyone have the stamina to hold on to that much pain. We not only have to handle the pain you also need to stay still because the ink is permanent and one mistake will destroy the whole design.

Tattoo pain chart:-Pick a Best place for tattoo

Visibility is important factor in tattoo design. You want to show off your tattoo to the whole world. Both the male and female have different pain levels and favourite locations. For females, tattoo designs are like piece of Jewellery and female love to show off their best pieces. Pain chart also helps in understand your pain level. Remember that removal of tattoo is as hard as inked it in.

Full tattoo pain chart

Tattoos are directly linked with tattoo location. It will better to choose the location first before you choose the tattoo design. Choose small tattoo design for your first ever tattoo. Tattoo placement chart for is sorted into two categories.

  • Less pain locations and
  • More pain locations.

In this article we will talk about tattoo pain chart and tattoo placement ideas. Keep in mind that the fat full places with be less painful then the skinny places. Fat helps in absorbing the pain and after some time you will feel that the place has become numb to any pain. Skinny place are more prone to pain because the tattoo machine needle with strike directly on the bone or on nerves which will make the experience painful.

Tattoo placement with artist

Some of the famous locations for tattoo designing have high pain level. These tattoos are wrist, finger, foot, palm, kneecap etc. These also include sensitive places like Groin, Vagina, Inner thighs, inner arm and nipples. Identify your pain level then you your favourite location. Tattoo designs beauty depends on two factors. These are uniqueness, artistic hand. Choose unique tattoo design and good experienced artistic. Tattoo designing is an art size does not matter artistic perfect matters.

Here in this article, we will discuss the popular body tattoo location which deals with high pain.

  • Trendy foot tattoos

before the toe tattoo

Foot tattoo designing is a very popular trend. Many People like to have a tattoo on foot but let me tell you, this part of the body brings a lot of pain. foot belongs to the red category because of high pain level. this region has many muscles and bones. Bones are the main reason for the discomfort. there is very thin skin on foot which let the tattoo needle in direct contact with bones. you can definitely get foot tattoo design if you are willing to handle the high pain level.

  • Cute and precise tattoo on finger

Fingers are another place which is highly popular theses days. finger provide very less space for a tattoo design. this place just needs cute and precise tattoo design. before you think about how beautiful and unique tattoo you can have in this place, first check the pain level.

tattoo on finger

Finger have bones and main veins run through them. the skin on the finger is just like a covering sheet. all these things make fingers on the high side of pain level.


  • Pain level on kneecap tattoo

kneecap comes in a daring category. No many people go for kneecap tattoo because of the high discomfort. The kneecap is the joining part of the leg bones.

kneecap tattoo

there are muscles which play a major role in the movement. one little mistake with muscles during tattoo inking may bring trouble of leg movement. this portion also has less skin so which make this least liked the place for a tattoo design.

  • Tattoo on the soft skin of the palm.

There are many movement muscles which run through the palm. Palm controls the movement of fingers. It is the connecting part between the finger and arm.

plam tattoo

There is Palmaris longus muscle and you do not want to bring any harm to your palm muscles. If you really want to get the palm tattoo first you need to check with the doctor. After his approval chooses a good tattoo artist who has experience in palm tattoo designs.


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